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2WW late October . . .

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Ok so the 2WW Early October thread looks really long & most of those ladies look like they're about to test.

I'm 3 DPO as of today, so I thought I'd start a new thread for those of us with that long long looooooong two weeks ahead of us.

Any takers?
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I'm will be Oing today thanks to a trigger shot yesterday!

Oh and I have reached a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF POAS-aholic, I took an HPT today ( I got an HCG trigger yesterday) just to see it come back positive, I dont even care that its false, its something about seeing two little lines that make me happy HAHAHAHA.
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Originally Posted by Pica View Post
Ok so the 2WW Early October thread looks really long & most of those ladies look like they're about to test.

I'm 3 DPO as of today, so I thought I'd start a new thread for those of us with that long long looooooong two weeks ahead of us.

Any takers?
We dtd last night which was cd 11/12. I o'd on cd13 last month and I have had pretty regular 26-28day cycles for quite a few months-- so I'm hoping we had good timing. I really don't want to obsess this month but I know I'm going to, so I might as well just give in, right?
This is our 2nd month ttc and it's really hard for dh to put together the idea of ttc and sex in his head so we haven't been dtd as often as I'd like. It's kinda embarrassing and I can see how it has the potential to cause some problems. He does want to have another baby but for some reason he is just thinking too much and it kind of freaks him out to dtd to actually make a baby after so many years of avoiding it. This is another ttc topic which is kind of hard to deal with. Does anyone else have experience with this? Please tell me I'm not alone.
I have a long long 2ww ahead of me! It's nice to know other people are going through the same thing.
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Its 6dpo - CD20 and I tested negative this morning.....of course. I have no idea why I tested......just had the urge lol

Lets all obsess together.
Ive got a crappy yeast infection :
Ive been cramping for 2 days. I have a 28 day cycle, so Im not sure if im gearing up for AF or if this is "woo hoo Im pregnant" cramping.
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I'm 3 dpo too! And I'm all excited because I was still waiting for the O thinking I hadn't yet, and now that I look at my temps I see that I must have on Wednesday. So I'm 3 days ahead on the 2ww. I'm such a dork to be glad for that. Anyway, I usually have a 10-day LP so I'm going to hold out until next Saturday to test (unless I get my period that day). In theory.
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ME!!! I got a positive OPK Thursday, so DH came home from work that monring to dtd. We also dtd last night and will tomorrow. (luckily dh likes baby making, it's the only time I'm a "sure thing" LOL).

Honestly, I'm not sure when I ovulated, yesterday or today? This is our first month ttc #2. I didn't temp, just used the opk when cm was ewm. The last 2 days my breasts have been crazy sore, so I know I am or will be ovulating. Gonna try to keep up dtd every other day at least until we leave for family vacation on Thursday.

It's goign to be a loooong 2WW for this obsessor. At least 6 days of that I'll be busy with the trip.

DH's b-day is the 22nd, so I'm going to test that day. It will be way early in the game and I won't expect a BFP, but wouldn't it be a nice present if it did come back positive?

So what day exactly would you guess I o'd with the positive OP Thursday? I took one Friday too and there was no second line.
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I'd guess you'd O'd on Friday, Still_Learning, but I've not been very good with OPKs myself.

I can't hold my pee long enough, so I just skipped them this month & I'm going by temps.

I'm flip-flopping between being super excited because our timing was so good & next being convinced that this wasn't the month. It'll be a LOOOOOONg two weeks! :
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Oh heck, I'm in! I usually just lurk in this forum, but I am going crazy with the 2ww!! I am 5 DPO, and trying so hard not to be toooo hopeful. We got PG our first time trying last time, and I feel like no one can be that lucky YK? My cycles are so weird b/c of nursing I guess, that I'm worried it will be harder this time. But I really, really want this to be it. I just want it to be 10 days from now!!

