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So has anyone experience hypnobirthing and if so how did it go.
What extacly is hypnobirthing?

Anyone know anyone in San Diego area that practices this?

I am scared to death of Labour pains and want to know your stories.
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I have to say that I believe in the philosophy behind hypnobirthing however I didn't work for my last labor. Dh and I took classes in the second trimester so we should have had enough time to pratice the techniques and really get it down. We didn't practice enough and it didn't work during labor. Meaning it didn't reduce the pain or help in management of the pain.

First, to find an instructor in your area go to www.hypnobirthing.com. I believe they have a listing there.

Hypnobirthing is birthing while hypnotized. Just what I remember from class, hypnosis is a 'heightened state of awareness'. We actually learned how to hypnotize each other and ourselves. It is very deep relaxation. I remember always feeling like I had fallen asleep, but my instructor said if I was able wake up easily and not feel groggy (like I had been asleep) then I was actually hypnotized. Dh is very good at hypnotizing me. I get very relaxed and actually go to the place he is talking about. I end up not consciously hearing what he is saying. But when he says come back to the room I almost immediately hear him and open my eyes. It is a very neat, surreal feeling. That may not be a very good description of it but that is what is like for me.

Now my birth story using hypnobirthing is interesting. Like I said I was/am easily hypnotized by dh. Before the baby was born we only practiced once or twice a week, if that. We were told to practice EVERY night. When I started labor I labored for a few hours before laying down with dh to start the hypnosis. He began the soothing story as usual. I tried to concentrate on his voice but these pains kept bringing me back to the room. I believe I was starting active labor at this point about 3 hours into labor. We tried for about 30 minutes to get me to the 'relaxed' point. It wasn't working so I told dh to quit. I was so frustrated. I really believed that the painless labor was possible but I wasn't doing it. I started throwing up and having to sit on the toilet. I remember thinking if I have another contraction I am really going to lose it. At the same time, dh, who was squatting in front of the toilet where I was sitting with my arms wrapped around his neck, said to me you are doing so well. My mom came in the bathroom and said the same thing. A bit later I got into the birthing pool, the hot water took more of the edge off for a few minutes than anything we'd tried. When I was fully dialated my midwife broke the water bag and I remember SCREAMING as I pushed out my baby in 2-3 fast pushes. That was a totally intense 5 1/2 hour labor. I watched the video of the last hour of it 4 days later. We only had the camera rolling while I was in the pool. But from that video I see a whole new perspective on the same labor. I saw it from dh's and my mom's point of view. I was calm and quiet the whole time. One could barely tell I was in labor at all. It was almost exactly like the videos shown in hypnobirthing class. Where the women is laying quietly and then a baby comes out from between her legs. The screams I remember during pushing were short quiet grunts.

I cannot explain the differences in my perception and reality of it. And honestly neither can my instructor. I told him all about it and he just said, hmmmmm.

So that is the long version. Hope that is helpful. I believe it can work, but I know that you must put the work into it before labor begins.
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I used it for the birth of my second child. My story is on the hypnobirthing web site
We are the 5th story down. We are now planning on ttc this fall and we will be using hypnobirthing with this birth as well.
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have.
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I don't know much about hypnobirthing but when I lived in San Diego I had the most wonderful experience with a midwife from Encinitas. She was so calm, and balanced that I felt like she was the rock that I could hold onto during the storm of contractions. If you would like any info on her please feel free to email me at hippiechick69_us@yahoo.com
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Also look into the hypnobabies website. I am doing the homestudy course. I have heard it is more comprehensive - provides more scipts. Can't tell you much - I just started
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Here's my hypnobirthing homebirth story

Also, I think you may have HypnoBabies in your neck of the woods. That's worth checking out, too. i think it's a little more comprehensive than HypnoBirthing.

Best wishes!
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worked for my friend. She had a 28 hr labor and she sailed through it. She was in a teaching hospital and the Dr brought all the students in to see this "amazing" thing called hypnibirthing. Good luck
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I had an overall good experience with Hypnobirthing with my first and plan to use it for this baby due in a few weeks. It greatly helped me during the first part of active labor and I believe really reduced my overall labor time. I had a long initial labor getting to 4 cms (prodromal labor over about 2 weeks) but once I kicked into full gear I had the baby 6 hours later and that would've been greatly reduced if I had pushed more effectively (went from 4-8/10cms in 3 hours and then pushed for 3 hrs).

I did find that some other things like my position still did affect my comfort/pain level and honestly during transition I did admittedly feel out of control but I'm trying to practice more this time around.

I had a similar experience with the first mom who posted in that I felt like I must've looked so out of control and was making some seriously loud noises at the end of pushing but they video taped the whole labor/birth and looking at it you can hardly tell I'm in labor.

