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groaning and grimacing

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ds3 is 6 weeks tomorrow!

my thread is not about that though it's about groaning - he spends a lot of time groaning, esp afetr a good bf session

OK i have figured out that he really needs burping, upright over my shoulder with a good backrub, unlike my other two who ddidn't care if they were "burped" or not

but even after doing a few huge burps he often goes on groaning and grimacing for ages

sometimes it's related to nappy-filling but not often, and when it is, his poo is just beautiful bf baby poo, mustard coloured curds, and sweet smelling, no nasty stuff

last night he was wide awake for over an hour from 4 am groaning and thrashing around, before and after bf - he was clearly hungry and gulped down his feed vigorously, then came off, had a few burps and groaned and thrashed till i was desperate wondering what on earth is bothering him

insight anyone?
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My dd is 4 weeks old, and has been a grunter from birth. She's almost exactly the way you describe, espcially in the wee hours of the morning. She's in bed with us, and she'll start grunting and wiggling, and since I'm half asleep, I think she's hungry, but she hardly ever nurses- she's still completely asleep. It baffles me, : but at least now i know I'm not the only one!
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I know when ds was that age he would often grimace, grunt, and wiggle pre poopy for hours and once or twice for a whole day. i think when they're that young they seem to really have to work at goin poop.
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Atley does that too!! No insight; just sympathy .
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Could it be milk???

My 3 month old ds does this. My sister suggested that I reduce the amount of milk I drink. It seems to help. He is still very vocal, but not quite as much in the wee hours of the morning.
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Yea, kinda sounds like a *mild* : cow milk intolerance. Ian did the same thing for the first couple months. I was able to cut out all the obvious milk products for a while (I didn't start reading labels or anything, though). Around 2 months *most* babies' digestive systems mature sufficiently to allow for more milk products.

Good luck! If this continues, try posting over on bfing getting started & overcoming difficulties.
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i was thinking along food lines - in denial though... i'll think about less dairy but i'm really loving my oatmeal for breakfast
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I noticed Atley was worse (like he didn't sleep AT ALL and groaned and grunted all night) when I've eaten ice cream, so I've really been watching my dairy intake, but I'm not much of a dairy person anyway. He's still grunting and groaning a lot. Could it be because I haven't eliminated hard cheeses (just about the only dairy I eat regularly)?

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My baby does this but since we're EC-ing I think of it as a good thing - it's a clear cue that he's going to poop. I eat hardly any dairy at all, just milk in my coffee.
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