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update on nostrow (from kaje)

welcome annika paige! 12:59am
6 lbs 14 oz 19"
3 hrs pitocin, other wise all natural (kaje - 'i'm so proud of her!')
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Happy Birthday to Samuel James and Annika Paige!!! :bf

Birdwoman and Nostrow,
It sounds as if you both had beautiful births! Congratulations on finally meeting your little bundles!
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I just found my cervix!

Okay, back to the discussion on the cervix. I know several of us were looking for this long lost friend last week, well I found mine! Again, this is probably only the second or third time I have checked my cervix during this pregnancy and it was loooong ago. But, it feels very spongy and soft and the opening is nice and slack! What does this mean???? Should I not get too excited? It would be super if effacement was happening.

I posted a separate thread in "pregnancy" looking for more tips. What do you guys think?
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Well, unfortunately, I think it means about the same as any early signs of dilation and effacement...it could mean soon, or it could mean not so soon. But hey, it gives us something to do while we're waiting

My cervix still isn't in the same zip code. I think it's somewhere near Duluth.

On a more pleasant note, I get to go have a meeting with a doctor I've never met, so that I can sign the recently constructed vbac consent form. I can't just read it and sign it, I need to have explained to me the million and one ways I could die or kill my baby. I plan on taking a backpack full of books with me, Henci Goer, Wainer-Cohen etc.. I'm not one for spouting off facts(baaad memory), But at least I will have the words of wise women with me if I should need them.

I've been struggling with some pretty severe side/shoulder pain. Feels like I'm being stabbed everytime I try to breathe. I think it's an irritated nerve in my diaphragm. Makes sleep really tough. Makes me want to have baby soon. I can handle the pubic bone splitting sensations, but I really need to breathe. Anyone else have any wierd symptoms that aren't "typical" pregnancy aches and pains? :
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Congrats birdwomyn and Nostrow!
enjoy your babymoons!

Happy Birthday to Samuel James and Annika Paige!!!

I've often wondered how anyone can breastfeed while typing at the same time
am actually doign it as we speak. lol. the boppy helps alot..but once he's latched on i can pretty much type, talk ont he phone, eat... and as long as i takl to him in between sentences and keep some eye contact (which i can do cuz i don't look at the keyboard or screen when i type) its all good.

congrats again mamas! and to those waiting..hang tough. the babies are coming soon!!!
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Congrats Nostrow! I hope you enjoy your babymoon as well!

sounds like I might need a Boppy then....
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Wow! We've got 4 births already!!!

Congratulations to birdwomyn and Nostrow!!

Welcome to the world,
Samuel James and Annika Paige!!

Rest up, and enjoy your babymoon! It's so wonderful to hold a new baby in your arms!!

I can't believe things are happening so fast!! So awesome!!
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Congratulations Birdwomyn and Nostrow!!! YAY!!!!!

I'm feeling SO close. The midwives confirmed today that the baby's head is really deep down in my pelvis. They didn't do an internal today so I don't know how much more dialated I am, but from my descriptions of different sensations, they're guessing that I'm continuing to efface and dialate! Just from feeling the baby, they are guessing about 7lbs. Sounds good to me!

Wooby, cool that you found your cervix, but like luckymomma said, I don't think it means much in terms of when baby might arrive. At least that's what my midwives keep telling me.....
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wow, congrats to the new mamas! how wonderful!

i think i am about the only one here who actually wants to keep her babe inside for at least a couple more weeks.. i JUST got my air conditioner installed so am only now able to embark on my nesting urges. so hard to believe i am 37 weeks tomorrow and can have a homebirth now!!

hope everyone here is doing wonderfully.
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mamabeard, i have said the same thing over and over.
i am not in any rush!! i am enjoying my baby and my dh and have things to get done.
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I don't come up to the computer, and look at all of the excitement I've missed!!!!
Byrdwomyn...anxious to find out how your labour started...you were my due date buddy after all!!!
Congratulations Nostrow!!!
Mamabeard, glad you have your airconditioner...my sis said it's really hot out there right now!
Wooby, I've no idea about the cervix thing...but I'm back to everytime I have bh's, they seem more intense, wondering if this is it...: I honestly think I'll be going to my due date, which is fine, then babe will be at least 7 lbs...hopefully anyway!!!
Sharon, glad to know your babe is engaged..it hurts though, eh???
Luckymomma~So sorry to hear about your shoulder pain!!! I sure hope I don't get anymore pains, especially non-pg related!!!

