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What are some of your no no foods?

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Like foods that your children absolutely CAN NOT have.


Hom/ Past. Milk
Formula (when he was little)
Processed Meat
White Bread
Chicken Nuggets

I am trying to think of more...

Tell me what yours are.
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Nothing from an animal (except for honey in baked goods, a compromise with my husband). Anything vegan is good to go after age 1 in our home.
However, we also avoid:
- hydrogenated oils
- high fructose corn syrup
- processed soy protein (except on rare occasions, ie. holidays)

Oh, and absolutely nothing from McDonald's, ever. (Heck, we won't even use their bathrooms!)
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ummmm.... can't think of any.

I'm a big believer in moderation in all things. I can't think of a single food I've forbidden (I don't count formula as I think of that more as a medication, but no, dd never had any- but of course I would have used it if there were medical reason)

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I'm another believer in moderation in food for my toddler. She gets to eat pretty much anything as long as it's whole food (unprocessed) and not full of dyes, fillers, hydrogenated oils, and man made chemicals. I can't take too much credit for it but DD turned out to be one of those rare kids who absolutely loves vegetables. She'll pass over the meat to eat broccoli, sprouts, celery, carrots, peas, even bitter vegetables that I won't touch!

We don't eat junk food often. She hasn't had McDonald's yet. But that's not to say I won't give those things to her at some point. I think not giving a food can sometimes create a forbidden fruit complex so I would rather give a bit of chocolate or ice-cream occasionally rather than excising it completely from her diet.
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Definitely no candy, juice or soda. DS is plenty active enough without the extra buzz!
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Originally Posted by BookGoddess View Post
We don't eat junk food often. She hasn't had McDonald's yet. But that's not to say I won't give those things to her at some point. I think not giving a food can sometimes create a forbidden fruit complex so I would rather give a bit of chocolate or ice-cream occasionally rather than excising it completely from her diet.

Dd did have McDonalds once... we were running through an airport for a connecting flight and it was the ONLY choice The kid doesn't like hamburgers though

We avoid HFCS and hydrogenated fats as a rule. But she's had them for sure. I don't keep tons of candy around but she only likes chocolate candy anyway (the kid's got taste ) She was given a laffy taffy last weekend by grandpa and took the tiniest nibble and set it aside

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Feingold all the way!!!
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SODA!!! ugh, i hate the thought of soda. : and meat, because we are vegetarians.

but i agree with the others, there is nothing that i have forbidden forever. i know when he gets a little older he going to want soda occasionally, and on special occasions, i will let him have it. also, if he decided that he wants to eat meat, thats his decision. but i will definately teach him how to eat healthy.
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I got off easy on soda. Dd hates it She won't even drink apple juice. My dad keeps asking if he can give her (fill in the blank- juice, soda, whatever) I say sure dad, just stand there with a towel- cause it's coming back out

And she does- she tastes it, then spits it right back out

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Peanuts, tree nuts, garbanzo beans and soy because she's allergic.

Other than that, we believe in all things in moderation. Yes, even sips of soda. I figure theres enough foods that are off limits due to her allergies that I don't need to go adding more.

That said, we are trying to cut back on the HFCS we buy and bring into the house, but out of the house is fare game.
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Another vote for all things in moderation, although we avoid HFCS, most processed foods (I admit to some TJ's prepackaged stuff), and don't keep things like soda and candy around the house.
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we have mostly only good foods available, but nothing is verboten. DCs have most stuff but they tend to eat pretty well because good eating habits don't have to come down as a mandate, but as a logical choice given the options.

They know what a happy meal is... but they also know what garbonzo, humus, avacado, asparagus, etc are. Plus they get at least 3 "round meals" a day anyway.
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I usually try to only have healthy foods available in the house, but nothing is completely off-limits -- if DS is at a birthday party he can have cake; if he's at preschool and they serve juice with snack I won't say anything to the teachers. I figure he eats 90% of his food at home, so I don't worry about the other stuff. And we have treats here at home sometimes too -- I'm actually eating a dish of rocky road ice cream right now, and DS and I made oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies earlier this week.

