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I have them, my father and everyone in his family has them, and I see dd also has them, but not as sharp as mine .
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I have them, my father and everyone in his family has them, and I see dd also has them, but not as sharp as mine . Dh says mine are very sexy .
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Teeth have a pattern that they're "supposed" to follow in eruption, but not every child reads the textbook!

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Molar in before lateral incisors???

My 14-month-old son only has 4 front teeth (2 top, 2 bottom) and was teething very badly last week. A tiny corner of one lateral incisor came through, but then we noticed the other day that he has a molar!! It must have come through more than a week ago!!!

Is this normal?? It seems strange to me...
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My dd got 4 front, then 4 molars and now working on insisors! She looks like a pumpking, lol! Good to know shes not the only one!
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Premature arrival of tooth fairy?

My 2 1/2 y/o has a loose tooth. (No, that's not a typo--he's 2 1/2.) The dentist says it's not a problem.

It's true that he did have a full set of teeth early, and I realize that all children have their own schedule for these things, but is there any reason why this might be a problem? (I'm honestly not trying to borrow trouble--it just seems sooooo early for this.)

My oldest lost his first tooth on the "late" side, and my second child was around 6.
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Hi Joan,
that does sound early... Is it a front tooth, which would usually be among the first ones to change? In that case, I guess it could be a very early change, but I have no idea about what the normal and "extreme normal" boundaries are for that.

However, it also sounds like it could be loose for another reason. Has he fallen on it recently or up to like 6 months ago? Is it grey or otherwise discolored (I think that could be a sign of trauma)? Has he had some kind of infection that could have affected it? Do the gums look swollen?

I've read threads before here where some little kid's tooth would come loose because of a fall, and smilemomma said that that was usually not a problem, because it would grow tight again. But if it's bad on the inside (discolored or decayed), it would probably need treatment ~ but then your dentist would likely have noticed.

Nah, I'd go with the "loose but will retighten" hypothesis for now. And if I were you, I'd definitely wait for what smilemomma has to say on this. She seems to know a little about teeth :LOL (note to self: enter that line into the mdc understatement of the year contest)
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thanks, simonee--

there was some decay, but it was repaired and there has been no infection or swelling or anything.

As for trauma---there's been nothing obvious. By that I mean he has never come crying to me over a bump to the mouth---otoh, he thinks he can do everything his 11 y/o brother can do so he's always jumping/running/falling--I suppose he could have bumped it at some point.
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3 1/2 yr old chewing everything!

My poor ds - he's chewing everything he can find (most satisfying to chew fingers). Books, tapes, VHS tape, play tools, drum sticks... I am finally trying to get comfortable with it after about three weeks and allowing him to chew fingers and end the other stuff. But I'd like to know what is going on and give him something to help. I suspect early 6 yr molars (after reading the archives) since first dental visit this July counted 20 teeth (but I am doublechecking with them tomorrow).

What's a good chewing thing that he could use? Be creative. I notice his fingers get a kinda funky (not horrid) smell after being in his mouth, but not like an infection. Plus hands touch everything and I'd like to keep the viruses at bay. I'd like to give him something to chew that is different (like wood or what??) Thanks!
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7 year old hasn't lost any teeth yet!

My 7 year old has not lost any of his baby teeth yet. They aren't even loose. I know they are up there, because I've seen his x-rays and know for sure that they do, in fact, exist! I've felt around his gum line and the roof of his mouth to feel if they are coming in somewhere else instead of the proper places, but no signs there, either. Has this happened to anyone else? And what, if any, is the course of action should they fail to descend by themselves?
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Is that really very late? It sounds like it's more on the relaxed side of the "average" curve, but not very late.

Did his baby teeth come in a little late? I've heard it often goes hand in hand.

