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Separate M, M & R

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I am about to bring dd in for her 2yr check and over the last few months I have done a ton of research, including incidence #'s in our county (in 2002 there was 1 Measles, 1 Ruebella and 0 Mumps...average for 3yrs prior...0 across the board). I came to the conclusion that since I couldn't get measles and mumps as separate vaccines I would give dd the ruebella and not worry about the other two.

I called Merck on Friday to get their most recent update on the availability of the separate vaxes, expecting the same info that I've gotten every time I've called in the last two years no for M and M but yes for R....and they surprised me!!


The woman on the phone was very helpful. She said that they had received an email about it just that week. The vaccines are available in boxes of 10 doses/bx and the orders are limited to ONLY 3bx/order.

I was tempted to just stick w/ my plan, but dh wants dd to get them. I am going to talk to ped tomorrow and want dd to get mumps now, measles 2yrs later and ruebella at some point. Instead of giving the second "dose" before she starts school, I will have dd's titers checked.

Just thought I would pass along the info.

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is there anyway dh would wait until dd is a teen ager before giving her rubella vax?

I mean I got the rubella vax about two years before I got pregnant.

I guess if you wanted to pursue delaying the vax the angle would be:
there are about 300 cases of rubella in the united states a year. if you need the cdc link, I'll give it to you.

and there are about 25 cases of rubella being passed on to a baby by a pregnant woman.

And of course the united states has about 220 million people.

What if you just agree to wait until she is older?

think he would go for that?
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I don't know about that. I've read some things that look like adverse reactions are greater when a 2nd dose is given in adolescence than at 4-5 years. I do not know if age at first dose would have similar adverse incidence differences. Check that out before you decide to do that.
Also be aware of what your schools expect if you plan to do something other than homeschool because most that I am aware of expect 2 doses of measles. Otherwise you'll need an exemption.
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Well I was actually planning on giving her the Ruebella vax all along. From almost the beginning of me badgering Merck every few months they have had the Ruebella vax available.

I guess although I know the chances that she will get it are very slim....and I know that is little to no incidence in our county (was never able to get PA wide #'s...and even the county ones I got were from our local dept...they had to search through a yearly report to get me the stats). My main reason to give dd the Ruebella vax is to protect preggos as well as herself later in life. Dh and I are planning another child and dd is in a daycare center setting every day. Between her being exposed to all kinds of stuff (although she's as healthy as a horse and we are still nursing a tiny bit each night) at daycare and us getting preggo again...I'd rather err on the side of caution.

My main concern is w/ the Measles and Mumps antibody interactions. Dh, his half brother (same Mother), his mom and grandfather all had bowel problems of one type or another...and three have confirmed cases of colitis, his mom has Crohns as well. I suspect his grandfather may have had either or both, but since it was so long ago may have not been diagnosed correctly.

Since dd is genetically set up to get colitis I was adament about her not getting the MMR shot together on the slim chance that the S.M. Montgomery studies are correct regarding corrolations between exposed to the measles and mumps antibodies in less than a year and later contracting gut diseases.

I am aware that there is strong corrolation studies re this, as well as theories that measles alone may also trigger it (although all of those studies have technically been "refuted"). Which is why I will give mumps first and wait 2yrs before doing measles.

Dd has had all of her shots to date except for Hep B (we are defering that decision until she's a preteen), MMR and Chicken Pox. I'm still VERY on the fence about CP and am leaning towards holding off on it until 5yo and about to start school and deciding then. Dd also has not gotten any more than one vaccination per drs visit....I feel very strongly that we wait between each shot for any possible reactions, etc.

Basically what I've done since before dd's birth is to look at each vax individually as to if it was necessary and balance that with the safety of it. I feel strongly that vaxes are a good thing in theory but that in practice there have been shortcuts and re safety as well as strong arming from industry which I feel has preyed upon those parents...which are in the majority...that don't question what their drs tell them.

I also am NOT happy with the research that is done on either side of the debate....the majority of studies are flawed or don't cover a large enough sample to really be indicative of the real story. And don't get me started on studies of studies...they just drive me nuts. It's very difficult to find a non biased honest look at the vaccination question. I've tried to do my best in sifting through the info and coming up w/ a plan that works for me and my family.

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I actually called our local school district this am (we may or may not be living here when dd finally goes to school) to double check what their policy is regarding checking titers. But it is a "medical" question and none of the nurses are there until closer to school starting.

I'm fairly comfortable arguing that the 2nd shot was recommended because a small percentage of children don't have the first shot "take" so the second is to cover them.....and if dd's titers show she is covered..then it shouldn't be an issue.

But then again who knows what a district will say since I'm not going to be a lemming?

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You're exactly right:

28 PA Code § 23.83. (a) (5) Measles (rubeola). Two properly-spaced doses of live attenuated measles vaccine, the first dose administered at 12 months of age or older, or a history of measles immunity proved by serological evidence showing antibody to measles as determined by the hemagglutination inhibition test or a comparable test. Each dose of measles vaccine may be administered as a single antigen vaccine.

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Thanks for the link it was quite helpful....

It looks like I'll be in a fight for the Hep B. Although the way it's worded for religious...

(b) Religious exemption. Children need not be immunized if the parent, guardian or emancipated child objects in writing to the immunization on religious grounds or on the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief.

Maybe I can just jump on the "strong moral or ethical conviction" topic re Hep B. HMMM...good thing I have three more years to come up w/ a plan.

Thankfully dd's daycare center just notes that we aren't giving that vax now in their records...and no more questions asked. AND her ped...we are on #2 respects our rights to choose and although not thrilled w/ our choices, respects them and works w/ us....which is all I really ask for.

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That's great news! I called Merck-Frosst Canada recently and their Mumpsvax was on backorder. I'll call again in a few weeks -- it might take a little longer to get shipped here.

I feel the same about vaxing. I have looked at each vaccine/disease and decided how I feel based on each one. It's a tough road with a lot of data to slog through -- I too feel like we've taken the best path for us.

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