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town water shortage

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our town has about 60 days worth of water left, and that is it

we have had no rain and there is none in our forecast.

help me w/ water conservation ideas!!!

i'm going back to sposies for now and i guess we'll buy some bottled water for the mean time.

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Wow! What a scary thing to deal with. Lets see..
Family showers, including babe.
Obviously keep the water off while brushing teeth, washing dishes etc.
I know you can buy, (but they might be expensive) attachments for sinks and the shower head that use more air pressure to push water out. It actually pushes less water out, but feels the same or like more b/c of the pressure being used. I have wanted one for years to help with household water conversion.
Sorry you have to go back to sposies, but totally understandable.
I'm Sure you know these things, but I'll say them anyways:
Always use dishwasher when completely full and same with washing machine.

That's all I can think of for right now. I am always worried about water conservation myself, just in general but am finding it so hard to do in my life right now with two babes in CD's and four ppl to bathe, tons of dishes to constantly be washed. It's hard.

I hope it rains where you are soon!
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it is pretty scary. i told a friend today, who hadn't heard yet. they have NO water stored. we have a little, but not much.

the main reason that i'm terrified, is because the town is talking about trucking in water, and buying off of private wells. they quoted 100,000 per month cost wise last night on the news. our water is already INSANELY expensive. it's worse than it was in FL. so, add 100,000 that the town is forking out to BUY water for us, to our already insane bills and i don't even want to think what it's going to cost us for water.

plus, if the resevoir freezes ( it's only at 20%) in the next 60 days then there is NO water at all

we already conserve, but i know there is more we can do. i haven't watered our garden in weeks ( add no rain and you can see the result ) and 3 of my kids bathe together, and not that frequently. i too shower infrequently ( yikes!!) and my 5 week old babe has only had 3 baths at home ( hiding). we do a TON of laundry, but we have a front loader so it uses less water. we've been on mandatory water restrictions since june. and i think it's only rained three times ( and mind you i don't mean poured) since july 4.

guess i'll have to google water conservation.
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Scary for you... where are you living?
We had this happen to us a summer back. It was so dry up here. One of the island communities that is touristy, did happen to have to truck in water.Scary when somthing essential like that becomes scarce,.
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