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Hey Island Mommy:

Sounds like this biting/scratching/pinching thing is epidemic! I'm just at the beginning stages at some of that, so I'm glad I'm getting the heads up so I can stop it in the "well that didn't really hurt" stage.

I usually bf in a big comfy t-shirt, so Ian's hand clutches & pulls at that -- that pretty much takes care of the pinching, etc.

The biting is kinda starting, although he doesn't have any teeth yet. He looks away when bfing, but still has my nipple firmly clenched between his jaws. So far I've caught him almost every time (except twice : ). I just pull him him off & wait till he is a bit more interested in nursing to let him re-latch.

Ian doesn't seem all that interested in food, yet. Other than the whole "I want what you have" thing. Everytime he gets something, he makes a face & it comes back out. If you want to give your babe cereal, I don't think it would hurt -- just make sure it doesn't replace a nursing session. I would do it just a bit after nursing.

Congrats on the ecing thing. I tried it for one day & decided I didn't have that sort of dedication.

Ian is doing pretty well. Tonight is his first night in his crib, so we'll see how that goes. I already know he is fine sleeping alone -- but usually he sleeps best in our room, in our bed. The nursery is a whole different atmosphere, kwim? We'll see. My dh's gaming (on his computer) just woke him up so I'm kinda ticked, even though I know it was an accident & he apologized. I just hate when he cries & know that if we continued to co-sleep he wouldn't cry.

Unfortunately, he will kick & turn in all directions & fuss & hit, etc... There just isn't enough room on our queen. The idea of dragging myself up & into another room isn't sounding all that appealing, either. Grrr... well, I'm fallin asleep at the keyboard, so I'm going to sign off & go to bed...'course who knows for how long. :

ps -- I love the name Anneliese. I'm sure I just butchered the spelling -- sorry 'bout that!
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this is a great thread because i was wondering if AP kids develop differently than other kids or if it is all hard wired in there... my personal experience is that my friends children who are raised differently seem to be developing at a different rate but this could all be very individual i know!

my cassia (or baby-loo) is 6 months and a few days. wow time flies. she's the berries and the bees knees. she is crawling, babbling, climbing stairs, opening cupboards and drawers, goes from crawling to sitting, pulls up to standing on just about anything and giggles at silly things we do. we started solids at 24 weeks b/c i mistakenly thought she was 6 months. i made her some sweet potatoes and other stuff to start. we added organic brown rice cereal a couple of days ago out of my desperation to get a bit more sleep. well, i mean cut down on the number of night wakings but i am not sure it is hunger... however, she has been sleeping in 3 or 3.5 hr stretches instead of 1 to 1.5 hr sleeps since we started with the rice cereal. coincidence maybe but the aquatots at the swim pool helps too i am sure!!!

it is nice to be able to brag without feeling guilty. sometimes i think ppl think i am making things up when they ask about dd and i tell them what she is doing. a woman at the gap (bad, i know) said to me " i NEVER heard of a baby crawling at 6 months!" and she had a 6 month old too. i felt so dumb i wanted to say, "should i get her outa the buggy and you can see?" oh yeah, she loves her buggy now too but it was only a very recent addition. she weighs about 17 pounds and is i think 26 inches long. i feel guilty kinda about the buggy thing but i cant carry her always on longer expeditions. dad often wears her still when we are out and she loves that.

this is turning into a soap opera. glad to chat with other moms!!

btw, she will pull hair something awful but is not biting or pinching. she did for a couple of days but seems to have stopped again. she did it while i was trying to rock her to sleep. sometimes she fights going to sleep with all she has and screams and cries and arches her back. this is with rocking and bf'ing. she put herself to sleep once between dh and i. sometimes i hold her on her back like i am swaddling her and sing her hush little baby.
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Well, I just joined the forums a few minutes ago so I'm so excited to come over and start bragging about dd right away, lol.

My sweet little Eve was born 1/31/03, two weeks before my due date. She was 7 lbs 10 oz at birth. These days she is long and lean, not too much baby fat except on her upper thights. She sure doesn't get her height from dh or I, b/c we are both on the short side. I'm anxious to see if she will surpass us there.

She's sitting up supported and rolling over both ways. She's almost gets up on all fours and I feel like she'll take off any day now, not that I'm rushing it. She babbles, smiles and laughs constantly. We can coax a laugh out of her so easily. Today, dh said "book" in a funny voice and she laughed everytime someone in the room said it for about 30 minutes. Such fun! There is nothing better than baby laughter. It stops me in my tracks and makes my heart jump everytime.