I can honestly say that I felt on top of my contractions and no overwhelming pain until 8 cms and then that only lasted for an hour during transition (the baby was turning from posterior to anterior during that time also) then I was able to totally relax during pushing (maybe too much ). Things like laboring on a birthing bar and birthing ball helped tremendously still as well as having my dh push on my legs while in a sitting position for back labor. So I feel like it was a combination of things. At least I know that for this time around. Good luck! It's definitely a valuable technique and I love that when I hear other people talk about feeling like they're totally losing control at the beginning of labor I can honestly say that I felt so in control and trusted my body to do what it needed to to help birth the baby.

Oh one major tip.......I used the "Birthing Affirmations" tape during my whole labor over and over again. Techniquely it's supposed to be used the few weeks before you have the baby and then you use the music or Rainbow Relaxation tape during labor but for me hearing over and over again positive affirmations made all the difference. I think I would have laughed hearing my dh use the scripts provided. I plan to do that again, it made all the difference.
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I took a HypnoBirthing class and succeeded.... completely painFREE 18 hour labor in the hospital. You can read my entire birth story (it's a good discussion thread) here
Tell Me More about HypnoBirthing.

I've had an ad on the back of my stationwagon since I gave birth... with the contact info of my local awesome practioner. I believe in this course so much and all pg women should look into it.

Yes! Kerry Tuschhoff of the HypnoBabies Homestudy course is in San Diego! You should definitely contact her to take the class.


She is also on these boards. Her name is hypno-teacher. You can PM her.
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I took the hypnobirthing class and was very unimpressed. Although I believe that hypnosis can be a valuable tool in birthing, the rest of my class sucked - it highly depends on the teacher you have. This is my 3rd preg. and I'm a CBE myself so I have strong opinions I suppose. Hypnobirthing is not set up to be a childbirth education course IMO. Teaching hypnosis, yes. CBE, no. Also, I found the book pretty useless since it seems that it is intended to be an outline that the teacher fleshes out. The course lacks enough supplemental materials as well. I received some handouts in class but none were as comprehensive as the sessions we were doing in class so I was clueless. The hypnosis yahoogroup (found on Hypnobabies site) has supplemental materials that Kerry developed because she had so many requests from moms in need and they are much better than anything I got in my class.

I finally decided to chuck it and order Hypnobabies. It is much more comprehensive, the tapes are wonderful, I feel confident that it is going to be thorough enough for birthing. Kerry is very helpful in answering all of my questions and has developed a wonderful program. Plus, the method of hypnosis is different than Hypnobirthing. Hypnobabies is much deeper and the tapes are constantly reinforcing good messages that you need. Go to the site and read about the difference. If she's in your area, take her class for sure. If you do choose Hypnobirthing, there's a list of questions on her site that I think will help you find a good teacher.
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I agree with those who prefer Hypnobabies to HypnoBirthing. HypnoBirthing left most of my questions unanswered, but HypnoBabies is a much more complete package. It's also great that there is a home study option for people who can't take a class. And I think it's really nice that Kerry runs her Yahoo group to answer your questions.
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I am also doing the hypnobabies home study course. It is great!! I live in Japan, so no chance of taking a class. The course is totally complete I am heading into my birth with total confidence. My Japanese DH won`t be reading any of the scripts, but has listened to the CDs. If you can take a class with Kerry all the better. The yahoo group is also a great resource.
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I used HypnoBirthing for the birth of my second daughter. I had a pain free 6 hour labor, a big improvemont from my first 36 hour ordeal. I think HypnoBirthing is awesome and the classes teach everything you need. If you find that you are stuggling for some reason the HypnoBirthing practitioner is usually very willing to offer more time and help.I know because I teach it. I was so impressed with my birth experience that I wanted share it with anyone who wanted to learn.

HypnoBirthing teaches that if you can totally relax your body on command then your uterus is free to do the work needed to open and birth.The uterus surges painlessly even blissfully during orgasm why should it be painful during surges in birth? It does not teach how to have a sensation free birth but rather to surender the birthing to your body and work with it.

If you took the HypnoBirthing class and were unhappy with teacher or the class I recommend you file a complaint with the HypnoBirthing Institute. Marie Mongan is ever vigilant about offering a quality class.

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another vote in favor of hypnobirthing

I took the classes with my first pregnancy. My best friend was the instructor, so i may have gotten a little extra, but I thought it was great. And I also learned so much about the process of birth, anatomy and physiology-wise. The imagery and relaxation methods can be used in many aspects of day to day life as well.

For the birth of my dd, I second the posts stating they felt "out of control" but had other tell them they weren't. The exact same thing happened to me. My friend (the instructor) was at the birth. She is also a L&D nurse and said if i had seen as many births as she has, that i would agree is was beautiful. For the birth of my ds, I did nothing new with the Hypnobirthing, but I did listen to the rainbow relaxation tape every night, re-read the book and the scripts. I had NO pain (yes, some discomfort, pressure) and loved the entire experience.

I could go on and on. . . I thought it was great. The original post said "I am scared to death of Labour pains." Hypnobirthing can teach you to let go of those fears and trust your body to do the work of labor.

