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Okay, deep breath, one more thing to get help from the wonderful MDC world on ....

Q: why would heating the house help - isn't your internal temperature (where they live) higher than that, anyway?

I have DE, bought it not knowing why, but so glad I do! How much for kiddos?

The harvest moon was last week, and we just started GAPS - do either of these have to do with why I'm seeing this in my family? Is it possible that a detox diet can lead to the worms evacuating the premises, or is it more likely that it's a coincidence as far as that's concerned and more connected to the moon? (How do they know it's a full moon if we sleep with the blinds shut tight?)
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Originally Posted by NatrlCatholicMama View Post


Okay, deep breath, one more thing to get help from the wonderful MDC world on ....

Q: why would heating the house help - isn't your internal temperature (where they live) higher than that, anyway?

I have DE, bought it not knowing why, but so glad I do! How much for kiddos?

The harvest moon was last week, and we just started GAPS - do either of these have to do with why I'm seeing this in my family? Is it possible that a detox diet can lead to the worms evacuating the premises, or is it more likely that it's a coincidence as far as that's concerned and more connected to the moon? (How do they know it's a full moon if we sleep with the blinds shut tight?)

I know this thread is old but I'm interested in the answers to these questions. Perhaps someone can help?


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Bumping up this resourceful thread! We're going to start DE here, tomorrow, it seems... Ugh.
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I know this is an old thread, but thought I would post a question anyway.  DS has had rectal itching for several months now.  No other symptoms.  He says it is itching about an inch inside.  We have been to the Dr.  She thought it was pinworms, we did the scotch tape test and saw nothing.  We did the test from the Drs. office and had it sent to the lab and it came back negative.


We have tried all sorts of exterior creams and still itching.  Doesn't really seem to be worse at night. No diet changes and never an issue with food allergies in the past.


I'm thinking of treating him anyway, but don't like the idea of the pesticide, but am willing to do it to make him less miserable.


Our Dr. says it is possible to have the worms and the tests all be negative.  Has anyone had any experience like this?


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CarricksMom, it's easy enough to look for pinworms. They come out at night, say after 9 or so, in a dark room and basically squirm around right outside the anus. It's really not so fun to see, but if you go in a dark room after your child has gone to bed and take a flashlight and look at his anus you'll see them if they're there. They are _very_ obvious. If it's not pinworms I really don't know. Oh, and with pinworms they are definitely worse at night, so if you're not seeing that pattern I doubt that's what he has. Maybe some other kind of worm? I don't know.

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A really well-established case of worms could itch all the time.


You could have him poop in a potty and see if you can see worms in the poop.  


Diatomaceous earth is what worked for us for pinworms - it is a food additive not a pesticide.  We used both the OTC and prescription med. (Edited to add that I mean that we tried both the OTC and prescription meds for pinworms, not that I used a diatomaceous earth cream or something. Sorry to be unclear!)


Does anyone else in the family have symptoms?  IME, when one has pinworms, treating everyone is the way to get rid of them.

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Thanks for the replies.  No one else has any symptoms.  I have looked in is poop somewhat.  Not really picked it apart too much, but a little.


Beanma, what other kind of worm could it be? 

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I don't know what other kind of worm it could be, but there are certainly other worms and other types of parasites that we can host. I'm not sure what else would live right there and itch, but maybe something!

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Just cause u don't see the eggs after a couple of test proves nothing they don't lay eggs every night.Apparently only two things kill the eggs heat and some mad chemical which I can't remember.Diatomaceous Earth is good but the worms tend to scatter all over your body so u need to take for 90 days to be sure.1 tablespoon for adults and 1 teaspoon for children everyday.It's hard to keep up for that long so maybe take for 15 days then stop for a week let the remaining worms return to the stomach then take the meds.After 15 days u will also of had a colon cleanse with  the DE so less places for them to hide.I think the best medication is combantrin because it paralyses the worms and stops them migrating.Take three doses 18 days apart,they come in chocolate squares 1 square per 10kg.O and if you got a dog give it them to it worked better than any other dog worming tablet I tried but not for tapeworm.I did read that a yeast infection can also cause itching and also probiotics but wouldn't really know about that.

