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Thanks... I'll look into the CalcCarb. DD too started teething early... on and off from about three months. She's almost a year and I plan to take her to a dentist at about 18 months (just not up for a nightweaning lecture quite yet). I do hope there's nothing wrong with the teeth, but so far the two that have erupted are coming out steadily, if slowly; I take a picture every couple weeks to compare for reassurance.

Thanks again
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Not much time now, but I'm so sorry I haven't responded earlier.

Check the thread in the dental archives (right on top of the topic page) titled "crooked teeth/braces". I think that's the one I put those threads in!

I was trying to put answers to your question where people might instinctively look. If it's not there, it's in "tooth eruption/development", which is where *I* thought it should be!

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my ds is slow too...


My ds only got his first 4 teeth at a year old and at that point I thought "finally, now they are all on their way..." NOT.
He got one about two months later and just one more in the last two weeks...

He is actually a pretty good teether and doesn't give us too much grief..but when they are too much for him to bare I put a few drops of roman chamomile essential oil mixed with olive oil and rub his gums..within a few minutes he stops crying and sleeps.

I also was using the hemeopthic teething tablets and they didn't seem to do anything for him.

I hope you find something that works pretty soon...sounds like you need some sleep!!!


p.s. Be sure to use certified therapeutic grade essential oils so that your little one doesn't have any adverse reactions!!
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I just wanted to give you a ((hug)), and tell you I am right there with you! DD is teething right now, has one molar through & another one pushing, and it is bad bad bad. She is also one not to sleep through any of it.
Hang in there!
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My mom used to really enjoy telling me that I teethed very slowly :

I got all my teeth, though

In Holland, the old wives' tale is that late teething also means late puberty (I was pretty late myself), which means you'll have a sweet child a little longer and you won't have to go out buying bras with a 9-year old

I hope you will all feel better soon. It's the most helpless thing, isn't it? You can't stop the teeth from coming, you know you shouldn't even want to, you can't quite explain yet why it's a necessary pain, and it just keeps going on and on.

The Silica sounds like a good idea.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. We just saw the dentist this morning for our regular check-up. My ds had a new set of x-rays done and the permanent teeth have come down a little bit, but the dentist says it will likely be another 1 to 1 1/2 years yet considering how high up they still are. And, yes, his baby teeth did come in kind of late too (the first four coming in at age 11 months). And since many (well, most) of his classmates all have several permanent teeth, I thought something might be wrong. However, the dentist confirmed what you have all stated...some kids just get their teeth later than others. Thanks again.
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Thanks for the update, kradmore! It's always nice to know how things turn out
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I know I can't give you the definitive answer that Smilemomma can, but I can give you my experience!

When I was a kid I had a lot of teeth that just didnt want to let go before the secondary teeth came in- mostly they kind of got rocked loose by the erupting tooth and fell out on their own, and I had about 2-3 molars that the dentist took out for me- I don't remember at which point but I do remember feeling like shark-girl because I had a double row of molars on top for a while. I don't recall it feeling wierd or uncomfortable and the extraction must have been pretty minor b/c I barely recall it.

Hope that helps- at least knowing other people have survived it.
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I think it's too early to tell if the silicea is working. DD's teething is 'on' again, but not as badly as the last round. Last night it was bad enough I gave her some Motrin, and boy it did the trick for almost three hours.

It would indeed by nice if my/her reward for going through this turned out to be a couple years delay in having to deal the puberty thing. I was early myself, and don't wish that on DD. I developed a feeling of 'otherness' then that I still haven't quite gotten over.

