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Is Your Baby-Daddy Circ'd?

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Or "all the men you've loved before...."?

My DH is uncirc'd, he was born in Germany, his mother is British his dad is American. He says that his mother didn't even know what circ was when he was born.
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My husband is from France and he is not circ'ed.
My brother and father are from here and they are not circed either.

It was pretty easy for me to feel normal with not circ'ing my sons
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My husband is circumcised. In fact, I've never seen an adult intact penis (in real life - I have seen pictures of them).
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My DH is intact.

He was a month preemie. I wonder sometimes whether his mama would have cut him if he were born full term. His elder brother is cut. His two younger brothers are intact, but there is a 4 year difference between he and his younger brother and a 10 year difference between he and his youngest brother.

At any rate, I'm very happy he has a normal penis. I would never have considered circumsizing my son, so I feel we've avoided issues about that because it's always been a "given" what we'd do.
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My dh is, as was every other man I have known.
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My husband is cut....but my ex-boyfriend was not....
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DH is circ'ed and it took very little research on his part to decide not to circ our DS. I truly admire him for being secure enough in himself that he didn't need his son to "look like his daddy."
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My dp is American and is circ'ed, my previous partners were not circ'ed (from the UK). It was not even a conversation when ds2 was born, my dp has no need to have his son be "like" him.
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My babydaddy is not cut.
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mine is...he wanted to circ in the beginning but was swayed due to the baby not having pain relief...plus it not being his choice. If for some crazy reason the babe want's to be circ'd as an adult, I told him I'd pay for it!
At least then it would be his choice as an informed adult.

I've never seen an intact male IRL, my "baby daddy" is the only person I"ve had intercourse with...when I "hooked up" with people in my younger years they were all circ'd....

I think it is getting a lot more common to leave babies intact, so when our children are adults it won't seem out of place!!
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yes, he is cut...but has started to restore...

oldest boy is cut, the youngest two are not...

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my dh is circ'ed. we have a son due in late dec./early jan. and he will NOT be circ'ed-my dh is as adamently against it as I am.
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baby daddy yes, handful of ex boyfriends no, handful of ex boyfriends yes
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My partner is, and my oldest son's dad is, and every man whose penis I've seen has been.
But not my boys or most of the little boys I know.
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My DH is. His is the only I've ever seen...

He's talked about restoring, and we even bought a tugger...but he doesn't use it. Honestly, I don't think he likes to try, since it is a CONSTANT reminder of what he is missing.
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Yes he is, and he's the only guy I've ever been with.
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Yep. He is circ'd. In fact, the only intact penis I have seen is my 2 boys.
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Mine is, but not too happy about it. Cutting our son was never a consideration.
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nope, mine is intact.

not that you asked about siblings but both my bro's are intact too my mom is a very anti-circ midwife and I just got lucky and married someone who was not circ'd so it was never an issue when our 3 boys were born.
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I've never been with an intact man. If I had only known when I was younger...
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