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My IUD is falling out!

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So I've been having issues with my IUD...

This morning while checking my strings in the bathtub, I could feel my IUD in my cervix!

I wonder if it's been in this low position for awhile, and that's what has been causing my massive cramping... or if the massive cramping forced my IUD lower?

I check my strings every time I am in the shower, and they have always been there, though I did notice they've been a bit longer than I recall lately. I didn't realize it was falling out until I checked in the bathtub today because my uterus tilts back and I usually check my strings while standing, not lying down.

So... that sucks! Anyone had an IUD fall out before? I have an appointment set with my midwife for next friday (appt. was made before this latest discovery). Do you think it's salvageable? Will it have to come out? What's your experience??
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It happened to me. Dh said he could feel it- I said no way, I checked, it had slipped. THey cant replace the same one, so I had it removed/reinserted. Fell out again. Gave up after that.
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call your mw and see what she says but I would think getting it all the way out before next fri might be a good idea.

You'll have to get another one if you desire it again.
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Lost mine too....my strings felt a little weird and so I did a gentle tug and out it came...did not even feel it come through my cervix. I have infertility issues and was just using it so then there would be no surprise in my last few months of nursing school...and since I am out of school I was not all that stressed.
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Mine came out within 48 hours of having it inserted....my cervix didnt tolerate it. And it was pretty painful.
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I (shhh) took my own out when I left my H.
Call your MW and try to get seen sooner.
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I think there are a certain percentage of them that are expelled... I actually read that in the Mirena material ... it said that some women's bodies expel them.

Hopefully it just comes out and it's fine.
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So, is it foolishly optimistic of me to think that my MW will just be able to poke it back in place? It's not actually hanging out of my cervix... if that makes sense. I can just feel it...I dunno... maybe 1/16 - 1/8 of an inch in the cervical os. Make sense?

Ooooh! I don't want to get another IUD! My old insurance covered the IUD at such an awesome rate. New insurance... not so much. I'd basically have to cover the cost out of pocket... Argh! And we're kinda maybe thinking about TTC #2 sometime in 2008, so paying full price for an IUD isn't exactly cost effective. And I hate regular hormonal BC.

Sad! This is bumming me out.
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She might be able to push it back, but not sure. I don't remember, but thought I read that if you expel one, you're more likely to expel another. Good luck. Could you try a diaphram?
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