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we do as much as we can of naturally occurring foods, cutting out most all processed things but ds occasionally has annies natural grahams to snack... no hfcs, and no artificial dyes, we dont give him sugar but grandparents are amazing at making up where we dont! lol so we are strict but not unrealistically so... he loves veggies and is not so big on the meat.. but loves fish...lucked out i guess
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NO soy
NO past/homogenized dairy

Both because he is allergic

As for as household preferences:
No artificial ingredients
Only organic/natural pasture raised animal products (meat, dairy, eggs)
Organic unless unavailable
No wheat (DH and I can't eat it)
No fast food (unless sushi made with organic rice and is pre-made counts- we do eat that)

I think thats it!

I make everything "junky" that we eat like cookies or lemon curd bars or candy, etc. So I don't think he will feel like he has missed anything, but we will talk about it as he gets older
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Soda is the only thing I can think of that I would absolutely NOT let her have, even ocassionally right now. When she's older, sure. But not at age 2.
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Gin...Mama needs that all for herself!

Seriously though, nothing i can think of. I do not LET her have soda or coffee (she's 26 months) but i'd be lying if i said i'd never caught her having a sneaky sip from my cold coffee mug or almost empty soda can. I'd never give her a cup of either though! She has had babycino's in coffee shops, but in the UK a babycino is an unsweetened cup of foamed milk...

To be honest i prefer to focus on what we DO eat, rather than what we don't. We have a lot of fruit and veggies, free range eggs and mainly* unprocessed meat, lots of fish and shellfish and we grow our own herbs and some veggies (i only have pots, no garden you see). Most of the treats in the house (flapjacks, muffins, very occasionally cookies etc.) i make myself and i don't worry so much about things i saw the ingredients of. There are many things i'd not give her on a regular basis, like chicken nuggets or fish fingers, but she has tasted them once or twice in her life and it was no big deal to me.

*i'm a conscientious meat eater, which means we eat ALL the cuts, not just the pretty ones, so we eat blood sausage and normal sausage and various other products made from the offal and cheaper cuts, all made by my trusted local butcher. We believe that to show the proper respect to the animals we eat we should eat ALL of them and not have them die for the sake of a few small "choice" cuts.
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We do not eat or drink anything with fake sugar ie diet pop or sugar free gum etc. Regular pop is fine as long as it dosnt have fake sugar.

DD cannot have eggs or nuts but other than that nothing is off limits.
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artificial sweetners

otherwise everything in moderation

and everything is organic unless unavailable
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