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Originally Posted by EmmaWoodhouse View Post

30 Days After Birth (law requires 30 days):
1) Schedule appointment with the local health dept where the birth took place
2) Fill out a simple form with basic info about the pregnancy and the baby (weight, boy/girl, size, etc)
3) Bring in proof of pregnancy and picture ID
4) You also need a witness to sign and verbally state that he/she witnessed the birth and also show picture ID (This can be a spouse)

After 30 days
1) Proof of pregnancy (i.e. prenatal record, or signed statement from health care provider, or visit from health dept nurse)
2) Evidence the child was born alive (i.e. statement from health care provider who examined child or visit from health dept nurse)
3) Proof of residence if birth occured at mother's residence
*If the birth occured off mother's place of residence, a few affidaivits will be required to prove mother was there at the time of birth
**If the mother is not a resident of Virginia it will be up to the health department clerk what will be required.

A couple side notes. The clerk at the health department said that it can get pretty ugly if it is not done within 7 days after the birth took place. Even then, the application can be denied. So it also depends on the person inputing the information in Richmond. It would also be good to know the baby's size information and apgar scores since all that information has to be filled in on the application.
Just wanted to add a direct link for the details Virginia requires.


Scroll down a few pages. Certificate for a Live Home Birth starts on page 7.
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Please delete. Unnecessary info.
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Okay, so one friend recently had NO problem, and 2 others had BIG problems- - over the phone, with clerks ignorant of the law and generally anti-homebirth. SO, if UCing in Texas, be armed with a knowledge of the law.
http://info.sos.state.tx.us/pls/pub/readtac$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir=&p_rloc=&p_tl oc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=25&pt=1&ch=181&rl=26

#1 Go to the registrar in person as soon after the birth as possible.
Know the law. Be confident, calm, patient and persistent.
#2 Take all your photo IDs (passport, driver's license), and your husband and all his IDs. And your marriage license. Don't give them any leeway to claim they doubt who you are.
#3 Take baby with you.
#4 Take your water, electric bills with you.
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Anybody know about Utah ?
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Curious about Kent County Michigan... can't find resources on their website. Anyone register a birth here?
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Anyone got anything for Ohio yet? I'm getting all our ducks in a row prior to ttc so that I know what the heck I need to do with all the legalities beforehand instead of learning as I go forward with it all.
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This is how I got a birth certificate for my dd who was born in 2004.

Write to:

ATTN: New Births Desk
Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 53551
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3551

Re: Application for new birth registration for a homebirth

Include the following information:

Full name of infant:
Date of birth:
Place of Birth:
City & County of birth:

Mother’s name (including Maiden name):
State of Birth:

Father's name:
State of Birth:

Certifier: I put dh's name

Ask for an application for a new birth registration to mailed to you. Also enclosed copies of your drivers license and a current utility bill.

When you receive the new birth registration form, you will have to fill this out and submit it with proof of pregnancy. They asked for a letter from the doctor stating that they had examined the baby, but I just stated in my letter that I had not taken her to the doctor because she had been completely healthy and they still gave me the BC. You will have to send $10 to cover the cost of the BC.
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south carolina?

does anyone have information on getting a birth certificate in south carolina?

asking for a lurking friend.


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Originally Posted by Animal_Lady View Post
Anyone know about how to get a birth certificate in Nebraska?
http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/howto/w2w/w2welcom.htm for everyone.

I just got two from NE and it's very easy: http://www.hhss.ne.gov/vitalrecords/
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Alberta, Canada

Just call Vital Statistics and request the form for registering a homebirth (or you can ask for the form for unassissted, but it's the same form), get the form before the birth. It comes with instructions for midwife attended & unassisted. If you join Friends of Freebirth (http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group..._of_freebirth/) the files section contains a copy of the document as well as a sample letter for a doctor to submit after the birth.

The person who asssisted or witnessed (including the father) needs to fill out the form for Live Birth. The mother needs to submit proof of residency, pregnancy & birth (preferably a letter from a doctor or health nurse who examined the baby). Complete the Registration of Birth form. Mail all forms to Vital Statistics within 10 days.

Vital Statistics contact info:
P.O. Box 2023
Edmonton, AB T5J 4W7
Phone: 780-427-7013

They are very picky about the proof of birth. I originally submitted with letters from non-medical people and it was rejected. I ended up getting a letter from the health nurse who examined us at home 3 days after the birth and submitted that.

After the birth is officially registered, you'll have to order a birth certificate from a registry office if you want one.





