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Do you think that violence in media cause violence in real life? I do not believe so. I will give a perfect example. I am not a mother. I am a 15 year old trying to impart the insight of teens onto your minds to give you a better understanding of how we think. Anyway, I have played a torrent of violent games. CSI and other shows with such gore are some of my favorites. Horror movies and slasher flicks kick @$$. Yet to this day I have yet to kill or even attack someone with no provocation. I admit that the littler kids should not play some of these games. But thats why the ESRB exists. For those who don't know that is a group that rates games based on guidelines. Ratings go from E for everyone to E10+ for 10 and up to T for Teen to M for Mature to Ao for Adults Only. You won't find any AO games on any console. Just PC. And also remember this. YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER IT. You don't like whats on tv? CHANGE THE CHANNEL AND/OR TURN IT OFF. Tell you child not to watch that show. Then if they follow that rule and don't break it for awhile. Try letting them watch it.