We started feeding her solids this week-bananas. She just loves them. She wakes up 1-2 times a night to nurse, then nuzzles up against me and goes right back to sleep. Overall she is a mellow, content, happy girl. She has the sweetest dispostion. She is the love of my life and the joy of my heart. It couldn't get any better than this.

Thanks for letting me rave!
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hi everyone I was wondering how you were all doing. Recognizing some familiar faces from our pregnancy months. I havent been too frequent lately due to visitors and holidaying.

My lil update...

my son (2nd child) was born 14.01.03...

He is now 7 months (yesterday!). He been rolling quite early on...starting crawling backward about 6 months and then forward at 6.5 months... and now sitting at 7 months! (My dd was so opposite...at 5 months she was sitting and didnt crawl till she was 10 months).

My ds also wants to eat everything...well mainly tast everything that is on hand... so not really hungry but so easy to interpret it for that. I do give him some banana and apple to gnaw on but he doesnt really eat them. my dd didnt eat till 13 mos so wondering where it will go with this one.

He is still colicky at bedtime (massaging and bath helps if not then the sling). He is quite heavy already Harder to wear him in the sling for long period now...just started him in the stroller lately.

I am also tandem nursing my kids... been lots of hurdles and challenges to overcome there...

otherwise things going well with my lil one.

Keep in touch and hope you are all doing well. (we have been having incredible heat wave with humidity lately so been hard on us all, having to do indoor activities with my preschooler).

Big Hugs
got to put ds to bed
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Sooo much has happened since I started this thread....(scuse my bragging!)

1. learned to crawl at six and a half months
2. has said "mama" and "dada"
3. has mimiked "hi" "bye" and "baby"
4. waves "hi" and "bye bye"
5. eats EVERYTHING (organic, of course )
6. sleeps through the night
7. gives kisses
8. pulls up on furniture

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DD is doing none of those things...but I'm sure it's just a matter of time!
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Aren't baby kisses just the best things on earth? sometimes Lucien insisits that i just kiss him and kiss him. he rubs his whole face on mine so i'll kiss him all over the face. he giggles non-stop woohoo!
Well mine can't crawl yet but he can push up and get his elly off the ground and his hips are getting strong enough that he can stay on his hands and knees for a little while...i figure he'll be crawling anytime now. I really need to baby proof.
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thanks, island mommy!!!

She did all those things within a two week time period. It was a frusterating time for her (so much learning made her cranky-kwim).

Selissa, congrats on being diaperless for so long. We go back and forth on ecing, but I try to catch all poops even if she is wearing a dipie. I did miss one the otherday, and she ate the turd :Puke. I have a thread about it in the Elimination Comm. forum.

I love my 7 month old!!!!!!
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My sweetie...

Jakob was born February 12th, so he is just a little over 6 months.
He is so different now from when he was born, it is amazing how his personality grows and grows. And he grows and grows too! He was 7lbs 6oz 20inches at birth. At his 4 month check up he was 19lbs 6oz 26inches! That was two months ago...I'm estimating he is about 28inches long, 23lbs now. He has his 6mos check up on monday, so we will see exactly then.
We've been feeding him some solids for the last few weeks. Not a whole lot, just a tablespoon or two at a time, once or twice a day, but not everyday. He loves avacados and banana. He also likes peaches and apple.
Jakob has been babbling since he was 4 months old:he's repertoir includes:ga, ba, la, da....lately he say dadada all the time. He rolled over from tummy to back at 4 months..surprised me! Went to the kitchen and came back and there he was on his back. Nowadays he is rolling from back to stomach as well, and scootches some too. He was able to retrieve a toy that he'd thrown by rolling and scootching to it today. It seems he'll be crawling within a few weeks. He sits assisted...he likes me to help him stand up and loves his jolly jumper and exersaucer. He also bounces in my lap when I hold him up in the standing postion. The last few days all he wants is mommy (so cuddly)...I have been slinging him, he likes the kangaroo hold and hip carry. Today he went about 4 hours between his morning and afternoon feeding. He is tending to go longer stretches between during the day, and more frequent in the evening.
He has his two bottom teeth, they came in about 3 weeks ago, and I think he is working on some more. Lately he has been making this squished face when he smiles,and with those two teeth showing, its so adorable...like a jack-o-lantern...
Gosh, I'm sure you mammas know I could go on and on.....he is my lovey dovey!
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You're right about those baby kisses! I can't get enough of them...and baby smiles and baby laughter...I love it all!
BTW, I love the name Lucien. It was at the top of our list if Eve had been a boy.
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I just checked your first post and see that you cosleep with Dylan...I was going to ask if she was in a crib when you say she is sleeping through the night. So, she cosleeps and sleeps through the night?! So not fair! That's what I want....and am not close to getting. Has she always slept well at night? When does she go to sleep, and how, and when does she wake up?

