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DH is circ'd. I haven't had sex with anyone else, so I can't compare. I am a nurse, and have seem MANY penis's. It's rare I see an intact one. But they are usually much older men that I see. I have no idea what is common in other age groups.
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Nope, he's intact. Born in MN, fwiw.
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I really hate the term babydaddy. I'm not 17!

Anyhow, my child father isn't. I'm not sure why-most of the guys his age (mid 50's) I've been with have been circumsized.

I don't care either way.

Oh, I have a daughter, but I would not have had a son circumsized.
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DH is intact. His mom was paying the hospital bill out of pocket and saw no reason to add the procedure thank God. DS is intact too, we didn't see a single reason to bother with the surgery, wound, and loss of a body part for him either.
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Originally Posted by EricaE View Post
My husband is circumcised. In fact, I've never seen an adult intact penis (in real life - I have seen pictures of them).
Same here.

Luckily, once I showed my Dh what I learned about circ, he said that he couldn't believe guys would "pull the 'our son needs to look like me' BS!" That made me very happy to hear! He was adopted, so he doesn't blame his parents for it (and his parents don't seem so keen on it after I showed them articles and resources as to why we weren't cutting our son).
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My dh is British and intact. We live in Scotland, so circ was never on the cards.

I'd never even thought about it until ds was about 3 weeks old and I was talking to an American friend - who asked me if we'd had him circed.

That's when I started looking into it (my immediate was reaction was - why in the world would we do that?), and I've been an intactivist ever since.

DH is the only man I've been with, so I can't compare first hand experiences. But when I compare my experience of sex with my friends' experiences (all my friends I can 'talk sex' with are American and have circ'ed husbands) - I am very, very thankful that I was lucky enough to marry an intact Brit (DH is great for many other reasons as well!).
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Originally Posted by EricaE View Post
My husband is circumcised. In fact, I've never seen an adult intact penis (in real life - I have seen pictures of them).
Yep mine too. My brother is intact but I have never seen him, and I really wouldn't care to. :
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XH and BF are both circumcised. When I told XH I didn't want to have our (future) child circumcised, he just shrugged and said ok. It was never any big deal for him. I've shared a lot of info with BF about circ and he is definitely behind not circ'ing. He's not restoring, but considering it.

I have been with one intact person. There is definitely a difference.
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Yes - not as an infant, but as part of hypospadias surgery when he was a toddler. I had never seen an intact penis in real life until DS.
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Yes, his was as an infant against his will :.
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My husband is 1/2 Filipino, born in Manila to a Filipino mom and an American military dad. One of then (I'm assuming FIL) said yes to circ, not realizing that it doesn't mean quite the same thing there as it does here in the USA. So DH is supercised. So on the plus side, he still has all of his foreskin, but it is not intact.

The sad thing is that MIL and FIL never even know that the circ wasn't "right." On one hand that's good because they never tried to have it "completed" later on, but DH went his whole life thinking he had a botched circ where they took the top and left the bottom. It wasn't until after our son was born and I was researching circ (making sure we did the right thing) that I found out about the tradition of supercision in the Philippines and showed DH the information and pictures. Fortunately he was never the type that wanted his son to "look like daddy" anyway, he said no to circ before he even knew about his own. But it was a big revelation for him and he had to call his parents right away and say "did you know about this??" They didn't. It must not have been a strongly-opinioned decision for them, since when we told them we weren't going to circ our son, FIL said "are you sure?" and we said "yes" and that was the last time they ever mentioned it. I'm glad they didn't push the matter, but it also means they must have done it to DH "just because."
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My ex husband is circ'd (we had a daughter though so it didn't come up. He's of the mind that uncirc is gross- no matter how much I fight with his about it- still- LOL)
My DP is also circed- Andrew's dad. He was adamant that Andrew be cut. That obviously worked out well for him. There are some things- OK A lot of things but whatever- that I don't take anyone else's opinions into account for... DNA or no
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Yup, my babydaddy is cut.
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DH ~ cut
Dh's bro ~ cut
Father ~ cut
Brother ~ cut
ex BF ~ cut
a handful of men that I sampled in college ~ all cut

My boys ~ INTACT!
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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post
Yes, his was as an infant against his will :.
Yep, here as well. The scar and the discoloration make me sad. He's used to it, though. I'm so glad our son is intact.
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Dh is circumcised. I've never had the pleasure of meeting a man with an intact penis, as everyone I know is circ'ed (excepting my sons).
Except my grandfather- and, umm, ewww. Don't want to see that one.
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DS's dad is circ'ed and when we found out that we were having a boy there was a battle of keeping him intact. Growing up a dear friend of ours and my brothers were all intact so I thought that was the norm until I was an adult. I have never seen an adult intact penis IRL.
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My DH is intact.
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He's intact, as is every penis I have seen in my life.
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Yes, he is. In fact, my oldest son was the first intact male I have ever seen IRL. (to my knowlege anyhow)

Take care,
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