We lucked out with DS, though -- like alegna's DD, he doesn't like burgers, soda, chicken nuggets, etc. He does like sweets, but he isn't into the fast food-type stuff so far.
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No HFCS, No Partially hydrogenated anything, everything else in moderation, read the labels and choose the item with the least amount of chemical ingredients. Ever compare cottage cheese labels? they can vary GREATLY!
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I'm a vegetarian, so no meat, but my DH is not so I agreed that when she was old enough to make a connection that a burger comes from a cow, and if she still wants to eat it, he can feed her meat.
I'm also avoiding peanuts, something is telling me to wait until she's 2 or 3, so I'm going with that, but she will have it eventually I'm sure.

We don't do soda or juice, and I dont feed her things with HFCS or hydrogenated oils if I can help it. We also avoid food dyes and things really high in sugar. I think shes actually had all of the above (in this sentence) atleast once (except the food dyes and absolutely no soda), so obviously I'm not too uptight about it, but I really try to avoid those things for myself so obviously I'd avoid them with my toddler. Shes very spirited, and certainly does NOT need the extra sugar
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We don't eat that insanely processed vegan junk food meat. Our diet was built around that stuff for way too long and made everyone pretty sick.

Artificial flavors and colors and preservatives. HFCS. Hydrog. Soy milk.

But yeah, everything in moderation, except I can't compromise on the mcdonalds thing. I just can't justify eating it.
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Well I certainly didn't ban formula, because when we had Thrush From Hell I had to supplement briefly while pumping and I was very thankful formula existed for that reason. I think it's a shame to add guilt to some mamas who had difficulty breastfeeding by lumping formula as a forbidden food, when in some cases it's not a choice, you know? We're still BFing and I'm thankful for it, but there by the grace of God and all that, you know?

But when it comes to solids, we stick to organic with probably 95%+ of her foods. But even if it's not organic, it's still all-natural and from non-genetically modified foods. And no meat. When she's old enough to understand without guilt or fear about what meat is, then she's free to choose for herself. But for us, eating meat is a moral decision and one I'm not comfortable with forcing on my child. She can choose for herself and if she does choose to eat meat one day then I'll prepare it for her, but by golly it'll be free-range, grass-fed meat.

I'm okay with some sugar, but not candy or anything (she gets org. yogurt covered pretzels as treats and we call that "candy"). No artificial anything though, and no HFCS or hydrogenated oils. She's had sips of my organic ginger ale though, so I can't say absolutely no soda -- but definitely nothing with HFCS or caffeine in it.

And no fast food thus far and not ever if I can help it, but I know that in today's world that's unrealistic, but as long as I can pack food for her, there'll be no drive-throughs for us.

As she gets older we'll let her have some things on occasion (moderation is good) but she's already a picky eater and I want very much to establish very healthy eating habits while she's young. Because I know from personal experience that starting out with unhealthy habits can take a Very Long Time to overcome. I grew up on Coke and Fruit Loops and ate like crap until I was well into my 30s. And it was really hard to give up a lot of those bad habits. I wish our parents had started us out on a better foot when it came to nutrition, so that's something we're being very dilligent about with our child.
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Let's see....DH's idea of forbidden food is different from mine!!

- trans fat
- anything with MSG
- white bread
- soda
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Things in moderation for us as well.
But soda, so far is pretty much a no-no. I just feel kind of queasy giving it.
He has tasted chocolate but as far as other candies go, he still has not had any.
He will only eat one type of ice cream and that's the Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia cone.
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I have terrible heartburn when I'm pregnant, and have to constantly eat tums and papaya tablets. We just went to a 4 year old's birthday party where there was a pinata. While all the other kids were scrambling for candy, my 2yo daughter was picking up pieces of candy and bringing them to me saying, "Tums for you, mommy!" I guess she doesn't know what candy is!
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