I should also say I am not familiar with Hypnobabies.
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I also had an amazing birth using HypnoBirthing. After 2 births without it (one difficult, one relatively easy) I have to say the difference was incredible. I was so changed by the experience that once I had my birth, I knew I had to teach this philosophy to other women. I trained with Marie Mongan four months after my birth.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned in these posts is the importance of practicing not only relaxation, but the Slow Breathing technique that should be heavily emphasized in any HypnoBirthing class. Relaxation and Slow Breathing should be practiced, not just once a day, but as often as possible, especially in the last few weeks.

Another important point is that anyone claiming to be teaching HypnoBirthing should be certified by the HypnoBirthing Institute. To check out whether a practitioner is certified or to find a practitioner in your area, e-mail George at distribution@hypnobirthing.com.

It's true that HypnoBirthing does not teach all of the elements that you would get in a typical "prepared childbirth" class. We teach women how their bodies are made to carry and birth babies safely and comfortably and guide them to tap into their natural birthing instincts. We also teach women and their partners how to advocate for themselves and their babies (while recognizing that medical caregivers are available if needed) to have the safe and natural births that they desire.

Happy Birthing!

Julie Chamberlin
Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
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I took Hypnobirthing. While we believe in the concept, I didn't like our class or our instructors. We also probably didn't practice enough. While I was able to relax through most contractions, I was never able to numb them or experience them as anything other than pain.

I had 4 days of posterior labor before I ended up at the hospital, and while the relaxation and breathing helped, I broke down and had an epidural to get 10 hours of rest and sleep before giving birth.

Next time, I would probably try Hypnobabies, and start practicing the day I get a BPF!
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Like Toshia I was so inspired by birthing my baby using hypnobirthing that I have become a practitioner. I learned far more from my hypnobirthing instructor than I ever did in childbirth education classes about natural methods of having a more comfortable birth. My birth was not pain free but I would say half as painful as my first birth - and this despite the fact my baby was breech and a pound heavier than my first baby.

I don't know anything about hypnobabies but I do know hypnobirthing worked for me....
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Keep it simple!

I have had 3 births, and the latter two were with HypnoBirthing...the original Mongan Method. HypnoBirthing worked so well for me, but the key was that I keeped it simple.

Here's the thing.....it's not rocket science. In your HypnoBirthing class, you learn why labor doesn't have to hurt and the whole fear-tension-pain syndrome thing. The point of the hypnosis in class is to reprogram your deepseated beliefs (labor=pain) into the beliefs that will help you realize a relaxed, peaceful birth (labor=comfort). The practice that you do at home, i.e. the relaxation or self-hypnosis, is what is SO beneficial to you in labor so that you can fully relax during your surges and ALLOW your body to work as nature intended. Let birth happen.

My last birth was a home birth and we ended up transporting to the hospital. I was actually enjoying the labor so much that I was holding my baby in, subconsciously. We were only at the hospital 6 minutes before he was born because I finally let go once we got in the car. 51 hours from membrane release to birth, all joyful and painless.

HypnoBirthing is tried and true...15 years of it. I personally became a practitioner after my first HypnoBirthing birth and have a success rate of over 81%. Email Marie Mongan if you have questions about HypnoBirthing. She was eager to help me, and I'm sure she would be eager to help you. Her email address is hypnobirthing@hypnobirthing.com and you can also access the official HypnoBirthing Institute's Q&A Forum at www.HypnoBirthing.com and click on the forum.

I am personally willing to answer anyone's questions about HypnoBirthing, and my first HypnoBirthing is on the HB web site as well. I can be reached at heather@hypnofamily.com and my site is www.hypnobirthingtexas.com.

Take care and happy birthings!!!

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What an interesting thread

I just wanted to jump in and say that there are *many* very good birth hypnosis programs to study now, and all of them have helped women acheive a more relaxed and comfortable birth than they would have had without it, even pain-free, which is a goal for some women.

The following are some of the ones available:

Calm Birth by Medigrace (tapes/CDs)

Easy Childbirth Through Hypnosis by Zolita Grant (tapes/CDs)

Joy in Birthing by Guiditta Tornetta (tapes/CDs)

New Way Childbirth (tapes/CDs) - Awesome for bonding too!

HypBirth (videos)

Mind Over Labor by Carl Jones (book)

Hypnosis for a Joyful Pregnancy and Pain-free labor and delivery by Winifred Conkling (book)

Better Birthing with Hypnosis by Michelle LeClaire O'Neill (book and classes)

An Easier Childbirth by Gayle Petersen (book)

All forms of birth hypnosis have merit and all have provided women with good birth experiences.
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hypnosis for childbirth

I agree, Kerry... there are many options available.

I think it's also important to think about what your expectations are from any prgramme that helps with natural childbirth. Hypnosis is a tool - how you use it is up to you. It is valuable to have other tools in your box so to speak... eg different body positions, massage etc You may not experience a pain free birth, but any birth that leaves you feeling empowered and positive is a good one.
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