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At last, a way to profit from terrorism...

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Tired of waiting for your Enron stock to come back? Bored with bonds? If you need a little more excitement in your portfolio, try betting on future terrorist attacks in the Middle East...

From the AP:

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is setting up a stock-market style system in which investors would bet on terror attacks, assassinations and other events in the Middle East. Defense officials hope to gain intelligence and useful predictions while investors who guessed right would win profits.

I thought I'd seen everything, but this really takes the cake.
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They *really* do think it's all fun and games, eh?
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I wonder how many "socially responsible" funds will get in on this???
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I'm stunned. When I first read this article, I thought it was a bad joke. It's bad but no joke. How could these morons be let out of the asylum, let alone be leading the country?

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And the "winners" will get a sweet payoff--and be interrogated and placed on watch lists by the FBI/CIA, right? SO--are they running out of suspects, and looking for a new pool?

Not a gambler, I, but please...and like El said, it really is all fun and games.
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This is incredibly sick. Perhaps they do need some more suspects. Maybe they are trying to entice more people into the shadowy world of terrorism.....as if the CIA hasn't already done enough in the respect :
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Gosh, now that my tech stocks are so low, I was looking for something to do with that money. This looks even better than selling those Iraqi Trading Cards on eBay!:

We must seem awfully juvenile to the rest of the world...
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Aren't they worried about insider trading? :
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It appears that the Pentagon has decided to can this idea. Funny how the decision to pull the plug came within a day or two of its public disclosure. And it seems that the super-swell guy, John Poindexter, was deeply involved in this insanity.


And those wacky "fiscal conservative" republicans have squandered $600,000 developing this nightmare. :
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I think this falls under the definition of "Obscene".

Has anyone checked to see if Neil Bush is a stockholder of the company developing and running this con game? Afterall, Jeb gave his company the contract to do the student testing in FL. And Neil doesn't seem to be too proud to take taxpayer money as he has done it before in the form of an obviously doomed SBA loan with a huge executive salary that he got to keep.
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I agree...that was a painfully sick idea...uh Blood money anyone??
I really thought you would've come out in favor of this one, N.M., if for no other reason than as a wind-up for all of us crybaby liberals...
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This pretty much somes up this idiocy: http://www.ucomics.com/danwasserman/
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... by Britishmum
... Aren't they worried about insider trading? :
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Rowans Dad, Britishmum

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You know, when I think about it, this kind of scheme would probably promote additional heinous acts, not prevent them. If you could make money by placing a bet that something would happen, and then you could take steps to insure that it happened, wouldn't you do it? This program could end up being a terror network fundraiser. Those guys in the Pentagon are definitely smoking crack again. :
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Well, wasn't something like that done around 9/11? I remember big moves in airline shorting just before the day were reported and the search was on to find out who profited.
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Yeah, I remember hearing that UAL and AMR had been shorted big time, pre-9/11, but I think they kind of dropped the investigation, or it petered out. Given the short attention span of these guys, it wouldn't surprise me if they just moved on to something else, or
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Yes. Keeping quiet....................

I really do want to know what is in those censored pages of the 9/11 report.

Smoke and mirrors again.

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