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First Cycle after Birth

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this and if it isn't I'm sorry!

My baby is 5 weeks old today and I woke up to pre-period type spotting this morning.: I always thought that when you breastfed your period would be more delayed and I'm very sure that after DD1 my period didn't return for a while and I only nursed her for one week.

How old was your baby when your cycle returned?
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I should sub to this thread..
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i got my first pp with dd1 at 4mo and w/ dd2 at 6weeks exactly. nursed dd1 for 2mo. still nursing dd2
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With ds1 it was 9 months before getting my period (and I bf for over a year). Now with ds2, he's turning one this month, and I still haven't had a period yet (and I'm still bf).

I have a friend who got her period back on schedule after having both her kids, and never had a break, even with bf. But I think for *most* women it's when there is a decrease in nursing - like when baby starts sleeping through the night or starts eating solids.
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DD is almost 11 months and I still haven't seen aunt flow. Hurrah. She has been on solids, a lot, for quite a while, and is cutting back nursing so much at night. So I keep feeling like I am going to get a period the last 3 months, but then something happens, like teething, and she pulls my milk production back up, and then I don't get a period.
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With all 3 of my kids, some I pumped, 1 I bottlefed and breastfed and Darci bf'ing - my fertility came back at 4 weeks like clockwork, my period at 6 weeks.

It didn't seem to matter. Some people are just fertile.
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I believe there is actually a poll on this topic that clearly proved breastfeeding doesn't always affect the return (or delayed return) of your period.

I think it varied from 2 weeks up to two years.

In my case, both times, it was only 8 weeks exactly.
Which means I was only a couple weeks without bleeding postpartum (from lochia) before I was bleeding again (my period).
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I'm going to try to find that poll and post a link here.

OH, well, I can't find it.
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It's good to know this isn't unusual. I was really hoping bf'ing would keep my cycle away at least for a little while.

The strange thing for me is that I have PCOS and I have NEVER had a regular cycle until this past year or so. I normally could go a year or 2 without seeing a single period. Go figure, when I want it to stay away I become a regular gal. I guess the bonus is I can start charting again.
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Bumping over to the fertility forum.
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