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We've been doing so-so. We started eating less raw and ore cooked there for a bit. Not sure why really. DH is gone for 3 weeks so I'm using this time to get back on track and figure out more recipes for variety. Our problem is how quickly I detox in comparison to him. I'm home all day long so I can snack and do juices and what not all day. I got to the more simple desires a lot faster than he did. So he'd get home from work and want some prepared whereas I was set on a piece of fruit or veggie. These last couple days I've been living on cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad. I just chop those up and then squirt some oil and vinegar dressing on it. We make our own dressing so it's got some spices in it. Sooo delicious! I ate it three different times yesterday. I wish I had some of the hot sauce my MIL makes hers with. So good with just the right amount of bite. I think I am/was needing the fat. I ate a ton yesterday. I am tempted to go make some more. I'll need to get more avocados tomorrow. I have one left. I had 5 yesterday (one I cut open too soon though so it was hard and not ripe so it got tossed ).
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Originally Posted by caedmyn View Post
I was thinking about just adding some juices or blended salads to my diet, although I don't have a juicer and can't afford to get one.
You could just start with some green smoothies...they're cheap and easy and they even taste good! The greens can be spinach, parsley, celery, mint, lettuces, kale...anything. If you don't want a lot of fruit, you could just add a minimum to make the greens taste nice, then add water and blend! I often add a bit of cucumber as well. More greens in the diet can make all the difference for some people.

Good luck!
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A November/December thread has been started! Come on over!

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Hi everyone! Loving this thread as usual...... got a quick question though..... My LO is ready to start some baby food and I was wondering about raw? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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Caedmyn, I think green smoothies would be perfect, as calynde already said. Good advice there! You could just do whatever fruit you would eat for the day with the greens and if you wanted to add something like coconut oil/butter for fats, you could do that. Or blended salad like you suggested, more of a savory taste. Good luck!! Mary
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