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Can you guess the Gender of my baby???


I'm 30 years old and my due date is June 15, 2009. The ultrasound is Jan. 6, 2009. So what do you think I'm having?

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Hello! Im due 8-21-09. I am 28 years old. What do you think it will be?
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Hate to tell you all this, but I'm pretty sure ananas isn't doing this thread anymore, at least she hasn't posted in many months. Maybe someone else could take over? I would but I don't really have any intuition about stuff like this.
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How fun! I want to play...

Okay, I am due April 5th, and we won't be finding out the sex till then. I do have ultrasound pics, but I don't know if I can post those yet since I'm new...

Take a stab...what do you think?

Well, shoot...you're not doing it anymore? Bummer...
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I had a miscarriage but im wondering if you think you might know what it would have been im 20 the due date was july 9th 2009 and i hade the ultrasound december 1


and my picture
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if anyone still doing this thread, please guess mine! i'm not sure when my ultrasound is yet.

i'm 26, this is my fourth pregnancy and my 3rd baby. i'm due july 2009.

my photo is attached:

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you don't have me listed as correct yet. She is in fact a girl, born 4 months ago
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I've already had dreams/feelings about the answer, but do give a guess
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oops wrong thread
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I am 13wk2d, 4th child. I am due 7/4/08. 25yr old. And for my pic..... I couldn't figure out how to upload it...
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Id love to get a guess We knew with the first one, this time we are completely stumped. Im carrying way differently, and smaller, but Im also eating way differently... Due Jan 29th, in the picture I was around 28 weeks
Picture is currently being uploading to myspace.com/deadredruthie
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Can you take a guess for me? We elected not to find out during the ultrasound.
I am due 4/10/09 - started out as a twin pregnancy, lost the one baby very early. I turned 40 in Aug, 2 weeks after we got the positive test. 1 DS (2005), 1 miscarriage (10/07).
Thanks in advance!! (no picture - I'm not that computer literate!)
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I guess there will be no guesses ...
please someone, take over this thread before my baby comes
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Hi Mamas, this thread is old and and unless someone wants to take over the "guess list" I don't think it's going to work very well.

So I'm going to lock this one and invite you start a new one! This one is very long anyway. Any intuitive mamas want to give it a shot?
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