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What to do with my baby?

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Well everything was fine- I mean she was nursing herself to sleep not fights then 3 1/2 months hit and watch out! I dont know if is the fact that now she can suck her thumb good and would rather have that in her mouth than me or if it is that she is getting more active and she doent want to miss anything, but getting her to sleep has been getting harder and harder- is is this half fussy half sleep thing- then she wants the thumb that always gets mixed up in the blankie- but we have to have the blankie- then she wants the boob- no wait the thumb- no wait the boob- and is fussing with her eyes shut- I feel so bad for her, but I dont know how to cure this.

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I don't know what else to say other than I know what you're going through! Our 3 and 1/2 month old is at the same stage. It just seems like he doesn't want to miss anything, spo tries to stay awake and fights sleep, but then he's tired so he cries. I feel so bad for him! Mostly, we just walk with him in his sling and hold him until he falls asleep.

The one thing that seems to help the most is trying to get him to sleep as soon as he rubs his eyes or gives a yawn, and we can tell it's time for a nap. We know he likes to fall asleep in his sling, so we put him in there until he nods off. Of course, sometimes he still tries to stay awake and we end up with a lot of fussiness anyways, but it helps sometimes.
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I would try a very structured bedtime routien. it sounds like she is getting over tired and then can't decide what she wants and then gets frustrated and can't cope because she is tired and on top of it thinks she might miss somehting if she goes to sleep and there fore tries to keep herself awake making her more over tired etc . . . My 2nd dd was like this. we did a very structured bedtime routien (as in wrote down all the steps and times and followed them precisely) and within a week she was sleeping tons better. It is worth a shot and won't hurt anytyhing to try.
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Hi Ang! I am sorry that you are having such a hard time getting Rainey to sleep. With Kaeleb, we do have a pretty strict bedtime routine. At 9:00 sharp, I give him a bath, lotion (with infant massage), diaper and t-shirt. Then I spend about 15 minutes rocking him to sleep (and YES, HE NURSES TO SLEEP YEAHHHHH!!!). Then I put him in our bed and all is well. I know that not all babies are good sleepers though. s to you and Rainey. I hope that it gets better soon.
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