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I didnt read any of the other posts but I just wanted to share:
A family friend of ours tried for years to get pregnant - she really wanted to have at least 2 kids, but wasnt able to so she decided to adopt.
She finally got a beautiful little boy - she was his mom from the day he was born, but when he was 7 months old, there was some sort of issue in the adoption process (the baby's dad's family tried to fight for the baby) and they took him away from her
After another few months, she was lucky enough to be chosen to recive another little girl, 3 months younger than her son.
After having her new daughter for a month, the adoption issue with her son was solved and she got him back!

So after dealing with the pain of loosing him for a while, she ended up with two beautiful children.
She didnt give up with the adoption people and ended up with a perfect little family.
Hope it works out for you!
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Your post is sweet but my baby won't be coming back to me unless the state orders it and that won't happen. It is pure pain. She deserves so much better.
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Try some homeopathic Ignatia 1M. ONE DOSE ONLY per month. 3-5 pellets= 1dose.

You can order from homeopathyovernight.com

It will ease your grieving process. You and your daughter will be in my thoughts.
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I love you and people like you, and will be praying for your daughter to be returned to you where she BELONGS.
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Thank you mamas. I will order the ignatia. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.
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Bad news. We lost second appeal. Our baby is gone. I am sending this to Human Rights Commission. I am in so much pain, both physical and emotional as luck would have it. I am told by the child's therapist (who saw her when she was w/us and well before) that the people who called for latest investigation focused excessively on the accusation that I "breast fed" this then 6 year old. Now the therapist knows better, she tried to explain what was what with that accusation and she also told me it was a really unjust system (child protective services) and that I got screwed and it's better for me to let it go. She stated she had been screwed as well and that she will probably never go back into the field. This is a woman with outstanding training and reputation on dealing with children with attachment disorders. So she is hurt, I am hurt. She says there is so much more to it. Politics and who is sleeping with whom. There is also irony as previously the state had cleared me on all of those lovely accusations. I asked my attorney if she felt legal charges were coming, no word yet. So wouldn't it make sense that if I did this illegal thing that I be charged legally? No, not here, Since I didn't do it they keep digging up bodies to try to back themselves up and stand by each other. The most unprofessional crappy profession ever. What happened to nobility and honesty? What about my little FD who doesn't deserve this S? What about justice? Why am I being persecuted like this? How do I heal? Help me to heal please.
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i am so sorry mama! this is awful!!
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