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tummy sleeping - when?

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DS is 4.5 mos and has begun sleeping on his tummy by his own choice. I assume that back sleeping is for tiny ones unable to turn over on their own, and that if the babe turns onto its stomach voluntarily it's ok...

He goes to sleep on his back or side but turns over to his stomach sometime in the night. Should I be fighting this?
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If you are putting him to sleep on his back and he is turning on to his stomach, there is little you can do about it short of turning him over again and again during the night. That is just too exhausting.
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I am going through the same thing with Maya. She is 4 1/2 months old, and refuses to sleep on her back. She just keeps turning onto her belly. I am sorry, I have no answers for you. I have been jusyt letting her sleep on her back.
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My ds Jack started sleeping on his stomach as soon as he figured out how to roll over (at 11 weeks!!!) and I worried about it as well. I finally realized that the only thing I could do about it would be to strap him on his back somehow like Joan Crawford did in Mommie Dearest... and then I thought that any solution I came up with that was used in Mommie Dearest is probably not something I want to be doing. He is 4 1/2 months now and is an acrobat in bed... he still prefers his stomach though.
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My DD is 3.5 months, and since she learned to roll over a few weeks ago, there is NO more sleeping on her back. If I put her on her back, she is on her tummy within the hour. I can't just keep checking on her all night, so I guess that she is okay b/c she is doing it herself.
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dang it! vBull ate my post! grr

I'm gonna let him sleep how he likes.

thinkingcapp, thanks for honoring me with your first post

No wire hangers!
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hi, there is a thread about 4 pgs back called "napping on tummy?" that has a link in it about Crib death/SIDS & why sleeping on back is best & other info. This might help, sorry I don't have the link myself, I tried to copy & paste, but didn't work
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We have a family bed and ds almost always sleeps on his tummy. Now that he's rolling there's no stopping him. Before he was rolling I let him sleep on his tummy. I was always right there and it worked for us.

If you're worrying about SIDS, you can reduce the chances of that by co-sleeping (with safety in mind) and not smoking (even outside or away from your baby).
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