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Originally Posted by transformed View Post
It has changed my view of giving gifts actually.

I almost don't give very often because I don't want it to become someone elses clutter.

I dont think there are very many people in my life who "need" something. They have pretty much all they need....plus a swiffer, plus clothes from 20 years ago, plus plus plus plus plus
This is totally our experience too. Although the people I know seem to LIKE getting clutter! Go figure, LOL. But the people I buy for have everything they need, and then some. I just hate feeding into the whole "gimme gimme consume consume" thing. : We buy a lot of gift certificates or consumable products (soaps, food, etc) or at least *useful* items if we can manage it!
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consumable products-perfect! I am buying soaps from my local farm for all the girls in the family this xmas.

Although the girls in my family like to hold on to good soap in their bathroom and never use it. I used to do the same, but now I am like "I'm using the good stuff!" soap doesnt keep forever.

My MIL thinks it does. She also has her spice set from when she got married. over 30 years ago. And she still cooks with the spices.
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I want to do this.

DSS, age 9, has a ridiculous amount of toys, but most of them are not here, thank goodness. He mostly here in the summer, when we play outside, and holidays, when family stuff keeps up hopping, so toys are mostly an afterthougt.
We have bins under his bed, a big set of shelves mounted on the wall of his room, and he has a closet, a desk, and a bookcase headboard. He does a good job keeping his stuff neat.

As for DD, she's only 18 months. My idea for her is to do categories, give each category its own container, and not let the container be outgrown.

I don't think that books, games, and art supplies count as toys, but they will have their own containers, too.

Books are easy. No more than what fits on the shelves in her room.

Games, I dunno. The jury's still out.

For art supplies, I want to buy her one of these lapdesks, as they look like they will hold quite a bit.

Here's what I have established for toys so far:

Stuffed Toys: Before she was born, I made a toy bag that ties to her crib. No more stuffed toys than will fit in the bag. I am RUTHLESS about this.

Dress up box: I built an oblong box and covered it with heavy vinyl tablecloth, and mounted a lightweight plastic mirror on the side. I need to run a couple dowels thru for hanging rods, and attach some hooks as well. The dress up clothes and accessories, as well as the playsilks, live in this box.

Puzzles: Buying a wooden puzzle case from LTD. ($8! It's $30 on Amazon.) No more puzzles than what fit in the case.

Kitchen Toys: My dad is currently building two playstands for DD's Christmas present. These and her little wooden table and chairs will compose/deliniate her play area. My dad is also going to build a little platform thing that looks like a stovetop and fits over the playstand shelf, and that will be her play kitchen. I am going to find/build a box or basket that will contain all the dishes, play food, etc.

Blocks: Right now it's wooden, but I imagine as she gets older, it will be Duplo/Lego. For this reason, they are in a clear plastic tote.

And, of course, there is a MISC box. This has her Magic Motzart cube, a bunch of soft cloth and bouncy balls, some plastic clothespins that she really likes, and currently holds the playsilks.

For her next- that is, 2008- Christmas, we are planning on building her a tree doll house. I want to build it on a platform that will be narrow enough to fit on the playstand shelf, and I want it to have a built-in drawer for the fairy dolls and their accoutrement.

As she gets older still, I imagine that she will want one or two nice dolls. This worries me, since doll stuff takes up a huge amount of room. I'm not sure what we'll do with all of it. I don't want her to have Polly Pockets or "fashion" dolls, but I don't really know where this is going to end up.
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Definately a good idea The holidays are hard because people just want to give stuff and stuff doesn't equal happiness, imo. I'll work on getting down to less toys!
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Wow, this is a great idea. My 3 kids have literally 100's of toys apiece and we are completely overwhelmed. I am working on paring down, and am comitted to working harder now!
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This is an interesting concept.

DS2 has WAY more than 10 toys and I'd love to pare down to a reasonable amount for one little boy!! We have the IKEA Expedit shelf with 16 spaces, so it would be reasonably easy to pare down to just what fits on the bookshelf, with each category of toy getting one slot. We have three slots already full of books, and one of art supplies, so there are actually 12 spaces available for toys.

He also has a bin of stuffed animals, a Cozy Coupe (he rides it around the house all day long!), a push cart that he uses like a stroller for his toys, and a wooden fire station with people and parts. His toys really seem to come in categories rather than single toys. Maybe I can rotate so eight bins of toys are out at a time, with five or six in reserve to swap when something is starting to look boring. I've been pulling out plastic toys and once those are gone, the shelf will be a lot more sparse.

Thinking out loud here, I could pare him down to one bin apiece for the following categories:

Blocks bin
Wooden train and tracks bin
Trucks, cars, and fire trucks bin
Activity cube (the kind with the windy bead thing on top, four different things on the sides. He's not thrilled with it, but is liking the windy bead thing lately.)
Music toys
Play food
Little animals (plastic being replaced with wood for Christmas)
Sorting and stacking toys, lacing beads, manipulatives
Play dough and play dough tools
Tools - hammering pegs, Melissa and Doug toolbox
Assorted little toys, like a pull toy alligator, stacking animal puzzle/pull toy, Jack in the Box, balls, etc.
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This idea appeals to my minimalist leanings but I wonder how my child would react to such a rule. What do your kids think? Do you take their feelings/desires/wishes into consideration?
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Originally Posted by KaraBoo View Post
This idea appeals to my minimalist leanings but I wonder how my child would react to such a rule. What do your kids think? Do you take their feelings/desires/wishes into consideration?
I understand your point, and I wondered how my kids would react. What I do is a "modified rotation." Books are always available on their bookcases, and some things stay out in their bedrooms (on shelves). Art supplies are always available in the family room (in baskets). In the family room, I rotate out toys every month or so (they stay in baskets on two bookshelves). I watch what they play with the most, and will generally leave those one or two toys out longer. I have a closet under our stairs that I put the extra toys in. My kids call it the "stuff closet," and they know that the extra toys are there if they start to miss something and want to go get it. I will also pull some things out of their rooms and put them in family room and vice versa. Sometimes just putting a toy in a different place reminds them that they have that one and they get excited about it all over again instead of wanting something new. If they ask for something that I've put away, they are welcome to go get it.
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I have had a very easy time deciding what 10 toys to have around for my 2 year old dd. And she is very happy with it.

