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I used Donor #44 from Midwest spermbank in late 08 and my daugther was born july 29 2009!  Anyone else have children with this donor?

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I used Donor #44 and had my daugther july 2009!  Have you been successful?

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Congrats Candan! We are also going to be using 307 for my IUI in January!

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This is so crazy that I stumbled upon this. This is my third attempt using MSB. Im doing at home inseminations: The first time I used donor #186 and was unsucessful. Second attempt was with donor #345 and was also unsucessful. Right now Im literally just waiting until this Wednesday (Dec 15th) to see if I'll be a mommy. (Hopefully, Ive been extremely tired and moody.. along with experiencing back cramps regularily)


Its just insane to see others using the same donor. :)

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Good luck!

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So did you end up getting pregnant with donor 216 ?

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Originally Posted by Diva Beauty View Post

I was wondering if anyone has or knows anyone with a bfp with donor 330?


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My partner and I have decided to try IUI for the first time. We are also working with MSB and can only hope for the best. Any advice?

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mami2mami--You should join the Queer Conceptions page--a few of us are using MSB and there are quite a few doing IUI. They are a very helpful group of people.
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We're new here, doing some sperm bank shopping.  Is it safe to assume that Midwest Sperm Bank offers only anonymous donors?


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Yes Midwest SB only has anonymous donors. As a side note, they also only offer "washed" or IUI ready vials. They can still be used for ICI, though. If those things work for you, it's a wonderful place to work with, IMO. smile.gif

Good luck!
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mami2mami - Babycenter has a board specifically for MSB moms and moms to be.  It's private but you get approved super quick.  




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MSB is closed now :(

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Originally Posted by Suka View Post

MSB is closed now :(

as in, closed for good?!
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That is so sad man. I was devastated when i seen your post the other day. My spouse and I were preparing to call Joanne to ttc again. :( I had to confirm that with JoAnne's husband. Bummer! They were god sent to us midwest customers.





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Per our sudden email that was insanely frustrating and strange:


Midwest sperm bank will be closing for reorganization.  

(Absolutely no date of when they would be open again)


We had an order placed and wanted instructions on how to thaw it and keep the catheter from falling off and they would not pick up.





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Sorry to hear about that experience with MWSB, however JoAnne is amazingly wonderful. My spouse and I were very upset to find out that they were closing. We know it must be something outside of JoAnne's control because that was out of character for her to operate like that. She walked us through our at home insemination with no problem last year. Don't let one experience make your final decision with them because MWSB is great, they are just going through some things currently that obviously is beyond their control because they cant offer their clientele a reopen date of the clinic and they know we need them.


Just wanted to shed some light. :)



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I started looking into buying sperm, as opposed to a known donor, a few months ago.  I noticed that MSB has been "closed for reorganizing" and checked the site again a week or so ago.  In the last few days it has changed to "reopening soon."  I will be interested to know what the cause of the closure was and what exactly has been reorganized.  While considering banks this is the closest to me and The Sperm Bank of California is its competition.  TSBC seems very ethical and cares about the long term implications of how they operate now.  While trying to research MSB I emailed the Donor Sibling Registry to find out if she knew about this bank or what was going on with it.  She had not heard of it and highly recommended TSBC.  I found this forum yesterday and read all the way from the beginning.  It has been interesting to see the progression of people as well as donor numbers and topics over the course of a few years.  The fact that there seems to be no cap on the number of donor offspring and that they only offer anonymous donors are very big concerns of mine.  The research is showing that donor children really do need to know about their roots, and more than a few pages of medical history and personal descriptions. The fact that MSB closed without notice and left many hopeful clients waiting without an explanation is bad business behavior as well as very sad.  I will be keeping an eye on their site and I am very interested to see what they are like when I can finally read the information on their site.  I will keep an open mind when I finally open and I can contact someone, but they have multiple strikes against them in my book.

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As with everything, everyone has their own opinion and experience with these banks. My partner and I had nothing but the BEST experience with MSB. From day one, Joanne was nothing but helpful. The topic of 'donor offspring' wasn't an issue for us either as this was our child. As for where the 'donor' came from will be something we share with the child someday as to how it was conceived. The process for us is more about us wanting the baby than the history of the donor and his family. We aren't a traditional family, so the donor is only an * in our lives. I know one person who has the same donor as us, and I am on a couple queer boards, many of which have used MSB.


Jennp - I'd be curious to read the study that talks about donor children needing to know their roots. I guess I look at it as what does a traditional conception mothers do when 'daddy' has fathered 13 kids and has nothing to do with any of the kids. There are so many children out there who never know their biologic fathers, so I'd want to know how the donor children are different.


Best of luck to everyone. I hope MSB does reopen, and can continue helping other couples out there conceive. Their staff was far too helpful for us to not use them again. And...I am pregnant! Success all the way around!

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