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Any Melissa & Doug recalls?

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my boys just got given their first M&D toys for their birthday, and I see they are made in China...
one is a stacking train and the other is a stacking zoo... they seem like a lot of fun, but its so hard to feel ok about toys made in China.
I tried to do a search to see if any of their toys have been recalled and all I seemed to find was a statement that they take extra special care to do quality product (paraphrasing here). Are there certain links to look at for recalls...
and even if they haven't been, that doesn't make them safe...
what do you all do with your toys made in China, get rid of them regardless?

Consequently we just had the boys tested for lead levels at their 2 yr wcv but haven't received results yet... its something that has been on my mind (this whole lead business). We are currently hiding the new toys from them until we decide what to do with them.

thanks for any info/thoughts!
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No recalls on M&D. I just emailed them this week. Their reply is below. Personally I'm OK with MIC if it's a smaller company that I trust.

"Hi Stacey -

Yes, we definitely appreciate and understand your concern.

Please be assured, we test for lead VERY frequently.

It's quite possible to make great quality children's items in China, which meet all safety regulations, but the key point is that you have to test and inspect very frequently to be sure that your factories are always following your instructions explicitly. I assure you that's exactly what we do.

From our experience, the key to doing this correctly is not simply to insist that your factories follow your instructions, but then to go one step further and to AUDIT, INSPECT, AND TEST very frequently. That is the most important part of the process, and it's something our company has always taken VERY seriously.

Thanks again for asking, and for your support also.

Your Dedicated Customer Service Team

Melissa & Doug, Inc. "
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I heard their weren't any recalls with M&D either. It made me feel better when I read some mamas tested all their M&D toys and they came up clean and lead free. I still am debating on if we should pick up some kits ourself cause you never know....
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M&D actually has a staff member in the facility that makes the toys, unlike most toy companies. Because of this, I do not worry about M&D.
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I think M&D toys are probably safe.. if nothing else, you can get a lead tester thing from Lowes or something.. I, personally, am going without any China toys..
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good to know:
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Whoa whoa whoa! If their stuff is made in China, WHY do the websites (various toys sites that sell MD toys) say Made in the USA???

Geez...can we not trust anything anymore....

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We have that stacking zoo and just this month DS has really started playing with it. It's not well designed, IMO but it's cute and DS has finally figured it out. I bought ours new over a year ago and it has never been recalled. Smaller companies like M&D appear to keep a better eye on their products than the Big Toy companies like Hasbro, Fisher-Price, etc.
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