Thanks for the support.
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Did they fall out yet? What did your dentist think? Since they are loose anyway (even if they weren't) I would have them pulled if the permanent teeth are on their way in. Having the perm teeth coming in in the wrong place can not be good IMO. Lots of kids have braces (I had them and am very thankful and would pay for them for my own kids in a minute if they need them) but seems like you are looking at a longer and more complicated orthodontia road if the perm teeth are forced to come in behind where they are supposed to be.
Update us - curious minds want to know.
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Things are going good I think...im not too much of a dentist or doctor person unless strictly necessary so i decided to wait it out. Right now the two baby teeth involved are extremely loose and i think will fall within the next month. The permanent are halfway out already. Ive heard from several people that even though they are on the back, as soon as the baby teeth go they usually move forward. I really dont think that bringing her to the dentist now will do anything except traumatize her..
we´ll see what happens
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My 6 year old dd had this problem too, except her teeth weren't loose at all. I didn't even notice she was getting new ones until they were already about half way in. I had never heard about this before.
We took her to the dentist and had them extracted. It was really not a problem for her at all and she is normally extremely fearful about everything. It probably depends on the dentist.
But when I asked him about this, he said that if they weren't pulled out, they would possibly rot and/or prevent the adult teeth from growing in properly. He gave me the impression that they wouldn't have fallen out by themselves.
Anyway, this is just my experience. Thought I'd share!
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4 month old

Is it possible for a 4 month old Babe to be teething? I put my finger in his mouth and his gums are hard, but they have always been like that. He has been drooling like mad! It's kinda gross. He also has been biting everything including me! OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any thoughts?

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a teething question

My DD (12 months) is getting her 9th, 10th, and 11th teeth, all molars. So far we have seen the tips of them poking through the gumline for about 3 weeks but they don't seem to be getting anywhere. The real problem though, is the pain they are causing her at night. She has been up nearly all night through these last three weeks screaming (I mean top-of-the-lungs, ear-piercing kind of screaming), rubbing her mouth, and writhing in pain. So far we have tried: Hyland's teething tablets, Hylands teething gel, tylenol, Motrin, and Orajel. During the day she is definitely more cranky, but nothing like she is at night. Surely there must be something we haven't tried yet! I feel so bad for her and I know it is the teeth- we have ruled everything else out and her behavior makes it pretty obvious anyway. I've looked up some posts here at MDC on teething but they all seem to suggest the things we've already tried to no avail. Can anyone suggest anything else? We are desperate and would appreciate any advice you can come up with! Thanks

~Jen, one very tired mama
DD: Kallie, 12/26/01
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An oldie but a goodie... wet a washcloth... freeze it... let babe chew in it (supervised of course). maybe it would numb the gums ?

You sound like you have tried everything... I hope Smilemomma or someone can give you some more ideas to try. For my DD (21 months old now) Her molars were by far the worst coming in, in terms of her crankiness, and I suspect they were quite painful.

good luck... eventually this too shall pass...
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Poor Jen, that definitely sucks. My little boy is like that, too. Why is it always worse at night! (oops, dang, I'm probably supposed to be *answering* that, not asking it! Ok, I'll guess that since all the other stimuli is removed, that's all they've got to concentrate on? )

Did you check the archives under "tooth eruption"? I gathered all the teething tips in there.

Motrin has always helped the most around here, that and Rescue Remedy rubbed right on the spot. You could also used a dab of clove oil, diluted in vegetable oil on the spot, too.

RR dripped in, and for mama too, is also helpful!

Good luck, come back and let us know what works!
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Yes, absolutely! A bit early to actually *get* teeth, but my dd started that same behavior at 4 months .... and continued until she got her first tooth at ...... 15 months!!!

Check the dental archives under "tooth eruption" or "teething" or something like that for more info!

Good luck!
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Is Jude named after the saint?

St. Jude is my patron saint, he rocks. I believe he helped all my children be conceived, and for the record

Thank you St. Jude

Thank you St. Jude

Thank you St. Jude

(I have three! After many long years of infertility.)

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Awesome ideas, khrisday!

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Crisis passed

Thanks for the clever and gentle ideas. The crisis passed with no apparent change in anything. He says he has a new tooth, but I can't clearly tell and I think he is just telling me back what I said to him. Glad I backed off and just let him do what he needed to do.
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