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Well, I had a playpen set up downstairs when daughter #2 was born, she 4 months now and I never put her in it. I used it a lot with my first daughter.. I wasn't doing AP then. So anyway, instead of putting her in that, we just put her on the couch, in a boucey chair (when I was cleaning or something).. things like that. I don't wear her at all in the house... I do hold her a lot though. Our playpen is under our crib upstairs, which we never use either. LoL.

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i never had a playpen. my kiddos have napped in a sling/wrap and in my bed.
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we rarely use it... when I need to run the toddler to the car I stick my 8 mo in it until I come back for him.

Also once we used it to stick 3 boys under 2 in it while drilling the floor. Safest place where they could all see - but it just turned into a cage match!

handy if the kitchen is on fire... but other than that...
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Never had one and never really missed it.
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We have a kiddie corral thing that sits on the floor instead of a pack 'n' play-type playpen. DS likes to crawl around in there sometimes and it keeps him away from the cats. We sometimes get in there with him to play. It's definitely a PLAYpen though. He doesn't sleep there.
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A playpen was one of those things I thought I needed as well.

It was useful at times, but it was mostly used as a physical barrier in front of the entertainment center, to keep DD away from the stereo. Looking back I would have survived just fine without one. I had a bouncer I could put her in for a quick minute if needed.

I could see it being more useful if we were away from home alot and DD needed a place to sleep. (we don't co-sleep) We got use out of our pack-n-play for that..but not much.
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I never used one. My MIL had one at her house and the baby would scream if he was put in it.
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I agree it really depends on your situation. With our first daughter, it was an essential thing for us (both before and after I found babywearing). My parents had a ton of cords and a fireplace in their living room that made it an unsafe environment for her to explore so I let her play in a playpen. Later when we were living in temporary lodging w/ the military that was not babyproofed we again used it for playtime, and for a while as a crib because the bed was too small to accomodate all of us. My second and third child it has been rarely ever used (primarily just at my parents house).
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Originally Posted by filiadeluna View Post
Seems to me that you don't *have* to have one, but surely there will be some occasions when you are doing something that would require you to set the baby down, i.e. vacuuming probably wouldn't be very easy as vacuums are heavy anyway & you probably wouldn't want baby breathing in all the dust. Another example could be if you're sick and you don't want to cough/sneeze/etc on the baby. Also, I can't imagine trying to stoop down to put in/take out dishes from the dishwasher with a baby on you. I'd be afraid of hurting my back, or bumping the baby's head on something, or dropping the dishes. So, while it may not be needed per se, it's probably helpful to have just in case. I would be careful about what you buy though, it seems sooo many playpens are recalled.

Just my thoughts, but I'm sure people who are already moms will have better advice for you.
I just had to giggle when I read this because I wore my DD doing all of this. Vacuuming while wearing was a great way to calm her down and wearing her while doing the dishes was the only way to get them done. I didn't bend over, I squatted instead. I never worried about coughing or sneezing on her because I breastfed her, but I suppose that might be a worry if you were to formula feed.

I never used a playpen. I would have liked to at times, but if my DD wanted down, she wanted down to explore, not to be confined in a playpen. Even with two other kids running around it wasn't at all useful in my case.
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We have a playyard that works great for keeping little hands off the Christmas tree when you aren't up to daily rearranging. OR a place for mom to fold clothes she isn't going to put away right away. OR a place for big brothers to play with something *NOT* toddler friendly. It also sits in the garage well (sigh).

In my opinion, there is no saying any baby item is necessary or not, as every mom child & situation is different. With the exception of some out there stuff that I just can't see being useful, most of it might be useful to someone. I don't do product bashing very often.

I do, however, encourage all moms to at least TRY babywearing. We don't do it much anymore but I always have my sling, pouch, etc in the car just in case my daughter asks for it. With pregnancy & back issues we use the stroller or she just walks most of the time. She doesn't want to be UP so much anyway! Can't wait to wear a newborn again!!!!!
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i own a play pen and never used it. i got a small travel swing. whenever i needed to put baby down, i put them in the swing. it lasts just long enough to get a shower, etc. (i also layed them on the floor.)
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I've never had one. Wait, I did have a Pack and Play w/ my oldest. I think it's still in the closet. I used it just a few times.
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Never bought a packnplay until DS was about 6 mos old. Never used it except as a travel bed, for which it works very well.

I hated confining DS for any other purpose than protecting him, or doing something I absolutely would not have been able to do with him sitting in the middle of it. Like the time he dumped an entire BOX of baking soda all over him and the kitchen floor.....I had to put the gate up in the kitchen doorway, and I felt horrible.

The other day my grandma asked wouldn't he sit in a playpen for an hour or so?

No....he wouldn't....Oh well!
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