Also, you mentioned whole wheat biscuits. What kind is she eating? And she's OK with cheerios...no choking?

Also, to everyone, do you think we should start a new thread with the title "Jan/Feb 2003 babes"? Our babes are getting past the "6 months or thereabouts" stage.
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Yeah, I do agree with the name change...moderator?

Well, she woke to nurse 2 times last night, but that was the first time in about 2 weeks, so we will just have to see what happens now. Actually, we have a crib (toybox!) and are thinking of sidecaring it to the bed. SHe rolls, kicks, scratches and pulls hair now, so it might be in our best intrest to move it into the family bedroom.

She's never choked on a cheerio, and she eats them atleast once a day. She gums them till they are really soft, and of course she is upright and supervised during all feedings. Her teething biscuits are Healthy Times brand. They're basically whole wheat flour and molasses, everything is organic in them. She holds one and gums it till she gets bored and throws it. Once, a peice did break off in her mouth, but I retreived it.
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Ack! I forgot to write her sleep schedule. First of all, she does go to bed rather late. We have 2 other babies in our neighbor hood and whenever we hang out with their families at night Dylan is wide awake soaking up the extra attention. Of course, those parents just put the babe awake with a bottle into the crib and leave the room. At about 9:30 she goes to sleep. If I am home she nurses down, if I am at work my dh snuggles with her until she drops off. She wakes up at about 6 am if she has slept strait through, if not she nurses around 3 then wakes for good at about 7:30. Last night, though, she woke at 12:30 and again at 2 am.

She started sleeping eight hour stretches at 6 weeks old. I was worried (and wet!) the next morning. My mother said I should movve her to her own room then. I didn't and she started nightwaking again at 3 or 4 months of age and has been until just recently.
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Well, lots has happened since I last posted about Anna. She is 7months this Saturday (the 23rd). Anna has mastered crawling, she's pretty speedy when she wants to get somewhere, but she grunts the whole way so we always know when she's on the move . She learned to sit shortly after learning to crawl. We had a few tip-over's (couldn't put a boppy around her since she was already crawling!) and hasn't tipped for this past week. She can go from sitting to crawling and back to sitting. She's starting to pull up on short things and has crawled up on a short box . She says mamamamam and babababa and ppphhhhtttt. Blows bubbles and lips. She knows how to rattle rattles (I shake fist - so it's kinda a baby sign??) and has come to me when I shook my open hands for her. Her favorite toys are chewing on a binky, her toy piano, BOOKS!!!! (she likes to turn the pages and then eat them - it's very cute to see her turn the pages - no time for reading!!), sipping out of an adult water glass, peekaboo with playsilk, play keys, wooden ducki rattle, and a vibrating teether. She hams it up for all pictures - check out her website below - so cute!!! (there's one of her crawling!). That's Anna this month - it's amazing how quickly they learn things.

Anna has severe reflux and is on meds for it. She's doing much better this month, but still isn't interested in eating awake very much (this includes liquids - formula for her). We've started solids, but she gags a lot and sometime throws up with it. Our bed is our queen on the floor next to her elevated crib mattress. She sleeps next to me in this arrangement and crashes between 7 and 9pm and wakes between 5 and 6:30am. She doesn't really wake at night unless she's had a frustrating day, a bad reflux day, or is learning a new skill.

Oh! and her favoritest thing in the world is riding in the sling and chillin' out with a toy in there while taking in the view . Anna is 15lbs 9oz and is almost 28inches long.
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Oh wow, Anna's hair is just beautiful. She looks so much older than my dd, although they were born the same day (and we were going to call her Anna, but dh and I compromised with Annelise)!

DD has a bit of hair, but not much yet.
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Also wondered where the January 2003 mamas thread was! I'm glad this thread was here, however, because I was just thinking how much I am in love with my little baby right now.

My Nathaniel was born on January 25 -- five weeks premature. There was no rhyme or reason for this -- my water broke at 35 weeks after a completely normal, low-risk pregnancy. My feeling now is that some babies need 40 weeks to gestate and my Nate only needed 35. He weighed not even 6 lbs when he was born, but was 18 lbs at his last pediatrician's appointment. He's kind of a compact little baby, however, at 26.5 inches.

