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Possible Seperation Issues/Sore/Red/Irritated/Ballooning/Normal Development,etc. - Page 7

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I wish I knew someone who could translate the OP but I dont. Let me see if I can post a new thread asking for help.
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Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X View Post
I wish I knew someone who could translate the OP but I dont. Let me see if I can post a new thread asking for help.
I do. I've sent the call.
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I am so sorry am i too late???
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If you would be so kind mama would you do the OP in spanish then add it here? If you have the time. I can then have it added to the one in the sticky.
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I will do this yes but it may need to be posted in the Spanish boards, mothering has one! I will work on this..
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Thank you. If it does need to be in the Spanish board then I can add the link to the OP.
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Bumping for a friend!
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That was just the education I was looking for. Thank you. (And bump!)
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Does anyone have medical literature to back up "foreskin separation trauma?"

I go to a pediatrician who is integrative and has been in practice for years. I took my 2 year old to see him after he had all of the symptoms you describe- pearls, redness, swelling, pain, etc., and it cleard up within 48 hrs. His penis looked normal when we saw the doc, and he said it was most likely a fungal infection. He had never heard of seraration trauma, and said that sounded fishy to him. (He has a lot of intact patients too.) However, I can't imagine so many of our children having the same symptoms if this didn't exist- so does anyone have any medical literature to back this up with so I can show it to our doctor? Thank you!
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The separation of the foreskin from the glans penis Ballooning of the prepuce while urinating cannot occur until separation is underway. The occurence of ballooning indicates that separation has started.15 Babu et al. have proven that ballooning does not interfere with urination.21 Ballooning is a normal developmental stage and is not a cause for concern and does not require treatment.16 20 A child temporarily may report some discomfort or pain while urinating during this period. This occurs because the ballooning may tear at any residual connection to the glans. The discomfort will stop when separation is complete. The foreskin may still not be retractable at this point because the opening is still narrow. With increased growth and maturity, the ballooning will end when opening of the foreskin widens.
Here is one link that I have. I honestly dont think there is much out there on this since keeping babies intact is so new to the USA. Maybe google separation pain foreskin and see what pops up.
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I am feeling so sick to my stomach right now...I had to take Caelib (2.5 years) into the ER yesterday since he just wasn't kicking a week-long high fever and was irritable. He vomited and was really out of it. While there, they decided it might be a UTI - you know what's coming next....catheter...first nurse, very gentle...I told her his is intact and she said no problem - it just makes it harder, but don't worry - I won't retract. I was happy about that. She tried and there was just nothing in his bladder.

Later on (3 hours later) another nurse decided she would try. I explained about the foreskin and she just gave me the look. She did retract even though I was yelling to stop! Caelib was howling and moving all over which was just making it worse...the other nurse (first nurse) was even saying that was far enough and not to go any further.

Sample showed evidence of a UTI. He has taken two doses of the antibiotics, but is holding his penis and even saying his penis hurts. The foreskin is covering his penis like normal and I can't see any redness or swelling, but he is just in so much pain every hour or so. He wants his diaper off and then on. He keeps wiping himself with a cool cloth. I tried to get him in a bath but he sprung out and said it hurt!

Could it just be the UTI? the tenderness from two catheters? something about the retraction??

This has been the most traumatic thing ever - for both of us!

Coming for comfort....
Thanks in advance,
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It sounds like it is burning when he urinates because of the tearing. This is why you should always stand close enough to remove their hands physically if needed (not that you did anything wrong here the fault lies totally with the nurse who hurt your ds) just wanted to mention this for other mom'/s who may find themselves in your position.

You would get more responses if you posted this in a separate thread rather than at the end of this super long one.
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SOooo has anyone ever had a foreskin that was swollen so much that the hole seemed to disappear? Last night my ds, 13 months, had redness on his skin in the diaper area and his penis was swollen a bit at the tip...my usual approach is to sprinkle some acidohpilous powder on it but we were out; I just smeared everything with lanolin that I had added some tto into... this monring he is even more uncomfortable than yesterday and his penis is REALLY swollen! I am leaving him without a diaper as much as possible...I am trying to make sure he can still pee, though....going to get acidophilous...

REading through here my course of action seems to be watch for 24-36 hours, and be sure he can still pee. If there is no resolution by then go to ped and make sure they culture? If no peeing should I take him to the ER? (It is Sunday as I write this) Does this sound right?

Any other suggestions? ...Especially about pain/discomfort? He is so miserable...
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Yes if he has trouble urintating take him to the ER. For the pain if it is really bad I would give tylenol. When ds swelled that badly I did end up giving him some to make him able to sleep. Have you tried OTC monistat in case it is yeast? You can also try OTC bacatracin in case it is bacterial. I would do the monistat first and watch for improvement if you dont see any in about 12 hours try the bacatracin.
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ambivamom, I'm so sorry that is happening to your little guy. That sounds tough to experience and watch. I hope he is better soon. I don't have anything to offer except that I think you might get more responses if you made a new thread--maybe in the health forum.
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last night my 4.5 year old said his penis hurt, it did look a little red on the tip but thats about it, this morning he woke up to pee about 5 am and said his penis hurt (not pee related from what i can tell) and i noticed there was pus coming out of the tip, though after reading this i think it was smegma, i didn't know that it could be that liquidy consistency.  i haven't noticed any since and he's currently taking a baking soda bath.  


dh wants to take him to the doc today even though i'm horrified about it being retracted but i've prepped dh on not taking his hands or eyes off his penis!  it sounds like separation trauma but i dont see any separation.  hes acting normal, playful but says it hurts.


regardless what is wrong with him, this thread was very helpful and i'm super thankful, i had no idea any of this happened so i'm ready!

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Bumping. Good info here.
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I love this thread.  It just saved me from a night of lost sleep.

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