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Thank you Smilemomma. Reading your post was very reassuring.

Ds started getting teeth at 7 months, got them in the "proper" order, and had all 20 by 18 months. Dd is 15 months now which is the latest I ever heard of to get teeth and I really wasn't worried as long as a tooth would come in this month. Well, it did, but it wasn't one of her front teeth. It was a molar! (Have you ever heard of anything like this?) I instantly started worrying and kept thinking of stories people told me about cutting open the gums on babies whose teeth couldn't come in.

I feel better now though because one of her bottom front teeth just popped through and although I don't see any others ready to pop, I'm sure they'll follow soon. Right?
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Strange to see this thread reappear out of the blue!

Funny though....it's been few months since I posted this and Smilemomma, you are right!!!! They are coming in like popcorn! I can't contain them!

So don't worry Dandelion........they'll come!

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weird blue spot on gums (bruise??)


My 14mo is currently teething, he's got 2 bottom teeth and 2 top ones that have come in fully...he just cut another one on the top last nite. So this morning I was peering in his lil mouth and on the and on his top gum, right next to the front two teeth, there's like a blue spot, looks like a bruise. What on earth could have caused this? My aunt thinks perhaps it's an infection, but no tooth cut thru at that spot, so how could it be infected? Could he have bruised it by chomping down too hard on something? Should I be worried about this?? He doesn't seem to be in pain or anything, he still is nursing like crazy (in fact he nursed ALL nite long last nite, man am I tired!), but he does kinda flinch away when I try to lift his lip up and look at his gums. This is kinda scary for me, being a first time mom, but I'm happy that mothering has this dental board, this was the first place I decided to post.

Thanks in advance.
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Eye teeth or something else?


My 22 mo ds has two eye teeth ready to come through.

My question is, what symptoms, if any, did your child go through with his/her eye teeth?

Here are his symptoms:

Diaper rash
Runny nose (clear)
Red puffy and runny right eye
Red cheeks
Urine is strong smelling

What do you all think? Is it a cold or his teeth?

Poor little guy, I feel for him.
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No lethargy but a little cranky. His appetite is so-so.

I thought they were called eye teeth b/c they affect the eyes when the came through, i.e., watering, redness..???
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Nope. They got nicknamed eyeteeth because the roots are so long, "they almost reach the eye". And definitely not so with the baby teeth roots.

Hope he's feeling better soon! Have you tried the Hyland's, just in case?
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Actually I use a product put out by Boiron. It's all natural and works great.
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Where are his molars??

Ds is 15 months and has 8 teeth. He got his 7th and 8th tooth just before his 1st birthday and nothing since!!! Is this normal???
I being a nutcase and worrying that I didn't get enough calcium during pregnancy or something!!
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20 teeth and still drooling

My 23 mo ds has 20 baby teeth now. Is that all they get until thr adult teeth come in? I'd swear he's still teething because he is drooling quite a bit. Could the drooling be caused by something else? (I guess it's time to take him to the dentist!)
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The drooling could be caused by a lack of oralmotor muscle tone- does he gag on things, have a hard time chewing or biting food, is he able to blow bubbles and make kissy faces? If not, you may want to see a speach therapist to have an assessment done.
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Thanks for the reply. Hmmm. He has never had any problem chewing or gagging, I think... Except when he was just starting solids (8-14 mos.) and got too big a piece of food. Perhaps we should check into it, though.
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Another thing to think about are tonsils. My brother drooled a lot as a small child -- up until almost age 4. He had his tonsils and adenoids out at age 6, and it turned out that his tonsils had been hugely enlarged. The ear nose throat guy said that drooling was a classic symptom of enlarged tonsils.
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Thank You, Smilemomma!
His general health is very good, and we go to the doc next month for a checkup, so we can check it out further then. Boy, am I glad, no more teething for a few years!!!!!
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Why after six teeth?

My ds who is now 13 months old cut six teeth very easily with no pain, no drooling and no problem.

Now suddenly he was up three nights screaming unconsolably, drooling all over the place, refusing the breast, refusing any type of food and just taking a little juice. It was sooo miserable to see him like this. Oh he also had a fever and diarrhea.

So i was wondering is this normal to all of a sudden have major pain from teething when he was fine through his first six. After this episode, he didn't cut any teeth. Right now, he is still a little fussy but not like he was those three days.

I thought maybe he was cutting molars but thats not possible after only six teeth, right?

Anyone go through anything like this with their ds or dd?

edited since ds hit <enter> before I finished the post
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Thanks for the response Smilemomma!!

I never knew that it was possible. But I am glad that you told me. He is back to drooling and irritability again. Ooooh I feel so sorry for children when they go through this terrible teething time.

Thanks again!
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"Vampire" teeth--is this normal??

My 9 mo DS got his first teeth about 2 months ago, the middle bottom teeth. I expected the next ones to be the middle top teeth, like his brother and sister had, but he got the top lateral teeth (I can't tell if they are the "eye" teeth or canines) next, at the same time! He looks like a little Dracula! I know there are many variations on what is "normal" for tooth eruption, but no one I know has ever seen anything like this so I was just wondering if this is anything to worry about.
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My nephew had the same, and I think it's not common but normal enough to not worry ~ at least not till he's getting molars.

Just keep him away from garlic
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Both of my 2 youngest have prominent vampire teeth - I think they're adorable!
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I agree--they are adorable!
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