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Willow Tree's Due Date is August 11

Well Mama's Its getting closer! I cant believe I am like a week in a half away from my due date!! Clean clean clean is all I can say other then Organize Organize Organize!
One of the mama's that sees my midwife had her babe this morning and she was due a week after me!!!
Lucky duck! Actually I still dont have my birth kit so I betta wait for that!

Anyway much love to all of us mamas! In the last stretch of it all! Geez it doesnt seem possible I remember when some of us here were posting on the TTC page!
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Geez it doesnt seem possible I remember when some of us here were posting on the TTC page!
How do you think my post count got so high???? :LOL I was on the TTC FOREVER>>>took us two years..now the blessed arrival is so close I can taste it!!! My friend called me tonight, she's due on the 13th, and feeling just like us. Today was incredibly humid, as I sit here typing, I am just dripping with sweat...I noticed too, in the last few days,, my face has ballooned...it's really swollen...isn't that nice!:
So, she told me her final choices for names, and wanted to make sure they weren't on my list...it's all good!
Soleil and I stayed up late tonight, because we can actually sleep in tomorrow...(she's has speech therapy for the last 3wks, and today was the last session), so we celebrated...but now she's having a hard time falling asleep...she's watching me type from her bed... it's so freaking hot in here....I don't blame her for not being able to fall asleep!!!
Anyway, I'm talking talking, about nothing I guess....just trying to waste time, because I am so bored. Can't wait for dh to come home and entertain me!!! And, we are finally having sex this weekend.... It's been 6 wks...and we are in deep need!!!
Annais, Hi there,,,,missed you...glad you're back...and I hear you on the anti-social part!
K, gotta go wipe this sweat off...ew!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Mamasoleil, it's hotter than heck here too. Dh just walked in and laughed at me sitting im my bra and undies. The bra is about to go too.:
So what did I miss? Why the 6ww? How could you stand it?? My libido is out of control right now. I think it is because after the baby is born I will have NO desire for at least 6 months or so.

Chanley, I can only wear my Birks. Nothing else fits my sausage toes. I have my Blessingway on Sunday and I am sure I'll look adorable in a nice dress with black Birks.: Oh well, all my friends are kind of hippiesh so if anything looks out of place, it will probably be the nice dress!:LOL
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There are too many posts! I can't keep up Juicylucy, I'm in the same situation as you. I have a boy, really want a girl(but hate it when anyone else says it), but I did give strict orders to the ultrasound person,Not a word. My problem is, this is our last baby(dh doesn't want anymore ) so if it's not a girl..*sigh*. I think there will always be a hole in my heart for a daughter. I know I'll deeply love another boy, but it will be hard not to grieve the girl I want.

Wooby, you totally freaked me out with the due date list! It's just so close! Yay!

Mamasoliel, I was lurking on those ttc boards for about a year. So many times your posts mirrored exactly what I was going through. So I always thought it was extra cool that we conceived close to the same time. It's a really special feeling to be so close to giving birth, when such a short time ago, it felt like it would never happen again. It seems like only yesterday that little test gave me the positive I'd been dreaming of.

Mamabeard, my doula thinks those pains are from effacement. No scientific backing, just a 20 years worth of experience hunch

I can't wait to pee more than a tablespoon!! I remember feeling like my bladder had gallon sized capacity after my son was born. It was so fun. O.k., cheap thrill, but it was nice for a change.
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for what it's worth, I started a thread on "life with babe" asking current moms for ideas on things to do in these last days before the baby arrives... I figured that moms with babies would have a list of things they wish they had done before their free time was severely limited!

I have been SO cranky and uncomfortable today. The baby feels SO low. I can't even sit comfortably. Now I'm hoping labor starts just to get this bowling ball out from my pelvis! LOTS of bh contractions, lots of pressing on my cervix. It SEEMS like my body is so close to being ready. But all the stories I've heard make it seem like this could last awhile. sigh... I also had a totally unproductive day so I'm feeling kinda bad about that. Kinda don't care though. Sorry, I'll shut up and go whine to dh! poor guy....
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Sharon, I know what you mean about the pelvic pressure- I ahve the same thing. The baby's head is at minus 1 station, so it is really low down and making me VERY uncomfortable!!

