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Anaiah is Earthside after short intense labor!

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Well ladies, I have now completed a female rite of passage! I am a mommy!!!

Anaiah Conley Murphy "God has answered" was born today at 7:12 am today, 10/06/07, at 39 weeks and 3 days. She was 6 pounds, 11 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. My water broke at 1:30 am Sat. morning and my first contraction came about 30-45 minutes later. The first two were 10 minutes apart and after that they were 4-5 minutes apart until she was born. We left for the birth center at 4 am since the contractions felt so close together and I wanted to make sure her heartbeat was okay since I really wasn't feeling her move (contractions have a way of distracting you I've found) and wanted to labor in water. They did an internal exam (surprised me that they wanted to do one after my membranes ruptured) and I was only 3 cm. I almost gave up and asked to be transferred to the hospital. I got in the tub about 4:45 am and my contractions were unbearable. About an hour or so later she checked me again and I was 7 cm, right at the threshhold of transition but I was already pretty delirious. The birth tub was awesome!!! In between contractions I slept and during contractions I moaned my baby down. I couldn't have done it without the tub and my dh whispering "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" in my ear. About 6 ish (I am told) I felt the urge to push and this was the stage that surprised me most. I hated pushing!! I expected to like it but it really felt like she was moving to a place where she just shouldn't be! Of course, babies are not meant to stay in the birth canal forever so this makes sense right!? I just wanted to suck her back up in me to alleviate the pressure. I certainly felt the ring of fire as she crowned but when her head popped out it felt good! I thought the worst was over but her shoulders brought a little more discomfort and seconds later she was in my arms! Not a single tear!! So far the only postpartum pain I feel is a little soreness in my bottom. Yaaayy!!

Here's a picture of our little miracle!
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

For what it's worth, I had a midwife appt on 10/3 and was only 50% effaced and not a single cm dilated! I went from basically 3 cms to pushing in 3 hours! And I absolutely BEGGED for an epidural after every contraction!
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Wow! How exciting!! Congratulations! What a cutie!
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Anaiah. She is beautiful! And I must say You look AMAZING!
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Ohhhh Mama!!!!! Congratulations to you!!!

She is absolutely beautiful and you got your amazing birth!!

Have an amazing Babymoon!!!

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OMG, you did awesome Nicie! I can't believe you had such a short labor, must have been all those questions you asked during pregnancy

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Wow!!! COngratulations to you and your family...Beautiful pics!
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Congratulations! I know I've said this before, but I LOVE the name!
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Congratulations! She looks just like you!
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You are a poster girl for natural birth!! What an awesome story! Congratulations!! :

She's beautiful. Looks like she's smiling in picture #2.
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btw, I'm not the least bit jealous that you went early AND had a short labor. Really. Not at all.
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I am so happy for you! Your baby is beautiful and you look great! Congrats to your whole family!!
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Congratulations! She is a beauty and you all make such a good looking family I am so happy you had a good birth experience. Have a wonderful babymoon!
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Congratulations mama! Wow!

Anaiah is beautiful, I love her rosy cheeks!

Way to go!
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: Congratulations! Welcome sweet Anaiah!
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Congratulations!! So glad your little answer to prayer is here! Wonderful birth story - though I'm close enough to my own birth to know that a beautiful story is far from an easy one! Great job, mama! Enjoy that new title and all that it brings.
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Oh, she is absolutely perfect and beautiful!

Great job, mama! Enjoy your new name!!
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Yea! You may have been begging for that epi, but you didn't need it, you lioness! That is a superfast labor. Mom, you did good! Congrats!
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How wonderful! Congrats, you look beautiful and the little one is gorgeous!!
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