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Congats to Lizafava!!

I'm at 2 or 3 dpo. I do not have any hpt's in my house and I am not even going to buy any until 12dpo. It's really challenging, but I'm just going to find some really wonderful things to do over the next couple of weeks.
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AHHHHHH......Well I tested again this morning at 8dpo...BFN I am due for AF on Thursday or Friday so I know there is still plenty of time. My face has started to break out a little bit but nothing really to write home about. My nipples are killing me and my bbs are still a little sore but I'm chalking that up to the Clomid this month.

I really felt like this would be the month....We would be able to tell people that we are preggers at Christmas (13 weeks), find out what we having on our 7 yr anniversary, and be due on July 4 (we're an Army family how perfect would that be) I know it is no where near time to give up hope bc it is still VERY VERY possible but today I just dont feel it.
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Originally Posted by HulaJenn View Post
Is it possible to still have pre-AF symptoms and still be pg?
Yes! Signs of being pg are often very similar to signs of AF coming, at least from the gazillion posts I've read of women describing their pg signs.
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Originally Posted by Aly22681 View Post
I know it is no where near time to give up hope bc it is still VERY VERY possible but today I just dont feel it.
Remember that 8dpo is VERY early to test - I wouldn't put any credence in that BFN. Don't count yourself out - it's too early!!!
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Congratulations Lizafava!!!
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3 more days until AF should be here. I started spotting this morning, which never happens.
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Congratulations Lizafava!!!

a big fizzy grape juice toast to you!
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Yay, Lizafava!

I'm 11 dpo--temps still up--and AF is officially late (should have arrived yesterday!). I got a BFN this morning but I'm still really feeling like it's just too early for me and staying positive about things.
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We've had quite a few BFPs already! I hope there's many more!

I'm 10 dpo today! Only two more sleeps until I test (I'll be joining the Tuesday test group ). I keep going back and forth between 'I'm definitely not pregnant' to 'well, there's a chance I could be'. My last two cycles I have had 2 and 3 days of spotting before AF, meaning I could start spotting as early as tomorrow if AF is coming. Normally I only spot the day before AF so all I can do is wait, and wait, and wait some more. :
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Congrats Lizafava!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just feeling the urge to wave baby dust around onto all of us right now...

I just got a new-to-me baby-centered item of furniture. Now if I could just make a baby to go with it.
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Congratulations Lizafava!!!

Still waiting to test here.
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So i dont know about you ladies but I am a PACKRAT!!! I keep all of my opk's and HPT's that I have been taking during this TTC journey. I keep them in a grocery bag under my bathroom sink HAHAHAH. Well I had this morning's BFN sitting on the bathroom sink and I picked it up to put it in "THE BAG"....and there was a nice pink EVAPORATION LINE just to taunt me. HAHA

It was really really thin but a full line none the less and it had color keep in mind I KNOW this is an evap line, I checked the test at 1 hour after taking it (just to be sure hahaha) and it was a BFN still so I know this one showed up as it dried but it gave me hope none the less.

So I am by NO means getting my hopes up but it made me smile at least.
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I am 5dpo and had some spotting today. It looked very weird, some ew and very tiny clots. I hope that it is implanting. I wonder when I should test. Any suggestions?
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I basically still have no idea when I ovulated or when I should test. I have had short 24-25 day cycles for about 6 months, but last month it was 26 days. I have a 14 luteal phase.

So basically...I think I ovulated last Monday and Tuesday, which would be REALLY late in a cycle. Who knows. I should either get my period this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. How is that for screwed up. And if I did infact O last Monday, then I wouldn't get it until Sunday at least.

When the heck should I test?

Oh yeah, we didn't DTD when I think I O'd, but two days before, so I don't even think I could be pregnant. I know that technicially sperm could hang around, I just don't think it did.
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snowgirl. 5 dpo is way too early. don't do it.

I'm waiting to test too only 8dpo and tomorrow will be the first day it's possible to get a + so I'm guessing that will be the first tough day to wait. But Tuesday it is.
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apparently I'm out for the count this cycle : I have PCOS and the NP that I go to for my fertility treatments just called and said that my blood draw to test my progesterone levels indicated that I didn't even ovulate. I wish I had temped even though she told me I didn't have to, because then I would know for sure. I could have gone in for an ultrasound and maybe even gotten a trigger shot. She told me to call her and go in for a US if I didn't have a surge by day 16. But I did have a +OPK on day 16 & 17, so I didn't go in. I'm newly diagnosed PCOS and just now found out that I could have high enough LH levels to get a +OPK and not release an egg. I'm going in tomorrow for a progesterone shot so I don't have to wait forever to start AF. What a waste! And Now I'll have to double the clomid since 50mg didn't do it this time. That should be fun::
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Hello, my name is Kris, and I haven't really been in this message board alot, I took 100mg clomid this cycle and I am 2 DPO today, I'm not testing until AF is due. I always test early and get soooo sad seeing that BFN. I always say I would rather see AF show her ugly face than to see that BFN on the HPT! Good luck ladies.

thanks and I look forward to getting to know you ladies.
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Hi Kris, Welcome! I'm 3 dpo, so we're in the same boat. I also am not testing until AF is due. I do not want to test too early and only be disappointed! Sounds negative, I'm really not!
I've got some fun things planned and some projects to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks and I don't even have any hpt's in the house. So, that's good... again- welcome to you!
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Oh my goodness. This month went by so fast!! I didn't realize I was even in my 2 week window until tonight. I feel like crap and my womb has that bit of heaviness to it. I looked at the calendar and realized my AF is supposed to come within the next 3 days. I hope it doesn't. LOL! I've mistaken my PMS symptoms so many times that I can't even bother to wonder if I'm pregnant until I see the my period is missing. Let's hope it's missing. Love ya ladies and sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been busy.
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Thanks christinespurlock. I will wait.
My temp went up .5 degrees today. I am still spotting. Feel free to look at my chart, http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1c896d. It still looks good, but I am concerned this spotting might turn into AF. The last 2 cycles have been 7 day LP. I am on 6dpo.
Is it possible to have more than one day of spotting if it is implantation? I mean, I guess anything is possible. Just curious if anyone has experienced this before.
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