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toddler teeth question

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I know this may seem like a silly mom question, especially coming from an experienced mom here. But my ds#2 is 15 months old and only has 6 teeth and NONE on the way! My ds#1 was pushing in molars right about this age. I'm really not worried,,,,just curious in what's up. Don't get me wrong. These 6 teeth are not holding him back at all. He eats everything just fine! Are teeth just like walking? It'll happen when it happens?
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My 5 yr. old DS just lost his 2 front teeth!

Well, my ds will be singing "All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth" this year. He has already lost 4 on the bottom and now these two up top.

I'm excited, but I'm also mourning. With "BIG" kid teeth, he won't look like a little boy anymore. Is this normal to feel this way?
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CONGRATULATIONS!! What a wonderful milestone for him. I know he is feeling very proud and special.

And yes, Lisamarie, with all new developments, there is the bittersweet, isn't there? When they took their first steps; first words; fed themselves ... on and on. I'm not used to it myself as a mom, so I guess I'm not much help.

Whenever I said, "I just want to freeze them at this age" my mom would say, "you'll say that about every age. There is something beautiful in all their stages of growing up." Thanks, mom.
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Thanks for your understanding. Your mom was right, thanks for sharing!
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Thanks Smilemomma,
I really wasn't that worried but now i'm really not worried!
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Where is tooth?

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone here has heard of this ... my 1 year old dd has had three teeth on the bottom for at least a month. We're waiting for her second lateral to come in on the left. It's a no show so far. I mostly thought they came in as pairs, or at least even #s. Her top 4 came in together (pretty much) and the bottom 2 centrals weren't too far apart.
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When is the latest you have heard of babies getting first teeth?

Ds is 13 months (next week) and still no teeth. I'm not complaining or even worried. Just wondering. I've heard of babies getting teeth at 2 months, when is the latest you have ever heard of them getting their first tooth?
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The latest I've heard of is my mom talking about me. I guess I cut my first tooth and walked at the same time. 12 months.
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How late does teething go on?

My SIL says her nearly 4 year old is cutting molars. Is this possible?
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Well, I know that the 6 yr molars are likely called that for a reason, lol! I keep intending to look up the "time table" on this, but haven't yet; I'd be interested as well.
My son, 9 yrs old, lost about 4 teeth in 2 days a mth ago. (bicuspids, I think; in the front, anyway. All were perfectly sound, roots dissolved away, and with new teeth coming in under them(so no mad rush to the dentist to find out why he was loosing his teeth!LOL!)
Seems like he went through a stage of loosing baby teeth between 3 and 4 or so, then a long lull, now this. (could very well have lost others and swallowed them or something, I guess)
So my anecdotal answer will be YES, getting teeth in at 4 is well withing the schedule, and well past that!
Now, is wanting to make a necklace out of your old baby teeth normal in a 9 yr old? Kim, mom to Forest, 9 and Lily, 2
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Duh! Just reread your post and am thinking you were wondering that the molars were coming in too early, not too late! Well, I still would say it is possible; different kids cut at different rates, ime. "6 yr molars" is just an approximation, so I suppose 4 or 8 would still fall into "normal". Kim
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5 Year Molars???

My ds is 5 1/2 yo (birthday 6/29/96) and I just noticed that he is getting another molar on the bottom right and on the top left! He has already lost 4 teeth on the bottom and two on top. Is this normal in terms of getting more molars? Which ones are these?

Thanks for your help!


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You are so sweet and wow, what a memory. I can't believe its happening so fast. He has a dentist appt. next month~he has lost 6 teeth total (4 on the bottom-last Jan.-April and 2 on top-this Nov.). But he has only gotton two teeth on the bottom in. Does it take awhile for them to come in? He is growing up so fast.

Thanks for your support and advice. You are appreciated!


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Thank you, Lisa!

Yes, it sure does fly by. I can hardly believe it. My own dd, born just 6 days before your son () has not lost a single tooth. She didn't get any teeth at all until she was 14 months, so it will be a while. I took some baseline radiographs on her, and those roots are not even *beginning* to resorb. It will be at least age 7 for her, I think.

Don't tell her, though! She insists she has a wiggly tooth. She tells everyone, "Hi, my name is _____, I'm 5 and a half and my tooth is wiggly!"

It's so exciting for them, and exciting and bittersweet for us!

Oh, oops, yes, sometimes they are slow to grow in. No problem, though, they all have their own schedules.

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Anyone else had this happen

dd#2 was 1 last week. She has the 2 top & bottom front teeth, plus she's got one either side of the 2 top & is cutting her incisors ( I think ). She's got one on one side of her bottom 2 front teeth & is cutting the one of the other side. Just over a week ago she was crawling around the floor & she yawned. She looked like she had a piece of paper in her mouth. I went to get it out & it was attached. I had a squizz in there & it was what looked like an abcess / ulcer on the back of her gum. I rushed her off to the doc who looked at it & said it was a gum infection but coz it was not inflammed & her ears were ok & it was not bothering her unduly & she was generally fine in herself, we could just monitor it & not give anti-biotics. I gave her some vit c powder orally & took some myself. After a few days it went away & she now has a nice new molar back there.

when I went back to the doc a week later there was no sign of infection so she said it was nothing to worry about. I asked her if this could have been how she got her tooth. She wasn't sure but said it seemed a touch unusual.
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OceanMomma, if it's one thing that I've learned from practicing over 20 years, but especially since I've been a mother, it's that children do not read the textbooks!
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Where are my 1 yr old's front teeth?

My 1yo daughter has her two front bottom teeth, and just cut an incisor on top, but her two front top teeth have not come in yet.

A couple of months ago she fell and hit her mouth where her two top front teeth would be, pretty hard. Could an impact in that area prolong the teeth from coming down?

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When do baby's teeth develop during pregnancy?

We're trying for baby #2, and I wanted to know when during pregnancy do the baby's teeth develop, and what can I eat to help them develop well? I don't want a repeat of my 1st DS's teeth. His came in deformed, and developed decay right away. I don't know if the breastfeeding caused the deformity, or if they would have come in that way regardless of the breastfeeding. We have no floride in our water, and I did not eat healthy when I was pregnant with DS. (I plan to change this next time by cutting out sugar,etc...) Is it safe to take a floride supplement while pregnant? Or are there certain foods I should eat? Any info would help. Thanks!
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Hi Smilemomma, Thanks for responding so quickly! No sooner did I post when..........

As it turns out, Molly was quite the cranky babe today -- a peek in her screaming, open mouth revealed..............five teeth cutting!!! Not only the two front top, but also the other upper incisor and the two lower incisors!! (My poor little babe!!) I'm sure it will be a long night with losts of nursings......

So, it turns out to be little Miss Molly "just showing off her individuality!"!!
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Rachel, I'm with ya! My dd did the same thing -- 10 teeth in 9 days once!

Hooray for Hyland's!
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