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Ack. I read this thread a long time ago and thought. "I hope we never have to deal with this." Now we do. I found two worms at 9:30pm tonight just outside DD's anus. Ugh. We got a letter about a month ago from her class, and she hasn't been complaining too much. Tonight she said she was super itchy and just couldn't stop scratching so I suspected as much. 


She's also a nail biter, which bugs me to no end because it means she always has her fingers in her mouth. Aaargh. And yes, I've warned her that this habit could mean worms, but she didn't care.


We're going to get the prescription worm meds and the DE and do 4 doses of the meds, every 2 weeks along with the DE every day. My concern is the eggs. Tomorrow I'll start the laundry and vacuuming and wiping with clove oil, but how effective is that really? Is it just a losing battle if we manage to kill the living worms but just get re-infested with the eggs?


I just checked her again, 11pm, no other ones...I hope this is early days and we can dose everyone and clean the house and hopefully it won't be super awful.

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Leave say 48 hours after taking first lot of meds before taking DE.It may well make the meds pass through the body to quick to be effective.Don't worry about the eggs thats why your taking four lots of treatment if any eggs hatch they will be killed before they can reproduce.Don't rush with treatment take your time to plan how your going to tackle the problem.Four lots of treatment should on paper give you 10 weeks protection.

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They must be super uncomfortable. They woke her up at 2am, so she's not going to school today, tired as she is.

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Sorry to hear about the problems you're having bookmark and post how you get on.Sure it will be sorted out soon.
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So sorry to hear your daughter having these.  My daughter did too and I read all I could about these little bugs and I elected for the whole family to take the meds myself.  I cleaned house vaccummed really good changed bedding and we went on vacation all took the meds had room service  change our beddings and came back home  (:  To this day though I hope they are gone she doesn't complain ever like she was doing about hurting down there but her appetite still isn't very good I feel there still is something wrong, but not sure???  She will complain everytime she eats that her stomach aches ):  Dr's told me we were lucky to know because I actually found one and it was not in the rectum area it apparently got lost it was near her vagina and I almost mistaked it for toliet tissue because it just layed there small piece I thought it was tissue and then  I touched it and it moved I had to hold all my feelings  inside me I didn't want to freak my daughter out but I was relieved I had (Something)!!! But mad at the bug the same time!!!  I called dr I kept it  on a piece of tape and dr said if I would not have found it the test that are run for pin worms almost always show negative results so she said we wouldn't know to this day probably.  I questioned with all the technology we have we can't accurately test for pinworms ugghhhh. dr's, tests, uggg seems like we should have better care for the human population but that's my beliefs!lol    Well good luck I wish you and your family the best.

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I never see anyone mention d.fragilis which is a parasite that lives in the eggs of pinworms.
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They're not going to just die off, they are laying thousands if not tens of thousands of eggs every night, that's why they crawl down to the anus, they do so in order to lay eggs.

You must eat cloves, cloves kill the eggs.

Buy whole cloves and eat them

10 cloves every 8 hours for 3 months Until hopefully they're all dead.


I think the pinworms have grown resistant to the meds, if you go on all these websites everyone says they've been on meds yet they came back.


Eat foods that pinworms hate.  If you could only eat those foods that would help.

Carrots, raw carrots or carrot juice




payaya seeds


pumpkin seeds




The hygiene thing is not to be overlooked.

Wash hair daily,

wash bedsheets. linens, and the body daily

Wash hands and under the fingernails regularly,

Teach the children about hygiene

use Doctor Bronner's peppemint soap they have it at target and it's all organic.


Consider buying a re-usable enema bag and doing a carrot juice enema, use fresh pressed carrot juice from a juicer hold for 15 minutes or as long as you can

Have some more carrot juice set aside and drink some while holding the enema so pinworms get attacked from both ends.

