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Weird smells...

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WHY am I smelling cat pee EVERYWHERE (but can't locate it) and dirty baby diapers? I'm still pregnant and my other kids are long out of diapers! And we have no friends w/ infants. None who have been visiting. What the heck?!

Please tell me it's a random weird uncommon sign of impending labor...
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It's a random sign of labor

My sense of smell is ridiculous too. I hunt down weird smells all over my house.
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something was *burning* in my house last week. The lid to a water bottle was on the heating element in the dishwasher.
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Not in you ddc, but I thought I would share a story with you.
About 5? years ago, I started noticing a weird cat pee smell. I thought that the cashier I was working with had problems with her cat. Then I thought it was my cat.

Turns out, it was me. and only with certain tops.
My b.o doesn't smell that bad otherwise, well, ok, leave it too long and yes, it does. But thats everyone, kwim?
Anyway, I'm not sure what causes this problem. I wipe my armpits with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any bacteria, and that makes a big difference.

So, my advice? Check the pits, man
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OMG. That is nasty! I'm totally gonna check my pits now! :

*gasp* I caught a hint of it... OMG. :
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Well, fwiw, I keep smelling cat pee in dd's room. One of the nasty little creatures did pee on her bed, I think to get revenge for us getting a new puppy, but I have washed the comforter and blanket and sheets and doused everything with simple green when I did that. I have smelled each stuffed animal individually and there is no scent on them, or on anything else in her room. But I still smell the cat pee.

And my sense of smell is otherwise out of control these days too. I can smell a dirty diaper across the house even with a stuffy nose. Ew.

So if some extra showers don't help, maybe our babes are just on their way!
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OT!!! Dena~~~ you got a new Puppy!!??? Are you insane?!?!

OK, I'm only partly kidding ~~ holy Moly girl. YOU. ARE. BRAVE.

To the op~~ I'm tracking down smells too. And not finding them. I keep smelling stinky cheese. WTH?! Stinky cheese? gag me
OMG ~ I hope its not me :.
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Yesterday I smelled food rotting...I am positive that was my imagination, cause the kitchen was spic'n'span and the trash empty. I smell diesel fumes in my house and gas.
I don't even pay attention any more. Sometimes I'll ask dh if he smells it and he just gives me a look. I usually let it go then.:
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Well, I'm glad I'm not alone!

I haven't smelled the cat pee today, but I know I have to go smell every little stuffed animal or fabric ANYTHING in the kids' room because we have 1 cat that seems to think it's his litter box! :

I really need to get him to the vet for a neuter. It's just one more thing to worry about at this point, though. You know? Ugh. I'll have to get dh to do it.
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I have been smelling dirty cat litter - guess that's the same smell? I thought it was because we are in this small apartment with 2 cats. I have EOs diffusing constantly. I brought it up to dh, which is such a "no-no" cause the cats were my idea, and he deeply resents that he cleans the litter box. But then we were driving through town the other day, and I was still smelling that smell. I said, I thought that we had just moved to a stinky town! Dh didn't comment... Checked my pits, I don't think it is me. Pregnancy is so weird...

My first pregnancy I kept smelling pork - and I eat kosher, so it wasn't a pleasant thing at all...
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Originally Posted by 2bluefish View Post

My first pregnancy I kept smelling pork - and I eat kosher, so it wasn't a pleasant thing at all...
Ewww. I don't eat kosher, but that would gross me out, too.
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