My symptoms so far...... DS's nursing is driving me NUTS and I am having long fantasies about weaning him Kindof crampy and tired
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May I jump in as well? 6 dpo here. I'm hoping to hold out until Saturday to test. We'll see...
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Why in the world do I test at 7dpo??
Of course.....bfn.
Im gonna try to hold out until 10dpo.
We'll see.
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I'm in! I'm in!
I'm 3 DPO. I'm worried about our timing, we DTD 3 days before and the day of. I wasn't expecting to O because I had NO ewcm, despite being on epo for the first time. But I'm thinking maybe the fact that everything was different this time is a good thing! I'm going to try not to temp for the 2ww to try and help me stay relaxed. And I won't be testing until 12 DPO.

Oh, and if I'm pregnant, my EDD will be July 3rd 2008. (Figuring this out is the first thing I do once I've ovulated )
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Hi mamas! I had to take a little time off to have some blood work and stuff done. Waiting to O which will be any day now. Have some more blood work on the 22nd and then will start clomid next cycle. I am trying to wrap my brain around my fertility issues and if I want to take the route of fertility drugs. But I also know that if I need support this is the place to be. I am sad to see familiar faces here, but also glad.
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I am 8DPO and it's nerve racking. I tested this morning and of course a BFN. Errrrr. . . I tried to wait. I was so tired when my bladder woke me up at 6am to pee that I put the stinking wrong end of the test strip in the cup. . . oops! I realized it after I set the strip on the counter. . . grabbed another one and did it the correct way.

So fertility friend is saying that I O CD16 and said that I should test on Oct 25, but AF is scheduled to arrive Oct 19. What do you think??

If I am pg my due date will be June 28th.
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If I am pg mine will be July 3, too, Gillian! Fun to think there would be another preggie mama the same if we both get lucky.

I'm hoping that this week is so busy that I don't have to think about this too much. I have a lot of writing to do for school and I hope I can focus on that, not on my damn eggs! :

I'm planning to test next Saturday if I don't get my period by then--I will only be 10 dpo but I have a 10-day LP so I should, by then, at least be able to see temps dropping or staying up and have some idea.
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I am 1 DPO so I have a long wait ahead of me!!
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I'm in! I'm 2 DPO so yeah, a nice long wait ahead.... and to top it off this is my FIRST 2WW I'm already being driven crazy by the wait.
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I'm in, too. I'm on cd21. Not sure when I o'd, as I'm not charting. I've had 28-31 day cycles since getting them back four months ago. Ds2 is currently weaning-hasn't nursed since cd12. Not sure how that will effect me this month.

I haven't really had any obvious signs of pregnancy with my other pregnancies. One thing, though, is vivid dreams. The night before last I dreamed that I went to feed ds1's goldfish and it was dead, but it was sitting on the bottom of the tank, not floating. I also dreamed that I was already pregnant before my last af. Not sure what to make of those, but trying not to get too hopeful. I have one test in my cupboard and I really want to wait until the 24th to take it. Don't know if I'll make it that long.
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So I just scheduled a Dr's appointment for next Monday. I want to talk to go because this is our 5th cycle trying & I'm 33 ... tick.. tick ..tick!

Conveniently I will be 12 DPO on that day, : so maybe they'll do some blood tests!
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I am in I don't know if I O'ed yet or not but heck its been 16 months of tracking that thing and I have come to figure that I O between CD13-16 so with that being said this month I am not tracking anything, temping or even thinking about it (until I log on here). Today is CD13 and my boobs are itchy and sore which couldbe O'ing. Yesterday DH and I DTD three times in the morning and we will DTD today skip a day and DTD the day after. Hopefully I pray after 16 months that this is our month as always.....it would be a July 11th Baby which is 2 days before my OWN birthday...what a blessing right? Welp I am not going to get too excited just because I said the same things last year at this time and it didn't happen, blahhh
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Im 8dpo and on cycle day 22. When should I be able to test and probably get a positive??
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