What I cant figure out is what to keep for ds (4). I actually eliminated ALL of his toys into the garage and that was a week ago and he hasnt asked for anything yet. He doesnt play with toys! So I am kinda lost as to what to do with him. Its the story of my life.

Know what he has been having a blast with though? A spray bottle in the shower. Thats my ds....
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Originally Posted by transformed View Post
He doesnt play with toys! So I am kinda lost as to what to do with him. Its the story of my life.
My 4 yo is like that too . We don't have many toys because he doesn't play with them unless they are seriously fresh - like just came out of storage 30 minutes ago.
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My oldest three kids were never big on toys. My fourth one does play with them, if we are at other peoples houses - and he has some trains/train table and cars/mat at home and a few "guys" - but mostly plays with household items, like hangers or whatever. Don't know about the baby, yet...she likes toothbrushes and shoes.

My problem was I didn't realize they didn't like toys...I can remember being at the store trying to talk them into stuff. Our house was so over run with toys, and I'd get frustrated with them because they didn't keep them picked up. Well, duh! They didn't care about them, why should they take care of them!?! (It took me quite a few years to figure this out. )

It's been a process. When I realized what was going on, I told them what I thought it was. They were relieved to be set free from all that stuff! They actually said thank you. We decided each kid would keep their most favorite things, and everyone would get a 55 gallon bin. Not one kid filled it up. I, however, was like...oh wait, we need to keep that! And, no...don't get rid of that! Plus, things creeped back in over time...

So, just a few weeks ago, I was so upset going into the playroom where things were all over...walked on, broken, missing pieces, etc. I freaked out and said I was going to get rid of everything! They all thought I was serious and my oldest said that's fine, I just want my Yugioh cards, my daughter really only had Webkins anyway, my six year old has a couple things (omnitrix, bakugon guy, a couple of his own Webkins and some trading cards) and my three year old has his trains, cars, and like 3 guys. The baby has her kitchen and some food, a basket of blocks, a ball and a baby.

That's it.

Well, to be honest - we do have a bin of dress up stuff, books, board games and a cabinet of art supplies. But they aren't toys...so I don't count them.

I haven't needed to clean up their stuff since...and no one has even asked for anything back. (They have asked for more cards, or Webkins though! )
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I'd never be able to do this. Unless I just limited each hobby to one bookcase each. 1 for books, 1 for sewing stuff....
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This thread is very inspiring. I've been thinking about getting rid of almost all of their toys. They don't play with about 75% of them anyways. I'm doing a garage sale this summer with a few friends. I plan on putting most of the unloved toys on it.
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I *always* wanted to have only 10 toys...but it's never really happened.

Actually...i think DD really only has about 10 toys (not including books - which she has TONS of) - but they have a bunch of different pieces - like train set, play kitchen, my little ponies, etc. So more like 10 "groups" of toys.

I feel like it's a lot...esp. since she doesn't have her own room so they are all in the livingroom...but i've been to my friends houses - and thier kids probably have 10 times as much crap as my kid...so heh, could be worse i spose!
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Okay -- my two older girls and I went through the playroom today...culling toys.

I just asked them what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to get rid of.

I was shocked at how many toys they were fine with giving away.

The entire trunk of my car is FULL of stuffed animals, weeble-wobbles, puzzles, care bears, princess dresses...stuff I never thought they would part with.

The playroom still has WAAAAAAAY more than ten toys in it, but there has been a substantial reduction.

Thanks for inspiring us!
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So what does everyone do with kids older than toddler/preschooler aged? My older three are 6 1/2 and almost 5. We recently moved the oldest in with the twins (they're all very excited about sharing a bedroom) and are using his old room as their playroom. Now that the baby is mobile, I didn't want all their 4+ toys in the main floor play room.

They have a bin of Planet Heroes (they love them), Magna Tiles, Plan City Roadway on a playboard with cars, some big Playmobil stuff- firetruck, police car, tractor, a miscellaneous bin with cameras, dusters, and balls, and a little bin of people.

We have tons of other toys, but I only let them have three big bins plus whatever "extra" stuff that doesn't fit in a bin at one time. I rotate the other stuff in.

So do you ask their input about stuff to put away or just do it? I guess I'm okay with the amount of toys out now. It's so great that they're keeping them upstairs for the most part, so I'm not stressed out by it. I probably should rotate more often and stuff would get played with more. They like everything, but when there's too much out or it's been out too long, they stop playing and start spreading it out all over.
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I wouldn't just get rid of their stuff without it being okay with them. I wouldn't want my husband to come home and get rid of anything of mine without asking. And I'm totally into getting rid of stuff!
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I asked.

Because my older daughter has a steel-trap memory and she would ask about ~anything~ that was missing.

We have doubles of a lot of things (my girls are close in age and often get the same thing for Christmas, birthdays, etc.) and if one said she wanted to keep hers and the other one said she didn't want to keep hers...I kept them both.

I figure it would only be a matter of time before the one changed her mind when she saw the other one playing with a once-beloved toy.
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I actually won't get rid of anything, we're at a point where everything we have now is stuff we want. I just wonder about rotating though.
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