Due to double registrations, Alberta has changed the rules. You now need to send Vital Statistics a letter after the birth containing the following info:


Your name, address & phone number
Name of the baby
Sex of the baby
Baby's date of birth
Complete address of the birth
Mother's first name, last name & maiden name and mother's place of birth
Father's first name, last name & father's place of birth
"Name of person who delivered the baby"
Return address (goes in the with the first one for most people).

Send it to Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 2023
Edmonton, AB
T5J 4W7

or you can fax it to
Vital Statistics Specialist


After your letter has been submitted and they check no one has registered the birth yet, they'll send you the forms you need. The rest of the info above applies for submitting the form and proof.

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South Carolina Vital Statistics office contact info:http://www.scdhec.net/administration/vr/contact.htm
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Does anyone have information on how to get a BC in Wyoming? So far I've called Vital Records and they are giving me the run around!
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I emailed the Department of Health's Vital Records Department earlier this week asking the procedure to register an "out-of-hospital birth" ...I thought it best to leave out the unattended part for now... and this is the reply I got:

Please send a letter with all of the child's birth information, such as;
Date of Birth
Mom and dad's name including mom's maiden name
Physical address where child was born
Was this a planned home birth
Birth Attendant name
Photo copy of parents picture ID and birth attendant ID
$15.00 dollars
Proof of Residence; such as rental agreement or utility bill in parents

Send everything to:
Utah Department of Health
Vital Records: Attention Marcie Miller
PO Box 141012
Salt Lake City, Utah

Marcie Miller
(801) 538-6371
Health Program Representative
Office of Vital Records and Statistics

Now I sure didn't pay $15 to register my son's hospital birth but I did have to pay for the actual certificate so I assume the $15 is to have the certificate sent to you.

Edit: I just received another email from Marcie ..

Hi please call me at 801-538-6371 my name is Marcie Miller and I would
be happy to assist you in the home birth process

Marcie Miller
(801) 538-6371
Health Program Representative
Office of Vital Records and Statistics

So If you want you can just call Marcie directly and register the baby's birth that way as well.
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Good to have the Utah info if I do end up doing a UC. But what do you think they'll do if you send in your ID as the "birth attendant?"
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laughup Judging from the people I've interacted with in Utah government...they would ignore it because they have no idea how to react.
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1. Call office of vital stats in Little Rock
2. Say that you need a birth certificate application for a homebirth with an unlicensed midwife.
3. They will send you the paper work in the mail

Included in the paper work is a homebirth affidavit that will need to be signed by someone either at the birth or someone who saw you pregnant and saw the baby. This must be notarized. (You should be able to get stuff notarized fairly inexpensively at the county clerk's office)

You will also need:
  • Proof of pregnancy (pictures of pregnancy, ultrasound pictures, note from a doctor, pregnancy test done at clinic, etc)
  • Proof of residency in Arkansas before AND after the birth (such as a bill showing your name and physical address).
  • Copy of photo ID
  • $12

-If all requirements cannot be met then birth certificate will have to be obtained by a court order.
-They will not accept witness statements for the proof of pregnancy.
-Whoever "delivered" the baby signs on line 9 of the application.
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I just wanted to post an update on the Delayed Filing for a California Birth Certificate. They have changed the form. : Used to be that the applicant (in this case, me- mama) could sign as the second person swearing the birth facts. It now needs to be another individual. I had my 9yo sign, she was a bit more than 6 at the time my son was born. I hope and pray that they accept her signature, as well as the documentary evidence. (I sent a letter verifying my pregnancy from an OB, a letter from the ped who saw ds at 3 days old, and a utility bill to verify residency at the time of the birth). Waiting to hear from them. If not, we have other medical records, including proof of the PKU test being done, and in theory, I guess my old neighbor might be able to sign (assuming my contact info for her is still valid), or maybe a friend?

If anyone knows the current turn around, could you please PM me?
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Louisiana Again

Originally Posted by Jacksonmom View Post

Anyway, I'll post here when I know something!
Finally got dd4's bc. Simply insane! But, finally got through to them...should have a UC "Birth Registration Packet" soon.

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Does anybody know about michigan?
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I don't know if anyone has posted for Hawaii yet. It may already be here, but I'm just breezing through and don't have a lot of time to read them all since I'm NAK.

For my unassisted birth, I had NO problems getting a birth certificate.

You'll need:
1) Proof of pregnancy - either from WIC or from a clinic visit or a midwife
2) Signed statement from a witness (can be your husband) saying they witnessed the birth and including the birth stats such as the baby's weight, etc.
3) proof of residence - just bring in a bill with your address on it
4) Doctor or midwife's name and #. I just happened to have a midwife for my prenatal care, but I think my pediatrician's name and # would have sufficed. They don't exactly call the doctor or anything.
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