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Projectile vomiting

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I know this isn't really the best place to post this, but I thought it would be a start...So, Waylon was fussy all day today, and spit up often, especially this morning. We dealt with it and this afternoon was better. This evening, he ate and then almost immediately projectile vomited the entire feed up. It was A LOT--drenched my shirt and his hair and jammies. It went at least 24 inches. He has had a couple spitups that were 6-10 inches and were similar, but never this quantity. I am thinking possibly pyloric stenosis, but he has lots of wet and poopy diapers...but I also know it doesn't develop until the babe is a couple weeks old. Anyone experienced this?

Also...where would I post this to get a wider profile of readers?
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I would post it in Life with a Babe. I think it does sound like pyloric stenosis but could just be a bug. I have no experience or advice to offer. I hope it is nothing major.
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Talk to sanguine_speed. Poor little Oscar had this..

Best wishes..
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I have no advice or experience either...just wanted to offer some support.
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i'd have to say pyloric stenosis too. mainly because there have been a ton in the sept ddc on another board.

my 3rd did this too from birth on. turns out she had an allergy to soy.

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Pyloric stenosis is the thing to rule out. My babes have been serious spitters and projectile vomitted, too, but didn't have PS. We had an u/s done to rule it out on my 2nd DS because it was worst at about 6 weeks, and apparently that's when PS shows up the most, too.

For us, it was "just" reflux, and taking him to a chiropractor made a total difference for him. He was adjusted on a Wednesday, and didn't throw up or spit up again until the following Tuesday - this from spitting 2-6 times per day, every day! We continued with weekly appointments and he either outgrew it or was "fixed" by 6 months when we moved and didn't see the chiro anymore.

My first son was on meds for the reflux (and we chose not to use the ones to make the spitting stop, just the ones to make it stop hurting), and it lingered for a very long time. My 2wk old is starting to spit up more, and I'll be taking him to the chiro next week (along with myself!) to get him checked out.

Is there a reflux board here? If so, you might post there for other associated symptoms. I'm not sure if there's any easy way to tell reflux from pyloric stenosis, without an u/s of the stomach. But I certainly hope, for your little one, that it's simply reflux and will resolve quickly!
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The exact same thing happened with DS and we took him to children's hossy twice with no answers but reflux which is usually not a cause (its the mother's diet). We were also told it could be PS but then a friend sent me an article and we took all dairy out of my diet. Within a week he was a different baby, happy, slept better, no harsh gas, and no more vomiting.
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Any updates? I am thinking you forestrymom.
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