And my mom has the great "old wives tale" conviction that late tooth changes also mean late puberty, which would give you a few extra years of cuddling with a high-voiced little guy
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I lost my first tooth when I was almost nine yo and it was an accident.
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my dental development was late! i didn't lose my first tooth until 3rd grade. and i didn't get my last permanent tooth in until i was 18!
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My ds was 8 this last summer and hadn't lost any teeth. No problem except that they became so worn down that they were ineffective. His front teeth were just nubs and our beloved pediatric dentist said that even though the permanent teeth were there ready to come in, the baby teeth would likely never loosen enough to come out since they were now so small that ds didn't use them to bite anymore. So, he pulled the four top teeth and the permanent teeth came through shortly after. It was very simple, almost no blood, and ds said he didn't feel a thing. I was in the room, there was no trauma at all. He thought it was cool and couldn't wait to go to his swim meet that evening to show all of his friends.
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My 8yo just lost his two bottom teeth this past summer, and the new ones came in first! I had to really get on him to wiggle out the old ones, and I finally just pulled them (at different times) with a pair of pliers He said it wasn't so bad, they were really loose, they just refused to come out otherwise.

Not much blood, either
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two teeth coming in, nothing has fallen out yet!

i have a six year old with two loose bottom teeth, from the looks of it, they might be ready to fall within the next month. However, she already has the tips of the two permanent teeth coming in sticking out on the back of the two loose teeth...
Is this a disaster? What should I do? If I take her to the dentist is she gonna have to pull the milk teeth out before their time?

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Sloooowwwww Teething

DD's in teething hell. Her first two erupted the beginning of September (no big swelled gums here... they just worked their way to the gum line) and three months later are still only about half in! I can feel the top two just under the gum and it seems that another bottom tooth may be close as well. If these follow the same pattern as the first two, it could be two or more months yet before they erupt.

When it's bad, nothing helps. She's up every half hour all night, except for the first couple hours if I give her Tylenol. I don't like giving her Tylenol, but it's the only thing that lets us get a little sleep. Hyland's tablets don't do anything... though Gumomile will distract her for a little bit... but not enough to sleep. Thankfully in the off and on world of teething, we're 'off' now after a week and a half of sleep deprivation. She gets REM sleep on half hour cycles, but I don't.

She'll chew anything... just like Sunny in the Lemony Snicket books... and doesn't mind getting her gums rubbed. There's no shortage of stuff for her to gnaw on.

Please tell me there are other babies out there who teethed this slowly. Please tell me there's hope. Seems every other baby I hear about goes from no teeth to four whole teeth in the space of a few weeks. DD's just about to turn one, and I have nightmares -- when I do sleep -- of her teething through college.
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It could be sensory related. Chewing gives deep pressure which can be calming to many people. You could try a Peelu gum to see if he's ready to chew without swallowing (my 3 yr old has been chewing gum for some time and almost never swallows it), get him some baby type teething toys, or use food grade or acquarium tubing to make a "necklace" for him.
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I'm sorry you haven't gotten any replies. I've been offline more than usual (early xmas with my dad). Both of my sons were miserable teethers. My fist would teeth forever then they would suddenly pop through in groups. My second got them one at a time without many signs other than crankiness -- not swollen gums (until the molars) or marks. I gave ibuprofin. I figured if he was so miserable that he was that cranky, he would appreciate a bit of a reprieve. The teething tablets never did anything for my kids.

As far as the teeth coming in so slowly. I have a friend who's son's top teeth never seemed to come in all the way. The dentist said that there was something wrong with them -- nothing major, but I think there may be corrections that need to be made in the future. If they don't seem to come in anymore over the months you might check with the dentist.

Of course, you could just ask Smilemomma on the dental board. As a matter of fact, I think I'll forward this thread there right now for you.
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Just wanted to commiserate! My ds's teeth also took *forever* to come through... and now it seems that dd's teeth also takes a good long while - although not quite as long me thinks. They both started teething at 2.5 months and ds got his first teeth at 7.5 months and dd got her first teeth at 5 months.

My homeopath swears by homeopathic CalcCarb to help push the teeth through.

Michelle - mom to ds (4.5) and dd (5 months)
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