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my dh

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has come around full swing...

the past few weeks i have been telling him about stuff i've read here and there, and he'd respond "if you dont want her to have them, thats your decision"...but tonight i made him sit and about the connectuions between "sids" and vaxes. afteetr he was done i asked him what he thought. he said neither one of them are getting shots, unless the situation changes, then we will reevaluate.
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Wonderful. That is the way it goes here in our household too. I do the research, share the info and we decide. If I haven't done the research yet, the weight of the decision is on me "because I'm the Momma" my dh says. He trusts that my instincts are very highly tuned to our child's best interests. (Not that his are not, just that mine are tuned a bit finer!)

I have had no problem sharing with him my search results and coming to an agreed decision. When you have good communication with your partner, parenting is pretty easy!

I'm glad you both came to an agreement!
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Ditto, EXACTLY, to Karen's post! I am sooo glad DH is willing to hear another side, is open to learning and has changed his mind!
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