He sleeps in his crib now and sometimes I have to physically restrain myself not to go in there and give him a hug -- he looks so damn cute and cuddly! He's cutting his first tooth, sits up unassissted on a soft surface, rolls in both directions, and laughs and smiles readily at me, my husband, and my mother. I love seeing his personality come out; it's not quite such a little one -- he is one strong-willed baby (just like his mama!).

He likes solids -- bananas, sweet potatoes, and pears -- but hates the cereals -- rice and oatmeal. We keep trying with the cereal b/c I am a bit worried about iron. I waited to start him on solids until nearly 6 months and I am so glad that I did because it's so fun to feed him. He sometimes wants the spoon to feed himself and it's amusing to watch him miss completely. He ends up sucking all the food off and losing interest in the spoon. But when he reaches for the spoon, it's like "Mom, you're not getting it in fast enough!"

He's just such a clever, happy, huggable, kissable baby. I recently held an 8-week-old and quickly remembered how boring that age is. So glad to have a fun nearly 7-m/o to play with and love!
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Hi again Everyone
Your babies all sound so gorgeous and doing very well.

Ella is just over 6 mths. Well and truly into the solids now, eating a wide variety daily. No reations to anything so far so that's good.
Started crawling backwards this week so that's very exciting. Not sitting yet though but I havent encouraged her at all. Sleeping through most nights which is great. Still having 2 goods naps in the day!

Take Care
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hi! so great to read about all your babies! before oceano was born i would have never thought i would have gotten so much enjoyment from reading about and seeing pictures of perfect strangers' children!

oceano is a great little boy. this month his nickname is "luuuuuv bucket, my bucket of love!" he is seven months next week. at 6 months he was 28" and weighed 21 #, he's got little sausage link arms and legs and rolls o fat everywhere! well, there are pictures at the link below for the visuals!

we cosleep and i don't mind the (plentiful) night nursings at all. they usually barely register. he is starting to take up more room on the bed and occassionally rolling off the side (it's a queen futon on the floor) and when i put him in the middle he sometimes grabs at daddy while he's sleeping! he's got lovely homemade cloth diapers. ec interests me, but even though i spend every moment attuned to him, i can't tell when he's gonna pee or poop and have been squirted with both when his diaper is off. i carry him everywhere. at first with no sling, but he got heavy very quickly, so at about 2 months he did kangaroo in the sling, now always hip carry. he hates to be lying in it unless nursing, and always wants to be looking out away from me. he has never raised his arms to be picked up, but his naturopath thinks that's because he gets carried so much anyway. we are still exclusively bfing. we tried bananas from our yard at 6 mo, but he spit them out. i'm glad, i read after that babies excl. bf for 7 mo basically never are anemic at 1yr because of the superior iron absorption of breatmilk.

he doesn't crawl or slither, but occasionally rocks onto knees. he rolls like a champ, and walks when we hold both of his hands (he takes impossibly big steps that would throw him off balance by himself, but grins so much when we let him walk across the floor this way) he sits for a few minutes by himself, but often topples sooner. he says dadada, mamama, disss, and a bunch of other cute babbles. he's great at handling, sucking, beating together, shaking, etc his toys. we take him swimming a lot and last week he swam two strokes underwater from daddy to me! he was kinda a fussy baby until recently, needing to be walked a lot and i had problems trying to nurse him too much and he would fight it. always he has been easy to make laugh and smile though! now we are in a rythm and he's pretty well behaved, but is bored easily and really i should stop this and take him for a walk now! anyway, i can't wait for waving, crawling, pointing, and clapping. each new thing is amazing!

wish all our wonderful jan/feb babies could get together and play (or at least smile at each other and pull hair!)
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Theadora Joy was born 1/17/03.
She's a big walker now. All she wants to do is hold hands and walk from room to room, although she's starting to do less of this and more pulling up and cruising. I'm trying to encourage her to crawl, but she has a 2yr old bro. and just wants to be big too. She's been sitting forever, like since 3mo or something, but not so into rolling. She does it, but not very often and not for fun.
She doesn't eat much. Probably would like to, but her brother is allergic, so we're taking it real easy. I give her crusts of bread and whole fruit to mess with. LOOOOOOOVes peaches, just buries her face in 'em and snorts and slurps.
Lots of dadada and mamama (actually its dladladla and mnamnamna - I took a workshop on the Nez Perce language this summer - which Joy attended as well - and I think it really sunk in!) and she says numnum, her brother's word for the breast.
She is of course the most beautiful chunk of babylove girl that I could ever hope to hold.

Good thread! Lets keep it up!
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I thought I'd started a new thread for January moms, but can't seem to find it. Must have mommy brain.

Anyway, I'm bumping this thread to tell you I've started a new thread. Let's try to keep it going.
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