Luckymamma, I also hate it when people complain that the sex of the baby isn't what they wanted!! I don't usually admit it, because although part of me *was* disappointed when I found out, I also love the idea of having two boys and love this baby already. It's just I always thought I would have daughters and I am not at all interested in "man" things.. sport, cars etc. But my DS is a total joy so another won't be so bad And like you said, it is not being sad for the boy you have, it is grieving the girl you DON'T have. I told that to people and they thought I was nuts!
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Willow Tree, Thanks for adding your due date! That makes 17 of us!

Lucky Momma-Aug. 6
Juliem-Aug. 6
TLS-early Aug.
Kaje62-Aug. 8
Mavis-Aug. 9
Willow Tree-Aug. 11
Sharon-Aug. 13
Annais-Aug. 15
JuicyLucy-Aug. 15
Mamasoleil-Aug. 15
Tnrsmom-Aug. 17
Kate42-Aug. 17
Pavlina-Aug. 24
Mamabeard-Aug. 23
Dreamweaver-Aug. 24
Chanley-Aug. 29
Wooby- Aug. 31

It does just seem like yesterday when we were all on the TTC board. Suffering through the 2WW!Now it is a different 2 or 4 week wait! It does seem so close....

I am going to post this on extended breastfeeding or life with a babe, but is anyone here about to balance tandem nursing and co-sleeping? I am wondering how I will nurse my dd and newborn to sleep, even if it's at different times.: I am afraid that I will be in the bedroom breastfeeding for 2-3 hours each night getting everyone to sleep..
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oh my gosh I am getting organized and dh is helping! we have a mommy's helper for $3.50 an hour that has been coming over the last few days too, that is so I can sit or lay as we organize. Can you believe it? Also Charlie has been a mommy's helper. He took a 4 1/2 hour nap yesterday. Anyway drawers are being cleaned, clutter piles are disappearing. Charlie's baby book is being worked on. My house is looking swell, maybe we should have a home birth. j/k Anyway the hospital bag is almost packed except the big things like CD player etc..And I want to do belly photos tonite. We did not with Charlie.

Anyway loose stools continue, had like some heavy period cramps for about three hours last night but nothing sense. Seems like the baby really dropped though. I see midwives today and have a non-stress test.

JulieM, welcome to this thread and congrats on finishing the quilt.

Pavlina I am sorry about your MW appointment. If you ahve more to tell us, please do! Glad your mom is going to come and help you out. You sound a little down! Hang in there. We took our dog in for a shampoo and nail trim Sunday and that was a good thing. We have never done that before. Where does your mom live that you have not seen her in 2 years. My mom is coming but we have a challenging relationship. She will stay a couple weeks. As my brother is due mid September with their second. DH likes to have at least a week if not more as a family before help arrives. He is taking time off work. He is a painter and owns his business.

Mamasoleil, I would not get a membrane sweep for a few weeks. Goll why are people so anxious for us? And with your fun sex last night you may not need it. You crack me up.

Smeta had her blessingway yesterday and I was unable to go due to bedrest etc..but for the ritual they had us give her a picture that represented, pregnancy, breastfeeding or family and I gave her a photo card of us as a family at Christmas and wrote on Waiting/Anticipation folded in there was the sex of our baby, which we have not looked at and Smeta is instructed not to, but to wait with us. But juicylucy, I need to say, I so want a girl. But I will love and welcome either but I think I will grieve a bit, as this will be our last.

Wooby TLS is Aug 6, thanks for doing the list. Charlie basically weaned at 2 years. Except after his birthday he nursed every few days and then completely quit May 8. I miss him. But we still snuggle a lot. We are still co-sleeping but I am not gonna research it cuz we will do our way, everyone probably makes it work differently. I don't know if that makes sense but I just want to try to go with the flow. Watch me go nuts.
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wooby I am obsessive but I went through all the threads and here are more due dates.

