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extreme itching in late pregnancy?

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what does that indicate?
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Is there any rash associated with it? Is it from the skin stretching on your belly?
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It depends where the itching is. If it is all over your skin it could be a liver condition that I do not know the name off the top of my head. It is not fatal, iti s just uncomfortable, the only cure is to birth the babe. It it is vaginal, thenis probably a yeast infection, treat it if you can. My ds had terrible thrush because of mine.
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The horrifically itchy rash is called PUPPS. I had a client who is also one of my great friends come down with it about five weeks before her son was born. She nearly went out of her mind. I sincerely hope you're just having dry skin...
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i'm not the one itchy!!

someone in my kids' family is being induced tonight with the all over the body itching. i'm freaked out about it because the doctors told her that her baby could be stillborn if she doesn't induce. this is like nothing i've ever heard of.

so PUPPS it could be. thanks for your help. i'm off to google it.
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when i had pupps it was not an all over body itch. it started in my stretch marks and spread.
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They're likely suspecting Cholestasis.
It can be confirmed with a liver panel (bloodwork). Women with confirmed cholestasis are usually induced at around 37 weeks because the chances of stillbirth go way up the closer you get to term.

I had what was likely an undiagnosed case of cholestasis that my OB ignored and I'm lucky that nothing serious happened because of it. The intense itching began in the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. It spread over my entire body, there was no rash involved. I was literally clawing myself, crying hysterically at night for weeks, and... well, it was just too miserable for words.
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I had PUPPP and it was freaking horrid. Still have scars on my legs and stomach. I would wait until my husband was asleep to go into the bathroom and scratch until I bled. It cleared up as soon as I had the baby.
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IIRC, most pregnancy itching is generally associated with liver issues which PUPPs and choleostatis both are. I had PUPPPs with my last baby, and it was a nightmare On my abdomen, arms, thighs. I still get phantom itches on my forearms when I even think about it. I just about shred my skin off. Tinctures of dandelion root and nettles were an almost instant relief for me.

Hope she's okay
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All-over itching with no rash can be a sign of Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, which is a serious liver condition that is dangerous not for mama but for baby. Your friend's doc is right that there is a high risk of stillbirth in the last few weeks of pregnancy if the condition is untreated. It's rare, but it is serious, and I think it is one of the few warranted reasons to give induction serious consideration.

The best source of information I know of on the subject is http://www.itchymoms.com/

I had cholestasis with my twins, and we wound up delivering early after I did a bunch of research, and I'm happy with the decision. We also wound up going with a variety of treatments during the last few weeks including Urso to help flush the excess bile acid.

The condition goes away within a few days or weeks of delivery.

If there is a rash, especially on the trunk, you'd suspect PUPPS like the PPs said.
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