It was really hot here today, but I managed to bring my dogs for a run, for which I'm sure they were ever grateful!!! Everytime I get up, and walk around, I get a contraction, anyone else? So then I think, k, I'll just keep moving, but I just don't have the energy!!! Even my nesting has died down a bit, I'm not keeping the house as clean as I was...too lazy! So, now, I'm trying to build up the energy to go vacuum, and wash my kitchen floor...which needs to be done big time...And then watch a movie, but I'll probably just watch the movie!!!! :LOL
Anyway, I'll keep checking in, sounds like August mamas' are early birthers....and I was to keep up to date!!!

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congrats to the new mamas.. how wonderful!!

I had my first internal today- I am a fingertip dilated and starting to efface, and the baby's head is minus 1. I know this doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it is exciting that things are starting to happen! DS was born a week early, so maybe this one will be as well. Oh well, whenever he's ready. All I need to do now is pack my bag for the birth centre, but I unfortunately have zero energy- the nesting instinct has yet to kick in!
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i have a weird question..

i haven't been having many braxton hicks contractions lately, a few a day or so, but tonight i have been having them non stop.. AND i've been having major gas (not normal)! i'm just wondering if this could possibly mean something (significant) is happening.. ? any ideas?
can labour contractions just feel like bh's- not painful, just tightening??
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mamabeard i am the same as you but i also have had loose stools for two days. i talked to colorful mama tonite and she had the bh's and loose stools for a week before labor, either way it is soon!! i cannot believe it! I am feeling excited.

I cleaned out three drawers tonite, is that nesting?
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oh yes, i have had loose stools for about 3 days too! actually, i thot it was from the vitamin c that my midwife overperscribed for my UTI, but with the lower dose, i'm still having them.. hmm..
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could be the vitamin c but we will know soon. k night night everyone.
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the midwife also told me today that my cervix is posterior- does anyone know what that means? I guess I should have asked her, I was just so excited to hear that I am starting to open up.
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If I remember right, a posterior cervix is slightly tilted up. Also, I think it means the cervix is naturally positioned quite high. I don't know that either matters much. It sounds as if you are going to be celebrating a birthday soon!

Mamabeard and Kaje,
Loose stools and exhaustiong=labor day soon! Yippee! How exciting!

Did you make it through your movie last night? I went to bed at 8:00 with dd: . I am so so so tired by 5pm. I am with you, I don't care so much about the house right now...
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Unfortunately I have been having loose stools for 2 weeks now. I'm also over 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I've been that way since Friday. I've been having BH off and on but also pretty bad gas for about 3 days now. The baby dropped 2 weeks ago and I think has been engaged for about a week. I've been having lots of mucus discharge. My nesting instinct came and went. I don’t mean to be discouraging, I just don’t want everyone to get too excited and then become frustrated like me when nothing happens. I’ve decided to ignore all labor signs unless my water breaks or I really do start to have contractions. That way, hopefully, I won’t be so crabby all the time waiting for something to happen. My biggest annoyance is that both the midwives I see said I’m “ripe” and could have the baby any time. One midwife said that 2 weeks ago and the other said it on Friday. They shouldn’t say stuff like that to an uncomfortable pregnant woman. My dd was 2 ½ weeks early and I think they believe this baby will come early and fast too. I’m beginning to think the complete opposite where the baby will be late and I’ll have a slow labor (which wouldn’t be so bad).

Geeze I seem so negative. On a positive note, congrats to all you mamas and your new arrivals. How exciting for you all.
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Hello All - don't think I've posted to this group before. I'm due on the 6th - same as TLS.

KJ - I was having braxton hicks, or mild contractions, or false labor, or whatever anyone ones to call it since Mon - yesterday they were (I'd like to say getting intense) I had a hard time walking and it really felt like they were going to kick into something real. Went to bed last night and slept all night and woke up this morning feeling great. Wish I could have found that restaurant last night. I drove around and around that block 4 times, then I drove to another address I had for that restuarant name - I found like 4 in St. Paul with that name on Qwestdex.

So - here I am, last day at work!! WOOHOO. When I'm at work, all I can think about is wanting to have this baby NOW. Once I'm at home, I feel like I can just keep on waiting. At this point, if I go late, I'll take it as a blessing to spend some one on one time with Will, my son.

My birthing pool is coming this evening, I've finished a baby quilt that I started 5 years ago for my son, our fridge and cupboards are stocked. Just waiting for the baby to be ready now.

Can't wait to see some more birth stories here and post mine.
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