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how many baby slings do you have?

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ok so I was addicted to cloth diapers and now I have a new addiction!
so far I have
2 mei tais
1 ring sling
1 baby hawk
1 wrap
and I want more!
so just curious, how many slings do you have and what kind?
oh and which one is your favorite?
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Yeah well, at least YOU have an excuse. My DD is nearly 10. So why do I have 2 Heart2Heart slings?

I just loved babywearing (and lil' kid wearing) so much, and they're so $ ($60-90 is a lot to me), I just never could part with them. And now, with ttc back on the (distant) horizon in a year or two, I can't see parting with them, either!
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1 pouch
1 MT

I see no more need than that.
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one short wrap, one long wrap, one MT. But I'd love a Korean blanket carrier for winter, and a frame backpack for long hikes in the summer.
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If you mean all carriers, I have a lot.
Just slings, I have 3. I like my Little Lambs cotton/hemp ring sling the best by far.
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4 ring slings
2 pouches
1 Mei Tai
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1 Ring sling
1 Pouch
2 wahm mei tais
1 ergo
Oops and one Moby

But I justify it because they are each good for different stages, right?
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The terminology used for the thread name is confusing...do you mean slings as in ring slings or baby carriers? Because many people in "babywearing la-la land"...hello TBW would use "sling" mainly for a 1 shouldered carry like a ring sling. But baby carrier encompasses all carriers used to carry a child.

*ducks flying shoes...*

NE way,
Ive sorta reached stash nirvana...so Im trying not to buy more.
Ive had alot of stuff come through and by me but ive learned to trade off what I dont use for CDing supplies. (cheaper than buying new)
But...currently I have.

2 ring slings-1 maya, 1 psling
1 Korean denim chunei (buckle pod) (from http://www.hosausa.com)
1 Japanese brand Onbuhimo
1 DIY narrow pod
2 wide blanket podaegis from Korea
1 velvet BeiBei from mybeibei
2 Chinese style Mei Tai (they r diff from American made ones and worn diff as well-they also have cute sayings on them in Chinese wishing the wearer good luck and good health, etc!)
1 Patapum-dh luvs it
1 comfy joey pouch
1 peuvian Manta-I actually can do a manta carry-great for cooler weather
oh and 1 DIY mint gauze wrap

Ive traded off my MT's, my woven wraps and a few other RS's...

The only 2 I really use ALOT is my Psling and my chunei...both were really well worth the money spent on them..I think it would be "possible" to have just these 2 and be happy...but, whats the fun with just 1 or 2 babycarriers! Variety is the spice of life...LOL
For right now, I am keeping everything in my stash becos, I worked hard at getting a Asian stash together...oh I also have a Laotian "pandaus" (same as what we'd called a "Hmong") coming soon

Im still drooling over a hemp mybeibei and a bigger style Mango Baby Mei Tai-same as the Chinese made ones I have but a bit bigger and a bit more supportive.

NEone also doing a international stash?
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2 pouches , HS and LB
3 wraps (GMBBS, 1 diy gauze and 1 diy woven)
2 MT (mtb zippy and sachi solarweave)
1 RS solarveil
1 ergo

And several that have been loaned out that may or may not ever return.
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IKWYM! I go between getting obsessed w/baby carriers and CDs.
A lot of carriers have come and gone in our household. I think I **may**finally be satisfied w/our stash.
1 MT
2 Pouches (HS)
1 Beco
1 Loveseat Buckletai
1 Hip carrier
I have another on the way-a Dreamcarrier BT.
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i justify most of my stash because it's largely DIY, so not a lot of $$ invested, just my time

The only carrier I have that is a name-brand atm is a GM BBS in the Ganga print. it was out on loan for a long time, but just came back to me, and i look forward to using it with the new baby. I would also like to get a Babyhawk, just because i think they're cool looking but i found a great DIY thread at TBW where someone made an impeccable knock-off, so i might try that first and see how it goes

anyways, the rest is all stuff that i've made:

2 RS's (about to add a solarveil RS to the list, but right now it's just fabric and some rings sitting on top of my sewing machine )

2 pouches (one in a cotton batik print, and one is an asian brocade)

one large-ish bodied, black strap reversible MT (with celtic knot panels on each side - i got ahold of some panels that are identical to the ones Freehand uses. one is the green man and the other is the dragon. this is by far my fave carrier)

one chocolate brown tall bodied SSC
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I just got my first wrap yesterday. It's a Hoppediz, and I love it!!! Aside from a snuggli it's all I have. I hope that this won't turn into an addiction for me like cloth diapers. You know you've got it bad when instead of dh taking you on a romantic weekend for your b-day, you ask him to cancel and order some diapers!!!
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We have...

2 wraps (one for DH and one for me, although DH doesn't use his. I made both of these).
4 pouches (one for DH, one for me around the house, one prettier one for me for outings, and one smaller one for me for hip carry, I made all).
a Snugli and a frame backpack, those probably don't count as slings.

We have a mei tei on the way!

Right now my favorite is my pretty pouch but I'm hoping I will really like the mei tai because I need something two-shouldered and upright that is quick and easy.
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We have:

1 New Native pocket sling
1 BabyHawk Mei Tai
1 Maya Wrap pocket sling (I just got this one and it's a much better fit for me and prettier too )
1 WAHM made solarveil ringsling
1 WAHM made ring sling with a VERY short tail
1 Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze wrap

The top item on my Christmas list is a Beco

The slings get very regular use. I keep several in the car. DH uses them too. I can't imagine NOT having slings.
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I have about a dozen carriers and I loan them out and teach workshops on babywearing with them.
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1 MT, 1 wrap, a padded ring sling, an unpadded ring sling, and a water ring sling.

I reallly want to get a new one for this baby, but I don't *need* one so I'm trying to resist the urge
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So far....
3 pouches
1 Ergo
1 Beco (soon anyway)
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My kids are done being worn, so right now I have
3 ring slings (2 are DIY)
2 pouches (1 hotsling, 1 karma baby water sling)
1 Mei Tai (Freehand)

Before I have another baby I'd get a
SSC (I prefer becos right now)
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i have this ergo
this maya wrap
and this moby
I am about to order this maya tai
A friend let me borrow their maya tai and I loved it. Easy to use and my ds loved it too. worth the money imo.
I also have 2 other ring slings and an old pouch that were given to me but i don't use them.

i would love a framed carrier for hikes. I thought i was going to get one from a friend whose LO outgrew theirs but they just found out they are pregnant again. I'm going to look at the childrens consignment store for one
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totally forgot our Kelty frame backpack. that's DH's, it doesn't fit well on me. but he loves it!
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