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Breastfeeding and Coxsackie(hand foot mouth)

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has anyone BF a LO while they had coxsackie? My DD (2) had this last week.
She slept with DH and I all last week and BF throughout the night.
My left nipple became extremely sore about the 3rd night I thought maybe her latch was off some during the night. I cringe we she nurses that side now but bite my tongue and get through it. I was inspecting the nipple as I have been recently and I now see a blister like sore on the nipple near the areola .
I'm wondering if it's just a blister caused by a bad latch or if coxsackie can be transferred from child's mouth to breast like yeast?
Yea I feel really dumb for asking but haven't found anything online.
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if the virus were to transfer, wouldn't you get blisters on your hands, feet, and mouth? it's not that you get blisters wherever you came in contact...i don't think.

i recently had a bleb, and it started the same way. i woke up sore thinking it was a bad latch, then found the bleb on my nipple.
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I am dealing with a bunch of little blisters on my nipple right now. It started with just one blister. I *think* that it is due to night time latch problems (my son is 12 months old). I am treating for thrush as well just in case...but it does seem to be improving with changing the way I nurse in bed.
I saw my family practioner and midwife both of whom didn't have much of an idea about what was wrong.
I left a message for the very experienced LC that we have in our area. She left me a message in return (she is out of the country on vacation so we haven't actually spoken in person)...But she said that based on what I was describing it sounded similar to what happened to her daughter when her daughter's baby got coxsackie. So I think it can definitley transfer to your breast.
My little guys doesn't seem to have any symptoms...I am assuming that you LO has blisters?
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Thanks ladies. I think it's from a bad latch too.my dd only had about 5 sores in her mouth with 1 being a canker sore. no body rash.
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I developed a coxsackie infection that was only on my nipple when my daughter had it. She had bit me while she had coxsackie and was nursing. It was very painful and I developed blisters in the area where the bite occurred. I couldn't figure out what it was, so I went to the doc who promptly asked me if my baby was sick. After she made the connection I felt so stupid for not thinking of that myself.

I just tried to get her to nurse more on the other side until it cleared up. I figured at least I knew my body was making antibodies to help her clear her own infection!
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