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Epsom salt bath for eczema?

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Has anyone tried it? I've read a couple blog entries about it on the net. Supposedly the magnesium is supposed to be great for the eczema and it doesn't dry out the skin like real salt would. Anyone know if this is true? Any success? Safe for a toddler?
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We've been using Epsom salts for about 6 weeks now and I haven't noticed any improvement in my 8yo dd's eczema. I really started using them because of their relaxation and detoxing properties, but hoped that they would help with the eczema too. No luck so far.
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Bummer I may give it a go and try it, since its not that expensive. We tried an oatmeal bath tonight and I may keep that up if the epsom salts don't work.
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We haven't done epsom salts, but we've done oatmeal and baking soda with some good results. The oatmeal bath sometimes takes a couple times to start seeing good results, just make sure that after the bath you're pat drying him and then moisturizing him (I use petroleum jelly because that's the only thing dd can handle, but my doc recommended Euricin (sp?) and Aquafor (sp?.))
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I always bath my 10 month old in Epsom salts and apple cider vinegar, it was suggested by my homeopath to help with his eczema, especially the itch. I have done it since he was 6 months old and after I started he really did improve (although it might have been a coincidence). He still has it on his face but it isn't nearly as awful as it was. I always give him a good soak and dab the water on the bad parts and then slather it with some kind of cream.
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I think it actually helps our dd, especially when she is reacting badly. Aside from that it also helps her get more mg and sleep better.
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