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fictional baby is mutilated.

at least Orson has serious issues with it
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I don't know why the whole "screaming monster of a baby" thing didn't come into play AFTER the circ...as that would be far more fitting.
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I do have to say, though, I'd rather a circ'd baby at the end of that well of an anti-circ fight, compared to an intact baby where the parent opposing was simply "I want the baby to look like me" or something where there was just a general lack of solid info against circumcision.
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The UA violation did it. And Orson totally wimps out about it. I can't say what I'd have done to her.

Though...she is a good example of just how stupid and superficial pro-circ'ers are.
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Originally Posted by carriebft View Post
they did it
I want to clarify (for those who couldn't watch) that SHE did it. Orson didn't wake up. They didn't show any of the procedure (of course). She told him when they got home though, and he was MAD! Atleast they made circ out to be horrible and Bree out to be a shallow you-know-what! And I'm too sucked in to the Gaby/Victor/Carlos saga to stop watching now!
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Eh.... Orson was so passionate about it I was disappointed after he heard the kid was circed, and a quick argument, the issue seemed to be dropped. If they dont have marital issues (as another said), or if it isn't at least brought up more then this I will definately be disappointed, and not just because I am against circ, someone that feels as strongly as he seemed to wouldn't just let this drop.

That said, I do like how Bree never comes up with a good defense and Orson's comeback was pretty good.... and how Susan (who has only had a girl) said she has never given it any thought, ever.... which is probably how most viewers (even those with boys) feel and this could cause them to research it after knowing some people have strong feelings against it.... and other people would realize they had no better reasons then Bree, again hopefully causing them to research it.

All in all a decent outcome, though I hope future episodes bring it up further.
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Originally Posted by Bm31 View Post
Though...she is a good example of just how stupid and superficial pro-circ'ers are.
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I missed it...guess I'm glad I didn't see it. *sigh*
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I am so disappointed.. but still thankful the words mutilation and decreased sexual pleasure got in there. They really went further than "look like daddy" at least.

But my heart sank when the mohel gave her that smile and it seemed he would do it.. I kept hoping they were just teasing us but...no.

I will still watch though.
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I am torn. I said in a previous post that I would no longer watch. Since all of info was mainly non-circ. I may still watch. It still makes me mad. Although it is only fiction but still. There are some strange people out there that look up to Bre. Hopefully moore look up to Orson.
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Not surprised. I figured it would end up this way.
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Oh you ladies are too cute
I was sitting on the couch watching Desperate Housewives feeling like I was watching it with all of you MDCers. I was saying to my husband that guaranteed there are postings going on during the show. Sure enough I went straight here and you guys were posting all during the show It gave some good info but I was disappointed that Orson was fine after 2 min of talking. If he was that passionate about it it should have been more of a fight. Sadly I think the topic is over. I think their marital problems will be about if Bree thinks of him as the father. You could tell by the look on her face when they discussed that in the end. She seemed like she wasn't happy about that thought. I was so disappointed that she got it done
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It was annoying.
I also would think it would be a bit of an upset to those that are religious (Bree pretended to be Jewish to get the mohel to do it).

And Orson just sorta got over it too easily.

But at least as they say, all pr is good pr.

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Something good came from this prime-time mutilation...I may have saved a friend's future sons! I updated my status on facebook as "Amanda is...PISSED that Bree circumcised that baby!" and a college-age male friend sent me a note saying "Huh?". So I took the opportunity to send him some links (no circ, the video, sexasnatureintendedit). He responded freaking out that he saw another man's penis on his computer! But he also said that it would make him think twice about doing it to his son, and that he felt sorry for his future wife. So I messaged him back with some more info and the NORM link.
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I think it was interesting that Orson said that his father had fought to keep him intact, but when his mom got the chance-at age 5-she defied him and had him cut. He said he remembers his own circumcision "vividly". Of course, Bree used that as another excuse to circumcise in infancy with the, "They don't remember it." argument. I'm still watching now, the show's only about half over.



I liked that the mohel told Bree when she suggested they just sneak off and circumcise her son in the den of her friend's house (who just had a bris) there was "no such thing as a quiet bris". I also appreciated that the mohel seemed to only be agreeing to circumcise Bree's son because she LIED to him and said she was Jewish, guilted him about disappointing her mother, claimed her son just happened to be 8 days old, and implied that she would raise him as a devout Jew. Bree is a sneaky, conniving, superficial *&^%*.

Bree called it an "unsightly foreskin". Orson was p*ssed, and asked her "Why stop there, why not cut off his testicles too? You have no problem going after mine!" which I thought was great. I do think it was dumb that he seemed to calm down so quickly and bought into her claim that she'd start treating him like his father. Why suddenly trust her? She only cares about herself.
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The whole show seemed to be about deception and you look at the ther deceptions that went on (pretending to throw away the pills, hiding that she killed her husband, keeping a child from finding her father [is the father really bad or was that just another lie?]) it puts circ in the same catagory.
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I have only watched a couple of episodes, so I'm not very familiar with it. It's still very disappointing.

Hopefully it made some of the actors think about the issue. They're mostly around the age where they're having kids, right?
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She is a rather awful charachter...and does everything with deceit. It actually IMHO makes circumcision look like a BAD thing on a mainstream show.

When people wrote about this initially I figured from what I read she'd lie/cheat do whatever it took because she was already taking him off on her own to try to have it done. :
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