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Dare I ask...how much weight have you gained?

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I hardly ever step on the scale but was weighing my dd yesterday and decided to take a peak for myself as well. I'm 16 weeks and was surprised to see that I'd gained about 9 lbs. It seems like it's in the range of normal but I was still rather surprised.

Anyone else care to share?
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I weighed myself yesterday evening at the gym and I was 8.5 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm 15w3d now.

This is the first pregnancy I've ever dropped weight and I'm definitely not complaining. Some of the weight loss is from morning sickness and some is that I'm still going to Curves 3-6 times per week.

I'm sure I'll start gaining soon as I get an appetite back.
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Sure, I'll share cause I don't think I am doing to shabby. I weighed at my M/W appointment yesterday. I have gained a total of 10 pounds and I am 18w3d. Of all of my pregnancies I think this one is the slowest on my weight gain.
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I started out between 123.5 and 125 lbs. I am now 133 lbs. So, I've gained between 7.5 and 10 lbs. depending on which beginning weight you go by. I am now 17 1/2-weeks. What I love about my m/w is that she doesn't weigh as a standard. Makes visits MUCH more pleasant!
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I've gained somewhere between 2-4 pounds. I'm 16 weeks today. Last time, I gained 7 pounds in the first 8 weeks (!!), but only gained a total of 17 pounds.
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I've gained around 10 as of last Friday, so that was 17.5 weeks.
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I have no idea, but now I'm curious! Unfortunately I don't have a scale. At 15.5 weeks I had gained 4.5 lbs. I'm sure it's gone up in the 2 weeks since then, but I don't know by how much.
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I'm 18 weeks and have gained between 1 and 2 lbs. I'm pretty close to my delivery weight with my girls (I gained 30+ lbs a few months before I got pg, stressful life circumstances and I didn't take very good care of myself last Fall/Winter). I don't expect that I will gain very much weight this pg, maybe 10 to 15 lbs. With my first 2 p's, I gained different amounts of weight, but ended up at the same birthing weight.

I usually pack a tonne on around 20 to 22 weeks, then stop gaining around 34 weeks.
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Zero. I have regained the 10lb I lost due to m/s, but that's it, and I am 18w tomorrow. I also started out overweight, fwiw. I am constantly growing, belly-wise, but no weight gain yet. I say this now and I'll probably end up gaining like 20lb in a month!
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10 or 11 pounds. Maybe 12.
I gained 40 with my first pregnancy and 35 or so with all my other full-term pregnancies. I tend to quickly lose the first 25-30 pounds, then I lose weight again when baby is around 8-10 months.
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I haven't weighed myself recently, but at my 15 week appt. I was up 2 pounds.
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I'm huge already, but found I haven't gained ANY weight at all yet. HOW is that possible! I've been eating and I feel great. I'm tiny to begin with, so my baby must be full of air!
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17w3d and I am up 15 pounds. Pretty normal for me. I gain 60-70 pounds each pregnancy and then loose it all to nursing.
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Im 17w and have lost 15 lbs! I have really bad morning sickness and have had to force myself to eat. I live on cliff bars. I started out somewhat overweight so my midwife doesnt seem concerned about the loss.
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I've gained about ten pounds. I have a midwife too, so we don't go by weight.

I'm usually about 123 pounds, 5'7", I'm now around 133. No taller.

It's funny, I gained 8 pounds all right away and I've been creeping ever since.

Still riding my bike every day, walking and I go to the gym twice a week for weights and cardio.

I feel GREAT.

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I started at 140, which is about 7lbs heavier than I should be (133 is ideal for me) and now I'm about 145. So I'm counting my total gain as 12lbs, since I started above where I should have been.
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Originally Posted by Trinitty View Post
Still riding my bike every day, walking and I go to the gym twice a week for weights and cardio.

I feel GREAT.
Yah, see, I think this is my problem. I wasn't feeling so hot and super tired so bagged the exercise for awhile. I told myself that I'd start again in the 2nd trimester and then I was slammed with two illnesses in a row--I've been sick for about 2 weeks now. I did do a 2mi walk/workout yesterday so I'm getting back in to the swing of things.

I think I gained 34 or 37 lbs. over the course of my first pregnancy. I felt huge after I gave birth but then lost it rather quickly with about 5-6 lbs. that hung on for a little longer. I think I had it all off (thanks mostly to nursing) by my dd's first b-day.

I'm usually around 117 and today my scale says 121 (I swear it said 126 yesterday). So, I guess something may have been off yesterday (or today) b/c that means I've only gained about 4-5 lbs. O.K., I'll take it!
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Well I lost 10 in the first trimester and in the last couple weeks I've gained 2...so a total of -8!

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2lbs above my prepreg weight, but I also lost several in the begining.....but my Dr is only counting the 2lbs...so thats all I am counting...lol
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I look really pregnant but only about 5 lbs. I swear i popped so early this time!
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