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Came across this while looking up state law info
Big money



Kindergarten Only

According to the Department, the current chicken pox vaccination rate in Ohio is 33 percent. Assuming a single-year birth cohort of 152,000 children, the non-VFC eligible population entering kindergarten in 2001 totals about 62,000 children. Assuming a 33 percent vaccination rate, almost 42,000 children not participating in VFC will need to be vaccinated. Under existing law, a clinic may not deny a vaccine to an individual regardless of that person’s ability to pay. Additionally, many individuals for convenience reasons will go to a clinic even if they have private health insurance. Therefore, the Department needs to purchase enough vaccines to cover the entire non-VFC population. At $35.41 per dose, it will cost up to about $1.5 million to vaccinate this birth cohort.

The following table illustrates the LSC projections.
Kindergarten only

Cohort 152,000

VFC-eligible (59%)

Non VFC-eligible (41%)

Vaccination rate of 33% Non VFC-eligible children

Not Vaccinated

DOH cost to vaccinate (at $35.41 per dose)

Local Costs

Public schools and local health clinics will each face minimal increases in costs as a result of this bill. Schools will have administrative costs related to maintaining immunization records. Since they already undertake this task for other vaccines, LBO believes that this will only add minimal expenditures for these activities.

Since public health clinics administer the immunizations, they will have minimal increase in expenditures. Under the immunization program, the state Department of Health purchases the vaccines and then provides them to local clinics. Since the clinics are not required to actually purchase the vaccinations, they will not incur the large costs associated with this activity.


Follow link for full fiscal info.