Emah EDD 8-11-03
smeta 8-18
traixa2 EDD 8/4
natesmommy126 due 8/10/03
Lilg127 August, 21st 2003
ApMommaof5 EDD 8-16-03
laurag 8/11
skye's mama August 29, 2003
maizy August
mpls_momma end of aug
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Hi All!
I have been out of touch again but I am back. Crazy busy trying to wrap everything up at work but I think I am at a good stopping point now. At least as good as it is going to get!

I am officialy due on 8/11 - for the purposes of your list.

Congrats to all the new mamas! I have not felt the overly strong urge to have this baby early like I did last time. I guess I am a bit more relaxed this time around. But I also DO NOT want to be pregnant come the end of August. So right around the due date is A-OK with me. I know there is a full moon on the 12th so - who knows??

I have an OB visit this afternoon - they have been pretty uneventful lately. Just weight, measurement, heartbeat, and pee in the cup. But that is good news - no problems to report.

Stay cool mamas and keep those birth reports coming!!
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Okay I'm here. I haven't been by in far too long... bad bad Lil

Congrats to all the new Mommas out there!!

I can't believe today is actuallly August. I reached 37 weeks yesterday which was such a relief since I had so many risk factors to pre-term labor. My actual due date is 8/21. I just hope baby is born any other day besides 8/10. My dad has a hearing he needs to go to about his long term dissability on the 18th and the Bris has to be 8 days after birth and I would hate for me dad to miss it but he can't skip this hearing Other than the 10th I'll be happy whenever the baby chooses to make his entrance.

Unlike most of you I have no nesting instinct at this point. I'm not sure if I'll ever get it. I just hate to clean so much. I'm doing it because I feel I have to get everything neat but not enjoying it.
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Hi August Mamas!

Wow, it is now officially August!

My first post to this thread was on July 10, at which point I was all bragging about not needing a list of stuff to bring to the hospital cause I was having a homebirth. Ha! How things change! At 34 weeks (July 17) my dh and I found out we have twins!

So it was a blissful non-intervention pregnancy until then. Now our choices are unattended childbirth at home or a hospital birth. I am started to understand the stress that comes with having a 'complicated' pregnancy. Our midwife put us in touch with a really good OB, who completely fits the "midwife in disguise" description. But still, he wants to do an ultrasound next week (our first u/s was when the twins were found two weeks ago) to check on their growth. I just don't see the point. I guess I don't really believe some u/s machine knows more about when the babies should be born than the babies themselves do.

After talking a lot with our OB, I am pretty convinced that I will be allowed to have a 'natural' childbirth at the hospital. But I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that my babies are going to be born into such a yucky (to me) environment. And I am struggling with the conflict of me wanting to believe that I am prefectly capable of birthing two babies, and yet being told by everyone else that it is risky enough that I should do it in a hospital. I am trying to trust that they are strong babies and won't catch any infections while there.

Other than that my pregnancy is incredibly healthy. I think what really helped is that I stopped worked before we started ttc. So I had a few months of really healthy, low stress, lots of exercise (I was really getting into biking, like a few hundred miles a week) before becoming pregnant. Then once pregnant, I was able to rest a lot (and now I know about the two babies, I understand why I really was sleeping an incredible amount) and have energy to eat and exercise well. That is my experience about having healthy twins that no one will suspect until 34 weeks .

These are my first babies, and I am 38, which I guess is not helping to make anyone more confident about the birth.

This week I have been reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth which just came out this year. It has birth stories in the first half, like Spiritual Midwifery. (The language seems a bit more mainstream for those put off by the hippy style of Spiritual Midwifery.) The second half has some really great insights on the mind/body connection during labor and birth. The chapter I really loved was 'Sphincter Law': lots of really helpful ideas about how to relax and open up during labor. It has been a very calming book to read to while contemplating a hospital birth. This is the one book I have recommended to my husband! We took a Birthin from Within childbirth class together - I thought that pretty much covered everything else he would need to know .

