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Why is spitting ok?

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And why do people have to do it?
I ride the bus sometimes. Twice in the past month, I have been waiting next to men who continually spit on the ground. Why? I was at the high school for a bit and kept seeing it there too. It just grosses me out so much and they usaully spit right onto the sidewalk so that peole may have to step in it. I know that isn't a huge deal if you shoes on, but still. ick
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it isn't ok. that's disgusting.
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Originally Posted by texaspeach View Post
it isn't ok. that's disgusting.
I Agree. Disgusting. Keep your bodily fluids to yourself or dispose of them in the restroom or bathroom. Or in a tissue.
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I hate spitting. I have never had a need to spit, I just don't understand. Ds was kind enough to teach the baby how to spit so I've been battling those two clowns for months now. I keep finding spit in odd places. You want to see mama mad? Spit on the floor:
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I hate, hate, hate spitting! I have actually come close to vomiting quite often after seeing people spit. I can't stand it. Something about it makes me start gagging.
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My ds has recently started doing this. No idea why! I've been reminding him to spit in the sink or a toilet or even in the landscaping (ppl don't walk there), but NOT on the sidewalk. It's gross.
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When I'm sick, I have to spit, to get all that gunk out of my chest.

But I dispose of said spit properly.

I'm sure that's different than what the OP is referring to.

I've been told, probably by my mother, that spitting and blowing your nose when you're sick is beneficial.
It helps your body rid you of whatever bacteria or virus is being flushed by your body.

So something that bothers me:
When people are sick, or have allergies, and have a runny nose and decide to 'suck' the snot back up and then you can clearly see them swallow the chunk of snot.

Now that is gross.
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It's nasty and I hate it!
I can barely watch the baseball game because of it.
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totally gross. and i seriously do not want to step in it! nast!
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One of my friends from South Africa was mortally offended that people spit like they do in this country. I told him I agreed with him. Ick.
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It's not OK, it's nasty.
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It's not ok, it's disgusting. *gags*
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I guess I'm the minority here...I don't find it that nasty. I mean I guess if someone is constantly spitting for no good reason, I can see what you guys mean. To occasionally spit though, at least for me, isn't too offensive. I guess each to his own.
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It is nasty! I was in a fabric store recently, and a teenage girl was wandering around there with her mother. All of a sudden she snorted and spat a huge "wad" of goop on the floor. I was aghast. It is bad enough to do it outside, but inside in a store? YUCK!
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It's not ok in my book, but unfortunately I don't get to make the rules.

Roadkill and "loogie"-spitters were my banes in the first trimester.
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Originally Posted by texaspeach View Post
it isn't ok. that's disgusting.
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