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What a BIG surprise!

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She's huge. and a GIRL!

I was so wrong!

pics and birth story here:


I'll bet there are several new moon babies joining us!
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Congrats on giving birth to a GINORMOUS girl! Seriously, she looks like a 2mos baby in the pic!

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I left a comment on your blog- CJ looks so tired in that last photo, but serene and happy! My baby is so tiny, it's so strange to see normal sized babies, they seem so enormous to me. 2lbs heavier than X, that's so awesome! Way to go, mama!
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Wow! She IS huge!!

Congrats on a beautiful, strong, healthy girl!!

What a beautiful birth story - just what I am hoping for, to give birth quietly while dd sleeps!
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Woohoo!! Congratulations, mama!! So glad you *finally* got your turn! And a quick one, too!

I totally relate to your comment about not doing this again, as sore as you are now! Almost immediately I had the urge to tell DH about the LadyComp I'm planning on getting for NFP/FAM, which is apparently really good for helping ttc OR *avoid!* A few days later (and now nearly 2 weeks later) I'm more open to considering the possibility of another... in a few years... and if I can guarantee a GIRL!

Enjoy your two beautiful girls!!
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What a beautiful birth and baby! CONGRATS!
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Many congrats to you and your beautiful family!
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What a wonderful birth! Congratulations!
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glad all that waiting paid off!
Congrats mama!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love your birth story, and your baby is beautiful!!!!!
Happy Baby Moon!
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She is amazing and beautiful and so are you, Congratulations! I know how much you were wanting your sweet new baby in your arms, I'm glad it finally happened. I wish you a wonderful baby moon!
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That was one of the best blogs i've read!!!! Beautiful - congratulations to you all!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys - take care!
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Congratulations ESW! How beautiful to be able to birth outside. Welcome baby girl.

I posted on the announcement thread. Enjoy the new love in your family!
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Great story, great pictures, wow!!!

The first thing I said after my biggest child was born (and I think she's only got that title for another day or two until baby Jackson arrives!) was "wow, that was so much eaiser than last time!". She weighed 2 pounds more and was 2 inches longer than my first child. But she was a home waterbirthed baby. So I totally get how it was easier even though she's a big girl!

Thanks for the encouragement on birthing my big overdue boy!
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Congrats on that beautiful baby!!! Loved the blog.
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Like I said on BBC, that was an amazing inspiring birth story. Thank you for sharing with us.
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Congratulations! And great birth!

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Congrats and I love the pictures! Beautiful!
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Wow, congrats! Sounds so wonderful!
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OH VERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you all!!

You rock Mama! What an amazing Birth! Wow.

Happy, happy Babymooning!!!!

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