Everyone thinks our two babies will definitely arrive before the edd: 50% of twins arrive before 37 weeks. When I thought we had just one, I didn't care about the edd at all. Now that there are two, and everyone says they will come early, I really would love to have them on the due date :LOL. Every day I tell them they are safe inside of me and that they should stay there a bit longer and keep growing!

I read this thread every few days to see how everyone is doing. It is great to see all the support you give each other. And my heart truly goes out to every mama who has been dealing with one complication or another while pregnant . Congratulations to the mamas :bf who already have their babes in their arms now! And happy birthin vibes to the mamas still to cross the bridge!
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Skye's Mama! Congratulations on the twins! What a surprise, I'm sure! I haven't had an ultrasound at all and people keep saying, "but what if there are twins? How would you know?" Well, I'm pretty sure I only have one, but yes, it would be a bit of a surprise!! It sounds like you're doing a great job preparing and taking care of yourself. You'll have a wonderful birth with wonderful healthy babies!!!

It's AUGUST!!! I woke up this morning feeling like a little girl on Christmas morning! I can't believe it's actually "our" month!

I'm so glad this is a safe place to admit those feelings of disappointment about not having a girl. I've always imagined myself with daughters too (what woman doesn't?) but my dh is one of 4 boys and his dad's family is very predominatly male. So I have a feeling that having a daughter might be slim pickings. This is our first and we don't even know what it is...but I completely understand how you all might be feeling if you're on your last one and it's another boy.
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Skye's mama- CONGRATULATIONS on carrying twins! Wow! What a healthy pregnancy you have had-that is awesome that you have not had any complications and have carried your babies to 36 weeks! I am sure that you will have a beautiful birth with your MD (midwife in disguise .) It sounds as if you have really taken control of your birth and your body and will have a blissful outcome! We are nearly due date buddies...

I know what you mean about feeling like Christmas morning today! I just finished buying dd some fall clothes and was walking around with a smile on my face that said "this is the month!" Such a great feeling! I think we are all at 36 weeks now so we can put aside our fears of early birth, etc. SUPER DAY!

Thanks for adding to the due date list! Wow! There are a bunch of us! Those birth stories are soon to be flooding in! It does look like we have a big grouping around "full moon" time on the 12th! I am interested to see how many of us birth around that time!

traixa2-Aug. 4
Lucky Momma-Aug. 6
Juliem-Aug. 6
TLS-early Aug.
Kaje62-Aug. 8
Mavis-Aug. 9
natesmommy126-Aug. 10
Willow Tree-Aug. 11
laurag-Aug. 11
Emah-Aug. 11
Sharon-Aug. 13
Annais-Aug. 15
JuicyLucy-Aug. 15
Mamasoleil-Aug. 15
ApMommaof5-Aug. 16
Tnrsmom-Aug. 17
Kate42-Aug. 17
Smeta-Aug. 18
Lilg127- Aug. 21
Mamabeard-Aug. 23
Pavlina-Aug. 24
Dreamweaver-Aug. 24
mpls_momma-Aug. 24
Chanley-Aug. 29
skye's mama-Aug. 29
Wooby- Aug. 31
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Hi there,
I just came back from chiropractor - what a great feeling! My neck is sitting on the right place again That feels so gooooood.
Skye'smama - congratulations on your twins!! That is amazing! How does it feel to find out such news at 34 weeks? I tell you, after I read you were carring twins I became a little paranoid about having twins myself, b/c everyone keeps saying how big I was and my baby's feet just seem to be EVERYWHERE.....lol.

