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Floradix for infant

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My 12 month old is slightly anemic (10) and my ped prescribed Ferrous Sulfate to give him. After reading the information that came with the prescription I really don't want to use it. I want to use Floradix instead so I bought some yesterday. Has anyone here used Floradix for their infant and how much did you use and how did you give it to him/her? He drinks through a straw really well so I was considering just mixing it with juice - I am just not sure how much as it doesn't say on the bottle.

Any ideas or guidance? I want to get this resolved fairly quickly. His older brother was (very) anemic at this age and they were both IUGR at birth. So I was expecting it this time around too and have been feeding him iron-rich foods with fruit and without dairy since he was 10-11 months old, but want to use a supplement now.

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I believe floradix has honey in it. There is a gluten-free version that doesn't have honey, iirc, but I have never purchased it so I am not totally sure. I think it's called floravital.

I'd call a doctor or naturopath about the dosage if you're not sure. Iron overdose can be VERY serious and dangerous in babies.
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Ah, didn't even think about the honey. I saw the gluten free one next to the one I got but didn't really look at it. He's older than 12 months though.

I just saw that there is a Floradix for kids but I didn't see it at Whole Foods yesterday, maybe I'll call them tomorrow.
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Why not find a pediatric iron supplement so you can be sure it has what is ok for children?
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I have some blackstrap molasses in the pantry too - maybe I could glaze some carrots with it.
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