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Bumping because it's such a good thread! (And I don't have time to read it all now )
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Originally Posted by OceanMomma View Post
I do have days when I feel quite daunted by the whole thing. It's the other wall on the other side of the door that I am not looking forward to! I still have to find some windows to go in it but I am so tempted to get really really big ones so I don't have so much cob to do

I have some pictures but they are a few weeks old with one of the kids modelling doing the cob while I took pictures. The wall is up to the middle of the top sashes of the windows now. I get dh to cut it straight for me so it is also now alot straighter.


There are some real cool buildings or ideas for buildings here


I'd really like to do something small like a studio out the bush at the back with oneof those reciprocal roof things on it & maybe out of cobwood. I still have to finish the current project first so we shall see tho'

okay, so I am completely foaming at the mouth now. wow.
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I just came back to say we've finally found some windows for the last part of the wall so I can start it - yay! The windows themselves are beautiful. They are full clear leadlight windows which came out of a house which was built in the 1870s or thereabouts. I'm trying to be enthusiastic about the whole thing but it's 10.3m long by 3m high by 0.36m wide which is something like about 11cubic metres of cob minus 2 window holes

To be honest, the cobbing itself is not really that bad. Not wanting to put anyone off here It's keeping up with all my other activities I need to keep on top of at the same time which is the difficult bit. I'm almost tempted to send the kids to school for a term
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We've been to The Cob Cottage and met with Ianto several times. Such inspiration! And just yesterday my son met with Kiko Denzer.

There is such smart freedom and grace to these styles of building.
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Originally Posted by maplesugar View Post
Oceanmomma-thank you for the pictures. I have been flirting with the idea of cob building for a long time. Is the rest of your house just a regular frame built, then? Was is easy to connect the two? Why did you choose to only do one wall cob?

I really like the accesablity of cob. Neither dh nor I have much construction experience so when we decide to build this will be a major factor.

We will probably (hopefully) be building in Northern Michigan, however, so climate may be a major downfall for building with cob. Does anyone have experience with cob in a cold cliamate?
We too plan on DIY low cost building (straw bale, cob or cordwood perhaps using timberframing) We now live near Toledo, but I am working on MDiv to be a pastor when I grow up. When I do, we will be moving into a parsonage and plan on taking the proceeds of our house sale to buy land in Northern MI to build something debt-free on. My dad is near Gaylord and dh's gma is in between Petoskey and Charlevoix on Lake MI. So we hope to be somewhere in that area (although away from the beaten fudgie path) LMK if you get to build something, or what you find in regards to cob in MI, maybe we can come help!

PS Do you make syrup? My dad makes some of the best!
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Hey the waggonerfamily! Believe it or not, that is exactly the part of Michigan we are moving to! Our land is north of Petoskey, not on the lake, but really close to Burt Lake. I just love that area! How cool to see another cob wannabe in Northern Michigan.

Sadly, we are not in Michigan yet, but in Alaska. This is a bit off topic, but I was born in Petoskey and my family is in that area. I just get so dang exited when I think of going back. We have to sell this house before we get started...

With regards to cob in the area, I have done a lot of research, and have found a method called light straw clay which I think might be a tad more prudent for the cliamate of the area.

With light straw clay, you build a wooden frame and infill with a mixture of straw and clay. There is quite a bit of info on the web and I found the sight of some folks out of Traverse city who build using this method. It can then be plastered with a cob mix, thus taking advantage of the thermal mass properties of cob, with the insulative properties of straw. Since the straw is coated with clay, it is not so vulnerable to water damag as with strawbales.

I hope to be there by this summer, and we will definately be doing some green building one way or another, will keep you updated.
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DH was born in Petoskey, too! His family lived on Walloon Lake when he was little. His grandma lives in Bay Shore which is almost halfway between Petoskey and Charlevoix. I grew up going up camping at the state park on Burt Lake (as well as other campgrounds in the area if we couldn't get in there). DH and I met in HS/college. Small world that we had that common background, and so it is our goal to make it back there to live someday. We're probably looking around 10 years. <sigh> But the good thing is we will be living in a parsonage elsewhere, so we can DIY w/o the need to have it be liveable super fast. We also have a 24' 83 camper that we got on ebay for $300 to rehab that we will probably park there to stay in while we work on the house. I'm off to google, but do you have any good links for the light straw clay? We really like timberframe, so infill would work great! If you haven't been around Petoskey lately you will be amazed (not in a good way IMHO) it is incredibly built up. I don't think the Bay Harbor development was a good thing, yes it brought money and jobs, but at a really severe price. Grandma's house is at the end of Bay Harbor. We've been on tours through there from the beginning, and it is beautiful, but at a huge sad price. Keep in touch. We'd love to come visit and maybe help some. I would love to visit Alaska, much more than someplace tropical.
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