Kaje62 - yes, I was feeling a little down lately. I guess just tired, not sleeping much. And my MW appointment - I did not really wanted to say too much here in case she comes here and reads it : , but I doubt it. My DH and I were a little frustrated with her lately. She is great MW, no doubt about that, but she seems to have troubles separating her profesional life from privat life. We saw her last Tuesday and it did not feel good for some reason. It has started about 4 weeks ago when we came to see her for my prenatal and birth class and we messed up the time and showed up about 40 minutes EARLIER. Before I go on I have to say that my DH had to take half day off to drive there b/c she was going to a party that night and asked all of us (all couples) to come about 3 hours earlier so she can go to her party! So we said no problem and my DH took half day off for that. So we got there, 40 minutes earlier, and were trying to get in, but nobody would open!! So we waited, and waited, about 20 minutes and were getting pretty mad that nobody was home!! So we sat down outside and waited...then I noticed she had a door bell and rang it. About 5 minutes later a window opened up and she was all pissed saying that we were TOO EARLY! and that she was taking a nap (3pm)!! Then she took next 5 minutes to come down and open the door and let us in. And all that time she was trying to make us feel incredibly guilty for comeing early and waking her up!!! By that time it was already about 15 minutes to our "real" appointment and she would have to get up anyway!! We were really mad and nither my DH or I felt like saying sorry - b/c honestly I don't think we needed to. So she kept on and on like- now you have to give me some time to do some stuff since you came early!! So we waited at her downstairs and I had to calm my DH down b/c he was ready to say something to her. Then she came down and was all nice but still time to time reminded us how important her naps are for her!! Expecting us to say were sorry - NOT happening! I also should mention that 2 weeks prior this we came for my prenatal and birth class and as soon as we got there she said she had a terrible migraine and that the birth class was cancled!!!! It's about an hour and 10 minutes drive! We were fine, did very short prenatal and left...........2 weeks later we show up 40 minutes earlier and it's a fire on the roof!! Isn't that totally stupid??? And ever since that prenatal sucks! I don't get it......I am not saying anything b/c there is only 6 MW's in GA to do HB and we do need her. I feel pretty confident she will do a great job when the time comes, but I just think she has some issues she needs to work on.........
Anyway, I am 37 weeks this Sunday so soon it'll be all over!!! Thanks God!

Sky'smama - I just remembered I've read amazing story on unasisted birth of twins!! I am going to try to find it for you so you can read it. It's pretty cool!! If I find it, I will post it.
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birth stories

here is one birth story with twins: http://unassistedchildbirth.com/twins.htm
another one:http://unassistedchildbirth.com/tammy.htm
andhere you can find all of them....http://unassistedchildbirth.com/index.htm
Fascinating stories!!
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oh my goodness, I can't believe it, THIS IS THE MONTH, mums!!!!

Wow, Skye's mama, wonderful news!!! CONGRATS!!!! Amazing!! What a surprise, and I think it may just be great you find out later becoz so far you enjoyed a blissful pregnancy, and so healthy, hooray!! I am sure your birth will go well, many positive birthing vibes to you! ~~~~~~
oh, and I guess that also means last minute shopping for extra sets of clothes!!

Wooby, seems like our mamas' list has doubled, whoa!! Looks like it's more like it's going to be one birth per day!!!

I'm more towards the end, baby is only "officially" full term end of next week..... so I'm kind of waiting to hear birth stories, how exciting!! I LOVE birth stories!!

I'm starting to feel tired..... I hope everyone else is doing fine!!

Take care all!!
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HEY! Dont forget about me and mine! I'm due august 24th!

jucylucy- When we found out it was a boy , they said it was 80% likely. I was sorta upset because both my husband and I thought it was going to be a girl. We both were really pumped up. But the more I hang out with the baby I relise how much easier my life is going to be with this baby. No creepster boys lurking around our house. No low cut shirt (dear god how my parents suffered) And a lot of other great things that you will never have to deal with!
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mplsmomma, we did not forget you. you are on the list that i gave wooby but i did not know your actual date. so I send end of august. I am sure she will fix it soon. she is very much on top of it. unless she is busy having a baby.
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Is anyone else feeling apathetic towards food???

I love to eat and usually live for dinnertime. But right now if you plopped me down in ANY restaurant in the world of my choosing, I could not come up with ONE single item I want to eat.

Applesauce is abotu the only thing that does not make me wanna retch at the thought. I am not nauseous just blah!!! Ohh and I got nasty with a librarian today. I am NEVER mean to people I don;t know (just my Dh). Ugh!! I wanna sleep and make the world just LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

Ohh I have a baby shower tomorrow, I am gonna have to be nice and smile lots and try not to show my current pessimistic attitude.

-Chief Thundercloud (shannon)
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