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Fire Marshal Napoleon: One WEEK before closing is not a good time to let our realtor know that we need hardwired smoke detectors in the house instead of battery operated ones. Especially when your colleague approved our house with no mention of this back in May before the other buyers backed out. And there was no problem 5 years ago when DH bought the house, or at any other inspection in the 25-year life of the house.

Don't BS me and tell me the NFPA standards require it. I have access to a technical library and I know how to use it!!

Boss: No, I really can't go to Pittsburgh next week. We've talked about this - I'm on restricted travel from now on and I'm not sitting in a car for 5 hours for a meeting that doesn't even involve my projects anyway.

Baby: Love the fact that you're still so wiggly in there and all systems point to you being head down, but is it really necessary to have the hiccup during every meeting I have? There's something unsettling about giving a presentation while my crotch pulses.
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Baby: please, please, don't be head butting the cervix.
Yours too?????

- i'm tired of people saying "you're so small!" I've gained 34 freakin' pounds and none of my shirts or pants fit - i don't feel small. and i'm only 33 1/2 weeks...

- SIL who lives with us, please be more helpful around the house, clean up your dishes and empty the drain thingy after you fill it with crusty food. the garbage isn't that far away...
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Well-meaning friends and aquaintences ~ YES, I am most certainly going to make it until November. NO, I did not mis-calculate my due date. NO, I AM NOT HAVING TWINS!!!!!!!!! I am simply 5 feet tall, and there's no where for the baby to go but out. And really, I'm not going to explode.

DH ~ Is it really such an imposition when my back hurts, or my feet, or my legs, for you to rub them? Two minutes IS NOT enough. Especially since I've been "helping" you out for almost 8 months now, despite being sick, tired, and sore...

To my 2 older DS - It's called a hamper, laundry backet, or a clothes bin. Look into it. No, just USE IT. There are several, placed strategically throughout the upstairs. It's not my fault if you don't have clean clothes.

MIL ~ I get the fact that you don't approve of us having this baby (heck, you didn't want us having more than 2...). But you COULD at least remember my due date. It just makes you look petty and dumb to everyone who asks you when you tell them that you don't know when I'm due, or what names we've chosen...

Mom ~ NO, I do not know exactly when this beab will come. And NO, I will not ask to be induced just so you can better plan your travel schedule. I greatly appreciate you coming out to help, but I'm doing this MY way.

WHY does everything that tastes good to me right now make my hands and feet swell???????

WHY did DD#2 have to get an ear infection right now???? Despite all the natural/homeopathic stuff we've been doing to prevent one???? She's 11. Had tubes in 5 years ago. Should have outgrown them by now...

WHY can't this heartburn go away? I can eat nothing, or I can eat super-yummy thai curry, and get the same result. I hate having to take all those meds for it, but nothing else works. I am so over this!!!!!!

Thanks - that helped a lot!
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to my abdominal muscles: please stop aching. You're scaring me into thinking I'm having contractions. 2 more weeks until I'm not preterm anymore.. you can do whatever you want then.

to my blood sugar: I just ate a sandwich AND a dish of cottage cheese. Food is coming. Stop making my hands shake uncontrollably just because i forgot to bring my granola bar to work with me thi smorning and thus missed my snack.

to the donut shop up the street: MUST you constantly remind me of the presence of giant apple fritters inside your doors every time i drive by? I do not need an apple fritter. I should go eat something healthy now. I do not need to eat a dinner-plate sized gooey, cinnamon and apple-filled, fried and iced mmmmmmmmmmmm (insert Homer Simpson-esque drooling noises here)...
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Why oh why does all things crappy happen in one week.

To the person who stole our mail and rewrote a check for $2500. I don't like you we needed that money. We didn't need the hassle of changing our enitre bank account and freezing all our money especially when.....

DH's car--why did you let an animal get in you and eat all the upholstry and then die and make a big stink. Our money is frozen and we don't want to pay to have you fixed and freshened

Plumbing--why did you decide to back up into our tubs it is so grosss. And I really would like a shower. I am dirty and havn't had one in days. I need to do the dishes too so we can eat real cooked food not just granola bars

Plumber---why did you say that we need our septic tank pumped. It cost us 125 to have the man come out dig a hole and say no you don't need your tank pumped. The water level is low. Why are you taking your sweet time coming back here to fix the actual problem??
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