My symptoms were severe after doing the carrot juice enema, I feel them once a week maybe. I'm still killing them off.

Drink carrot juice a

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"eliminate fiber"

This is a very dangerous suggestion.

Please eat fiber which is in  fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly,

your body needs it.

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Hi Im, new here  ive got pinworm, threadworm from somwhere somehow ive tried many recomendations on the net & am having an terrible time with not able to rid of them ive washed my sheets & stuff so many times wool wash all sorts of stuff  I still got reinfected with them the I realised I felt wrigling in my hair & scalp  I tried  & realised that when I washed my sheets & stuff wool wash tea tree oil  you name it & im alergic to dishwashing liquids & powders  that when I went to bed they were still like I hadn't changed them they were still in there & even when I felt 1 or wriggling on me I knew I was going to get reinfected   yes they are in your bed  & travel & spring about quickly  about cos they just travel from your head to your anus they also  fly like white threads in the air I realise now that the worms are living in my hair & scalp  I know now that if you have hair anywhere under arms head scalp  bottom & anywhere you sweat they will live there  attatched to the hair cubicle so you need to shave these areas  I remember now of having them years ago & they were attatched to the hair under my arms even your nose  I didnt kno what they were at the time I wont shave my scalp I went to the chemist & was so surprised to find there is no pinworm , threadworm ((wash for your body ))) to rid of them I used Vodca cos I read they don't like alcohol & found they will resist passing over it  across my shoulders & neck while I have a bag containing them in my hair scalp I have used vodca  in my hair scalp  covered with a plastic bag  but it didn't kill them don't kno bout the eggs but a high wriggling reaction  & then got the ( Vermox liquid)  3 bottles usually taken by mouth & spread it in my hair as an only resort cos I don't know what to use I can gather the company for medicines must make a fortune cos the worms travel across from your head to bottom in bed & reinfect you & there is no wash to remove from your hair & scalp  or body which I cant believe there isn't  Ive put  Vodca across my shoulders  & round my neck & a tight  plastic bag from the market & tied round my scalp tightly  with all hair in  but feel them wriggling about in there ive managed to stop them crossing my face for my anus  for a while from splashing vodca round my neck   they are wriggling around in my scalp with the bag on dont kno if vermox ive also mixed in my hair  is working yet  on hair but im trying was going to break down worm tablets with water but you need a few for covering hair & scalp  as im trying all sorts of things  for a while ive been googilng heaps of stuff but found nothing on scalp & hair wash to rid of them can anyone reccomend anything that works  that kills them ive been thinking of white oderless kerosine  but I don't kow if this could cause harm  to me cos I need something to do my scalp too its just crazy there is nothing out there for body, hair & scalp the  worm rid ,Vermox, combantrin   production companys should be making something to kill them..in shampoos & washes I wonder why they don't..any ideas from anyone here. ive been googling found nothing so far I can use to kill them..thanks

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Hi, I don't think we have pinworms as I have never seen any but my dd does complain about itching when she first wakes up. after reading about the benefits of diatamacous earth I picked some up at the health food store today and am going to give it a try. It seems like a perfectly safe supplement and i would like to know if there are any worms in any of us! I will begin the experiment to night taking a table spoon and giving each kid about a teaspoon.

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So it has finally dawned on me why my little one (12 months) wriggles around the bed every night and seems uncomfortable.  Pinworm.  I seem to be very susceptible and we co -sleep and I just found one on me and so...  seems to make sense.  I am going to check him later, but I'm pretty sure we'll be at the doctor's in the morning.  

Here's my question - laundry.

I put the dirty laundry all together in a fabric-lined bin.  Wash, dry, and place back in the bin before folding.  So I'm assuming that there's a good chance that there are eggs falling into the bin and then getting back on the clean clothes before I put them back on the kids.  ugh.  

Is it insane to take it all, clean clothes included, to the laundromat to be cleaned?

Also - DE.  Is it safe for young toddlers?


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