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6 weeks...

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I can't believe time has flown by so quickly! The approach of this appointment makes me realize how fortunate I am to be able to take the whole year off. Otherwise, I'd be going back to work next week. It also makes me hope that you mamas who are going back have an easy and seamless transition.

One thing I can't wait to find out is my weight. We don't own a scale at home but I am curious. I feel like I am pretty close to where I was before, but I don't look it and my old clothes aren't quite fitting right.

I do have a question, though...how many of you take your babies with you to this appointment? I kind of don't want to (germs, etc.), but I also don't want to leave him. In addition, I don't know where I'd put him if I did take him- we use a regular car seat (instead of the kind that can be a carrier too) and it seems like it would be odd to have him on my chest during the exam (though now that I think about it, isn't that pretty much what happens after birth if they put the baby on your chest?). Has anyone btdt with this situation?
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We hit the six week mark on Sunday! When was your little one born?

When I go to my appointment I'll definitely have the baby with me. I don't think it should be a problem during the exam to have the baby on your chest. You could also bring a blanket to lay on the floor as well, or I'm SURE one of the nurses would be more than happy to hold a new baby for a few minutes!

I don't own a scale either so I'll be interested in finding out my weight as well!
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Not in your DDC but had to respond.
We took the twins with us to my 6 week PP check up.

I even nursed one of them during my exam and the Dr never even batted an eye at it. The nurse even told me she doesnt see it very often, but whatever works, then do it.

We did have ours in bucket seats when we went though. It just happened to be that one of them wanted to eat and wasnt gunna wait.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one considering having the baby on me.

MissingMinnesota, my little one missed having the same birthday as yours by only 43 minutes! He arrived very early on 9/3.

lilgsmommy, congratulations on the twins! It's wonderful that you even nursed one while there. I normally am not so paranoid about that in public, but for some reason I have a kind of block when I think about certain things in an exam room. I should just stop thinking about it and go with what I need to do for/with Quincy while there.
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I had my 6 week check up yesterday and I brought Sean in with me. I was worried about where to put him, so I lugged in the huge infant seat with him in it for the first time. It's quite a long walk from the parking garage to the office, so I was sweating by the time we got there! Makes me wonder why I see so many moms carrying carseats wherever we go rather than just getting a sling.
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I dont have my 6 week check for another 3 weeks, but with my dd, I brought her. Now, I did use her bucket seat, but I still had her on my chest during the exam, at my OBs suggestion Whenever I go to appt, there are always 6 week old babies there They like to see the babies.

This time, I will leave my dd with grandma, as I did for most of my prenatals, but ds will come with me in a sling. I will just hold him during the exam.
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I had DS on my chest during exam and bf before while mw and I caught up.
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i'm 6 weeks pp this up coming week. i plan on my babe being there, i took her for my 2 weeks incision check (kept her in the sling the entire time).

with my first babe i nursed her during my 6 week PP exam. my OB was totally cool with it, he even suggested it. i have problem doing that again if i need to LOL.

the ONLY thing i'm even thinking about is birth control. i have NO clue what to do in that department.
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the ONLY thing i'm even thinking about is birth control. i have NO clue what to do in that department.
My OB really seemed to push an IUD on me, but I'm not comfortable with that for various reasons.

I left with a Rx for the mini pill,although I don't plan on taking it at least for awhile.

DH has been saying he'll get a vasectomy, so we'll see...
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I just had mine this past thursday...

I had dd in a wrap and knew what she weighed, about, so when I got on the scale, I just told the nurse to subtract that amt and she had no issue with it..

I laid down, well, semi reclined bc that's how her tables are set, with dd still in the wrap as she was sleeping....quick check and then we spent the rest of the time chatting about the delivery and dd woke up so she spent the rest of the time looking at her and cuddling....checked her over too since I had to change her anyways.....it was a nice visit...

Apparently, my orignal MW was upset she missed the delivery..they had switched weekends for on call status....so my original and I are going to get together and chat so she can see the baby...

I left the appt with a new script for my vitamins and the mini-pill. I used the mini-pill for a few months once dd1 was 3 or 4 months but the breakthrough bleeding drove me crazy so I stopped...My body makes enough progesterone for 3 women I am told by my endocrinologist so I don't need it.... Plus with the mini-pill you pretty much need to take it at the exact same time every day.....No insurance here so IUD is out..........LOL...

Not even thinking about dtd these days so.....hahahahaha....
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For some reason my appointment is at 1 mo. instead of 6 weeks, so it's this coming Thursday. My MIL is in town, so I think I'll leave DD with her, or have her come with me and keep her in the waiting room. But I know I took DS with me last time around, and it wasn't a problem. The staff was thrilled, in fact. They see all those pregnant mamas but not many of the babies once born!

Originally Posted by danaalex View Post
the ONLY thing i'm even thinking about is birth control. i have NO clue what to do in that department.
Ugh, I so don't want to think about this. When I went off the (regular) pill before getting pregnant with my first, I realized it had been causing all sorts of problems for me, including contributing to chronic depression. I briefly went on the mini-pill after DS but was bad about taking it at the same time each day, and fearful it would bring back depression (I don't think the mini-pill is actually shown to have this effect, so probably just paranoia!) My obgyn highly recommended the IUD, but for some reason I'm scared of it. So we just used condoms for a couple of years, definitely not ideal... what a pain! If someone can talk me into an IUD, please do so!
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My appointment was today but I had to cancel. Our second car is broken so I have no way to get there. Oh well. I wasn't all that excited for another pelvic anyway!

I don't know what we're going to do about birth control either. I want to wait until about a year after Elijah is weaned to TTC again (or just, try NOT to prevent, which has worked every time!). We won't do any hormonal bc because of the possibility of it working post-conception, so pills, patches, rings, and the IUD are all out. Even the non-hormonal IUD interferes with the lining of the uterus potentially causing fertilized eggs not to implant. I don't want another baby right now, but not bad enough to essentially cause an abortion of one, kwim? (not knocking anyone out there who feels comfortable with those methods, just personally, we don't)

Dh hates condoms, I'm not really comfortable relying on just the sponge or spermicide, and who likes the 'pull and pray' method! Not me!

I'm trying to talk DH into condoms. Until then we're relying on exclusively nursing for another month or two. I'm pretty confidant that will be effective. It was with my other two (for 8 months the first time, and 10+ the second). I'll be too nervous to rely on that much past the 3-4 month mark though, as the baby sleeps longer at night. Oh, and if my period comes back all bets are off! DH gets NONE unless he gloves up!
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